When the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released.
— Kinley to Chloe Decker
in "Devil Is as Devil Does"

Father William Kinley was a major character in season four as well as its main antagonist. He was a priest obsessed with a prophecy that involved Lucifer Morningstar and his first love apparently unleashing Hell on Earth.

He was eventually killed by Eve and became the vessel of the demon Dromos who sought to make Charlie the new King of Hell before Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, Eve and Chloe foiled the plot. Lucifer forced the demons to return to Hell, leaving Kinley's empty body behind.


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Kinley represents an example of a "Hero of his own story" villain: in his fanaticism he believes he is genuinely protecting the world from evil, and that everything he does is for the greater good. As a result, his arrogance has led him to engage in conspiracy to murder and manipulating those around him in the name of stopping the prophecy. Ultimately he gets a taste of humility after he is fatally wounded by Eve and she declares he can deliver a message to Hell: he asks why she thinks he will go to Hell, only for Eve to reply, "Just a hunch."


  • He blames Lucifer for Nazis, the Chicago fire, Malcolm's murders; he believes Lucifer's mere presence alone causes these. While the first two are likely coincidences, Amenadiel is to blame for the latter.
  • In the greatest irony, Kinley brought forth the prophecy he was trying to prevent.


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