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Bring Mom to me, or I'll take back what Dad gave you.
— Uriel's ultimatum to Lucifer
in "Weaponizer"

Uriel was an Angel and one of Lucifer Morningstar's siblings, who served as a minor antagonist in Season 2. He served God as a member of the Heavenly Host and acted as the Welcomer of Souls. After learning that Goddess escaped Hell and was now residing on Earth with Lucifer, Uriel stole Azrael's Blade from his sister and ventured to Earth with the intention of eradicating his Mother so that she wouldn't pose a threat to God's position as the sole Sovereign of Heaven. After a fight ensued between him and Lucifer, his older brother was forced to eradicate Uriel with Azrael's blade in order to prevent Chloe Decker and Goddess from being killed. Before dying, Uriel gave Lucifer a clue to the two remaining pieces of the Flaming Sword.




Uriel was one of the middle-born Angels born to God and Goddess long predating the Big Bang, billions of years ago.[1] He was a small child and always wanted to play with Lucifer Morningstar and his older siblings, but they excluded him. Since then, he has grown, but he remained subordinate to his elder siblings.[2] His duties include welcoming the souls of deceased, righteous mortals through a speech, which Lucifer described as being "worse than Hell".[3]

Coming to Collect[]

Sending a Message[]

Uriel found out that Goddess escaped Hell and was on Earth, even after Lucifer made a deal with their Father to return her to her cell. After learning that Azrael's Blade was a piece of the Flaming Sword[4], he took from the Angel of Death while she wasn't looking and set out to eradicate their Mother, believing it was for the best of their Father and the Universe.

Uriel causes Chloe Decker's car accident.

To send a message to Lucifer that he was here to collect on his deal, he orchestrated a car crash that Chloe Decker got into by moving a skateboard a few inches to the right, which caused a series of events that led to a dog going out on to the road and causing a car to swerve and hit Chloe's car by mistake. As Chloe got out and the driver of the other car went to see if she was alright, Uriel smirked to himself, knowing that his message was sent.[2]

Giving Lucifer a Ultimatum[]

Uriel reunites with Lucifer Morningstar.

The next day, while Lucifer was on a case with Chloe, he spotted Uriel walking by, only for him to appear at the top of a building. Once Lucifer reached the roof, Uriel appeared out of nowhere and greeted his older brother. Anticipating the conversation between them, Uriel wasn't surprised by Lucifer's jokes regarding his fashion sense.

Uriel then answered Lucifer's question of what he was doing on Earth by giving him an ultimatum; he had 24 hours to bring their Mother to him so he can collect on the deal he made with their Father and take her back to Hell, or else he would kill Chloe instead of just causing the car accident that she was in yesterday. He then walked off, leaving Lucifer troubled by the situation.[2]

Long Overdo Payback[]

Uriel waited on the rooftop for Lucifer, only to be greeted by Amenadiel. His eldest brother gave him warm welcomes, but insisted he return to Heaven, saying he had everything under control. However, Uriel wasn't so sure about that since Amenadiel had yet to take Lucifer back to Hell like he was originally supposed to and now their Mother was on Earth.

Amenadiel intimidating Uriel

He believed that Amenadiel might be over his head with everything on Earth, but assured him that he was here to help him. Amenadiel strongly retaliates and demoralizes Uriel by stating that God always sends him when he wanted something done, threatening his younger brother to leave Earth and that he would never require his help, calling himself the Fury and Righteousness of their Father.

Uriel slugs Amenadiel.

Uriel, seemingly afraid, appeared to obey his command, but swiftly striked Amenadiel down to the ground from behind. After confirming his suspicions of Amenadiel losing his powers, Uriel revels in the state that his brother is in, and states that his ego was always going to be his undoing. Glad that Amenadiel came instead of Lucifer, he unleashed his wings and badly thrashed Amenadiel in an act of retaliation, before leaving.[2]

Last Stand Against Lucifer[]

After a failed attempt on Chloe's life due to the pattern faltering, Uriel was summoned to an abandoned church by Lucifer. He was hoping that with the pattern faltering, that would mean his rebellious older brother would surprise him for once in his life and actually bring their Mother to him, but was let down by it just being Lucifer at the church.

With Lucifer now ready to face him, Uriel tells him that he's already mapped out their fight in his head multiple times. Lucifer guesses it ended with him handing Goddess over to him, but Uriel, however, revealed it actually ended with Lucifer refusing him and Chloe dies. Despite Lucifer being underwhelmed since he's failed twice already, Uriel assured him he was building to a "big finale".

Uriel maps out his fight with Lucifer.

Lucifer then tried to talk Uriel down by reminding him that none of them know what their Father wants, but Uriel already knew that, saying he's doing all this because he believes it is the right choice for their Father. Uriel thinks that with their Mother out she'll eventually get back to Heaven and God will forgive her. Lucifer didn't believe their Father would ever forgive her, but Uriel used Lucifer as an example of how Goddess can make people give her a second chance, and figured God will do the same, only for Goddess to kill him when his guard is down.

