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"Who's da New King of Hell?" is the tenth and final episode of the fourth season of Lucifer.


With murderous demons on the loose in Los Angeles, it's up to Lucifer to rein in the chaos and protect the people he most cares about.


Lucifer is happy again, while Maze searches for Kinley. Amenadiel tries to bring Charlie to Heaven, but the baby monitor will alarm if he does; Lucifer tells Linda he's cured, but she isn't sure. Looking into the murder of DJ 'Holla Bae' the only clue is a livestream of him being stabbed, the main suspect is rapper 'Monopolize'.

Meanwhile, The demon Dromos in Kinley's body, killed Holla so another demon could use his body. After interviewing 'Monopolize', Chloe finds a social media post of Kinley and Holla entering a church, but finds Maze tracking Kinley; she realizes the situation and updates Chloe.

At Lux, demons Dromos and Squee greet Lucifer, telling Lucifer they came to bring him back to Hell. Lucifer refuses to go, and angry Dromos already broke his order of no possessions, tells him to go back. After mentioning Charlie, Dromos has another demon kidnap the baby to be the new King of Hell under their tutelage. Lucifer and company pull together to find Charlie, and after some reflection, Ella regains her faith and convinces Dan to let go of his anger. Finding Dromos, Eve is appalled by his change of plans, and goes to Lucifer; confessing her fault in all this. With the help of Eve and Chloe guiding them, Lucifer, Amenadiel and Maze launch a rescue mission for Charlie.

After Chloe falls into trouble, Lucifer is forced to assume his full demonic form to order the demons back to Hell. Having recovered his son, Amenadiel decides to raise him on Earth with Linda. Eve subsequently departs to find herself.

Chloe finally accepts Lucifer fully even after seeing Lucifer at his most monstrous and the two admit their love for each other. However, Lucifer realizes that Kinley's prophecy was right and that Chloe was always his true first love, not Eve. To protect everyone, Lucifer chooses to return to Hell. After sharing a kiss with Chloe, Lucifer, who has regained his original Angel Wings, flies back to his throne in Hell, leaving Chloe heartbroken. The episode ends with Lucifer sitting in the throne of Hell as he solemnly accepts that he will forever be in Hell to keep the Demons contained, isolated from all those he had grown to love on Earth.



Guest Starring[]


  • Cleveland Berto as Holla Bae / Squee
  • Jules Bruff as Nurse
  • Ingrid Kleinig as Lyla Clayborn
  • Amor Doomes, Tyson Pickens, Ryla Taylor, and Kruz Rambo as Charlie

Deleted Scene[]

  • A furious Maze gathers her weapons to go hunt her siblings. Amenadiel tells her to stop, but she is convinced they are doing something horrible to Charlie. When Amenadiel tells her to stop as it's upsetting Linda, Maze scoffs that the entire situation is HIS fault. Linda joins in, telling Amendiel she's just as angry; he's told them about Remiel and his plan to take Charlie to Heaven. He defends this by explaining he wanted Charlie to be safe; if he had gone through with his plan.


  • The episode's title is said by Dromos.
  • Lucifer says "Everybody hates Squee". This is a reference to a famous sitcom Everybody hates Chris.
  • Tom Ellis mentioned he enjoyed the opening number so much, he hoped for a musical episode the following season. Thus resulting in Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam.
  • Lucifer has apparently watched He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, given he uses the phrase "by the Power of Greyskull" when he jokingly anoints Dromos.




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