Hello all, I'm looking for admins to help out on this wiki.


  • Love the Lucifer TV series. (This is a fansite.)
  • Watched all four seasons. (If you haven't, then you can't know if someone is adding false or fanon information.)
  • Been a positive presence on this wiki. (I.e. you haven't been cursing at other users, edit warring, or other negative behavior.)
  • Have at least 50 content-space edits. Content space includes main namespace, template, files, etc. (Excludes social-space, like comments, forum, message wall, etc.)
  • Have contributed to the wiki for at least 7 days, including at least 10 edits in the last 3 days.
  • Intention to continue contributing to this wiki.
  • Some coding knowledge. (Admins often have to fix broken templates and are also responsible for site's custom css & javascript code.)
  • Optional: previous moderator/admin experience on a wiki.


  • Be a positive representation of the Lucifer Wiki.
  • Enforce policies.
  • Block bad actors (e.g. trolls, vandals, sockpuppet accounts, etc.).
  • Help resolve conflicts between users.
  • Various cleanup tasks that require admin user-right, including: deleting bad pages/files, moving pages/files, protect pages, etc.
  • Design of the site, including main page, mobile main page, top navigation, css, javascript, etc.

Losing rights:

  • Abusing admin-rights.
  • Creating a negative environment.
  • Inactivity: being inactive on this wiki for 7 consecutive days within first month of gaining admin rights; being inactive for 14 consecutive days within next three month; being inactive for 6 months after fourth month.

If you are interested, please start a thread on my message wall. (Each person, please start your own thread, so I can reply to each one of you individually). Let me know why you think you'd be a good admin. I will reply within 48 hours. Preferable, I'd like to promote 2-3 users, so this isn't a competition.

Thank you all for contributing to this wiki!

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