Uriel pulls out Azrael's Blade.

He then pulled out Azrael's Blade and stated he will not allow that outcome to happen. At the sight of the weapon, Lucifer realized that Uriel never intended on taking their Mother back to Hell, but to eradicate her from existence entirely. Though Lucifer thought he's gone insane, Uriel remained steadfast in believing he's doing what had to be done to protect their Father.

Uriel walked over to an Orgon and gives his brother one last chance to hand over Goddess, or he will press a certain key on the instrument, and in two days Chloe will die and there will be nothing Lucifer can do to stop it. Walking up to Uriel, Lucifer seemed to have finally accepted defeat, only to punch Uriel in the face, sending him to the ground.

Putting Azrael's Blade away, Uriel states that he saw that coming and throws a punch at him, only for Lucifer to block it and knocked him to the ground. Uriel gets back up and clarifies that while he knew Lucifer was going to attack him, he didn't know and tries to attack Lucifer again, only for him to block and land several blows to Uriel, knocking him to his knees.

Uriel anticipates Lucifer's moves.

Getting back to his feet, he continues and says that patterns are tricky and it takes time to get a sense to them. Now having studied Lucifer's fighting abilities and skills, Uriel blocked Lucifer's coming punch and grabbed his arm. He then elbowed his brother. In retaliation, Lucifer threw a fountain towards Uriel, but missed, smashing in a large window instead.

Uriel kicks Lucifer to the ques.

The two continued their fight, with Uriel punching Lucifer in the stomach. Despite Lucifer's best efforts to counter, Uriel managed to repeatedly jab him before kicking him into several rows of ques. After Lucifer was knocked out unconscious, Uriel told him that he was lucky that he would never use Azrael's Blade on him and headed back to the Orgon.

Uriel battles Mazikeen.

He was then surprised by Mazikeen, who dropped down into the abandoned church. Having no qualms on eradicating a "fifthly, scum-sucking Demon", Uriel pulled out Azrael's Blade and attacked Maze. He swung the blade, only for Maze to block the hits and elbow Uriel. They trade blows before Uriel in turn elbowed Maze. They continued trade blows, until got on to the pulpit.

Maze uses her Demon Daggers Forged In Hell to knock the blade from Uriel's hand. The Angel compliments on how unpredictable Maze was, before dodging her attacks. He grabbed her wrist and bent it. Dropping her to the floor, he then continued by saying that her moves were ultimately predictable nonetheless. Maze got up and attacked Uriel by climbing on to her shoulders and elbowed his head, only for him to slam her on to the pulpit, knocking her out.

Uriel is stabbed by Lucifer.

With both his opponents defeated, Uriel tells Lucifer that he's going to kill Chloe regardless and then eradicate their Mother for making things so difficult. Believing Lucifer couldn't stop him, he was surprised when his brother used Azrael's Blade on him, stabbing him in the chest. Muttering that he didn't see Lucifer eradicating him to protect his Human friend coming.

Uriel dies in Lucifer's arms.

Lucifer carefully dropped Uriel to the floor, still holding on to his dying younger brother.[2] Uriel brought Lucifer close to him and with what little strength he had left, whispered in his hear "The piece is here.",[5] giving Lucifer a key into discovering that at least one of two remaining pieces of the Flaming Sword were on Earth.[4] With his final breath, Uriel closed his eyes and died in Lucifer's arms.[2]


Missed by Family[]

Uriel's death had a tremendous impact on Lucifer Morningstar, believing he was a monster for eradicating his brother from existence. He buried his Uriel and Azrael's Blade in a remote location. He started drowning his sorrows in women and alcohol, trying to get drunk to dull the pain. His self-destructive behavior spread to his work life as he started becoming more extreme while on a murder case, even hitting Dan Espinoza in the face when accused him of just doing what he wants, resulting in Chloe Decker removing him from the case. He eventually sought help from Linda Martin to handle his grief, but revealed his true identity to her in order for to fully understand what he was going through.[6] This caused her to have a negative reaction, and Lucifer to continue to think he just causes harm to everyone he cares about, even going as far as impersonating Dan to try and be someone else.[7]

Amenadiel felt guilty for Uriel's death, believing if he still had his powers he would've been able to prevent what had happened. Uriel's death was the final straw for Amenadiel in regards to trying to seek God's approval, as if he actually did care he would've stopped Uriel's eradication.[6]

Goddess missed her son very much and wanted to grieve with her ex. To do so, she led her clients to Uriel's grave to dig up Azrael's Blade so they could start killing each other to get God's attention and come down to stop it. The attempt failed, and Lucifer and Amenadiel moved Uriel's body somewhere else.[8]

Coming to Terms with Guilt[]

After Chloe was poisoned and the only way to get the cure was for Lucifer to go to Hell to find the antidote, he found himself in one of its cells where he was forced to relive eradicating Uriel over and over again because of his guilt. When Goddess arrived to get him out, he was finally able to accept that he had to do what he did to save Chloe and his Mother. He was then able to get Goddess out of her guilt and the two returned to Earth to save Chloe.[5]

When Lucifer and Chloe visit Hell to help Jimmy Barnes, Lucifer mentions getting stuck in Hell loop and stabbing Uriel to death repeatedly.[9]


According to Goddess, "Uriel is a stubborn boy. When he sets his mind, it doesn't waver." Growing up, Uriel looked up to his elder siblings. He kept trying to play with them no matter how many times they excluded him. He is obedient and a little frightened of his eldest brother, Amenadiel. However, when he realized that Amenadiel is weakened, he took pleasure in knocking Amenadiel over and beating him up.

