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"Vegas with Some Radish" is the sixth episode of the third season of Lucifer.


"When Lucifer discovers his ex-wife, Candy, has gone missing, he hightails it to Las Vegas with Ella in tow. Together, the two of them work to find her, but interesting secrets are revealed along the way that could compromise the investigation. Meanwhile, Chloe is upset that Lucifer left on her birthday, so Linda tries to lift her spirits."[1]


During a station house birthday party for Chloe, Lucifer’s phone rings. It seems his imitation ex, Candy (Lindsay Gort) is missing. He stops as Ella enters, and she invites herself along to solve the case. Lucifer and Ella rush off, leaving a stunned Chloe behind. When Lucifer and Ella arrive in Vegas, they find an active crime scene a dead body face down in a hotel room. The first assumption is that they have found Candy, but Lucifer notes the body's dainty little feet with pleasure, Candy’s feet are boats.

Lucifer and Ella do some fast talking as the investigating detective notices them, and it becomes clear that the LVPD doesn’t realize that the body isn’t Candy. So now the question is, who would want Candy dead? He recalls when they first met, and remembers Candy had problems with a loanshark named Louie. However, when they pay Louie a visit, it appears someone beat them there, Louis is dead, and as they go through the the house, it seems the murderer staged the crime scene to look like a suicide. Ella has to wonder if Candy is a suspect. Lucifer and Ella hit then the casino. They make a nice run at the blackjack table, but are soon stopped by security. It seems Ella possesses an infamous ability to count cards, and had been banned previously. Upon leaving, Lucifer is halted by a woman in a wig - it's Candy. She said the dead woman was a friend who was staying with her.

Upon finding her dead, Candy dove into an investigation, keeping herself in disguise to find out who wanted to kill her. They decide since all that was taken after the murder was the deed to the club, it has to do with her business, Fletchers. Lucifer ponts out their marriage has not yetbeen annuled, so as husband would inheret, so they set him up as 'new management' and he makes a flambouant entry doing the stage show himself with Ella disgused as a showgirl, while Candy scans the crowd. Nothing turns up until quite late, and Lucifer realizes, that the good bartender is the bad guy.

He shoots at the 'new owner' but can’t kill Lucifer. When Candy suddenly appears across from him, reflected in a mirror, he cries, “I killed you!” Then Ella fires, taking the man down. As things wind down, Ella flirts with the LVPD detective, and Lucifer talks with Candy. She sends him back to LA to make sure he doesn't mess things up with Chloe.


Left behind in LA, the confused and disappointed Chloe heads over to pay Linda (Rachael Harris) a visit, spilling her feelings to the therapist: “It’s my birthday!” The pair then head over to Lucifer's place. Chloe is disappointed to see Lucifer isn't there, that he did go out of town on her birthday. They decide they are going to celebrate anyway in a place with the best views in the city. A great deal of drinking is occuring and Chloe looks up after throwing back a drink, they should go through Lucifer’s sock drawer! The mood changes, however, when Linda answers a call from Lucifer. He is open with the fact that he is in Vegas… which angers Chloe. The women refocus when they stumble on Lucifer's safe, and after determining the combination isn't 666, enlist Dan to held with a safecracking job. When they actually damage the wall, Dan runs off to get some spackle, and a weepy Chloe tells Linda she isn't jealous but struggling with her feelings.

When Lucifer finally arrives, he's taken aback by the mess, amused by Linda and Dan passed out on the couch, saying he's sorry he missed it, and moved by the site of Chloe asleep in his bed. He sits and confesses that he had left for Vegas for a good reason, but the last time he'd gone, it resulted in ill feeling he didn't want to dredge up, and since he never wanted to lie to her, he didn't tell Chloe. Her back to him, she is shown to be awake and listening to him.

He then spots the obvious attempts on the safe and opens it as Chloe sits up, and he presents her with her birthday gift; he had gold plated the bullet she had once shot him with, saying since it was unlikely he'd ever penetrate her, best to commemorate the time she did him. She laughs and hugs him.


Guest Starring[]

  • Lindsay Gort as Candy
  • Lauren Holly as Roxie Pagliani
  • Andy Milder as Judd
  • Jack Yang as Dt. Long


  • Jaime Callica as hot cop
  • Leo Chiang as thug #1
  • Naiah Cummins as dealer
  • Sam Juergens as crab cracker
  • Maurice Mulligan as dealer #2
  • Todd Simmons as uni
  • Tony Cipriano as Louie Pagliani

Featured Music[]

  • "I Love Me" - Megan Trainor and Lunchmoney Lewis - Chloe and Linda celebrating at the penthouse.
  • "Luck Be A Lady" - Frank Loesser (Tom Ellis cover) - Stage show with Lucifer, Ella, and Candy trying to lure out the murderer in Fletcher's.
  • "Restless" - Cold War Kids - Lucifer returning to the penthouse and giving Chloe her birthday present.


  • The episode's title is said by Chloe: "Right! Like going to Vegas with some radish!"
  • This was one of 4 episodes filmed as part of season 2 but planned and shown as a stand alone episode in season 3. The penthouse and police precinct sets are therefore those created in Vancouver, rather than the newer ones in LA.
  • This is the second episode where Lucifer has another establishment other than Lux.
  • Ella mentions that card counting "quieted the voices," which sets up the main plot of "Boo Normal".
  • There are multiple improvisations in this episode;
    • Candy's spit when Lucifer asked her to marry him was improvised by Lindsey Gort. In response Tom Ellis improvised "Oh, I didn't know you were a squirter". The last part did not end up in the final cut.
    • The line "Well, I thought since I'll never likely penetrate you, I'd commemorate the one time you penetrated me" is ad-libbed by Tom Ellis on the scene. Since she didn't expect such a line, Lauren German's laugh there is genuine.

Deleted Scenes[]

  • In a scene likely trimmed due to the episode-length, Lucifer is busy playing the piano in the club when a showgirl named Rosemary approaches him in an attempt to seduce him. However, the group mistakes her for the killer, leading Ella to come out and knock her down. Candy shows up and reveals she and Rosemary were friends from spin class. Ella replies that everyone has their own secrets.[2]




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