Upon venturing to Earth, Uriel was quite arrogant, murderous, and sadistic, having no qualms about killing his mother or Chloe Decker. However, he has sternly refused to kill any of his siblings, which is shown when he spares a powerless Amenadiel despite being in the position to kill him and sparing Lucifer after defeating him in their fight. This may indicate that he still respects and cares about his siblings even if he may not have a good relationship with them. His inability to foresee Lucifer killing him with Azrael's Blade also supports this idea.

Uriel has shown to be condescending towards Demons, calling Maze a "filthy Demon" during their fight and having no qualms about eradicating her with Azrael's Blade.

Powers & Abilities[]


Uriel can play with patterns. He can make a butterfly flap its wings and a housewife gets chlamydia
– Lucifer describing Uriel's talent
  • Angel Physiology: As an Angel, Uriel had their powers, as well as their weaknesses.
    • Superhuman Strength: Uriel, like all Angels, had immense levels of superhuman strength and can exert, lift and carry an unbelievable amount of force and mass. He used his strength in hand-to-hand combat against his older brother Lucifer Morningstar who he briefly overpowered kicking him with enough force causing him to fly back, and even though Lucifer is much stronger than Uriel, he still managed to gain a slight upper hand against Lucifer during their confrontation, and during hand-to-hand combat with Mazikeen he effortlessly overpowered and easily defeated her, and knocked her unconscious.
    • Superhuman Speed: Uriel, like all Angels, had tremendous superhuman speed, he could appear and disappear much faster than the Human eye could see. Uriel went from being on the street and then within a blink of an eye he was on top of a huge building.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Uriel, like all Angels, had incredible superhuman reflexes, and react, dodge, or catch incoming damage at immense speeds, such as knives and daggers, and knife attacks by Maze as he did throughout their very brief fight.
    • Probability Creation: Uriel's greatest celestial power was being able to create any kind of pattern or probability that he wished, and make it where it happens inevitably. Lucifer said of Uriel's ability "Uriel can make a butterfly flap its wings, and a housewife gets chlamydia." Uriel was a master strategist and had nearly an all-knowing supernatural understanding of patterns and their consequences. With a slight movement or adjustment to a surrounding object, he could set forth a sequence of events. Uriel slightly moved a skateboard, which set a sequence of events that resulted in Chloe Decker's car crash.
    • Immortality: Uriel, like all Angels, was immortal. He was immune to aging and illnesses. Like his Angel siblings, he was billions of years old.
    • Flight: Uriel's wings allowed him to fly. He could fly as fast or faster than the speed of light in which he would seemingly disappear from the Human eye, in a similar manner, akin to teleportation.
      • Dimensional Travel: Uriel was able to travel between Heaven, Hell, and Earth.


  • Master Martial Artist and Hand to Hand Combatant: Despite Uriel's smaller size, he was a very capable fighter. He utilized his ability to notice and recognize patterns in his fight with Lucifer Morningstar and Mazikeen, winning the fight until Lucifer caught him with a surprise attack and killed him using Azrael's Blade.
  • Keen Manipulator: Uriel was capable of fooling Amenadiel into thinking that he was still afraid of him. It is later shown that the act was just a ruse into getting him to let his guard down.
  • Blade Wielder: Uriel had demonstrated to be experienced in using Azrael's Blade in combat, as shown in his fight with Maze, despite failing to kill her with it.


  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Demon Daggers are able to lethally harm all Angels.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Supernatural beings can harm one another. Lucifer Morningstar was able to do damage to Uriel during their fight.
  • Self-Actualization: All Angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his wings and Lucifer Morningstar regaining his Angel wings despite cutting them off. Uriel should've been vulnerable to this weakness just as any other Angel.
  • Flaming Sword: Uriel was eradicated from existence by Lucifer, who just used Azrael's Blade.


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  • Uriel is the first being that Lucifer Morningstar has ever killed.
  • Uriel is the fourth comics character to appear in the TV series (after Lucifer, Mazikeen, and Amenadiel).
  • There is some disagreement on whether Lucifer or Uriel is older. Amenadiel's speech to Uriel ("Not the eldest son. Not the young rebel. But an Angel buried somewhere deep in the middle.") implies that Uriel is older. Yet Goddess, when speaking to Lucifer, implies that Lucifer was included with the older kids while Uriel was not ("All he ever wanted was to play with you and the older kids"). Tricia Helfer, who plays Goddess, confirmed that Uriel is older than Lucifer.
  • Uriel is presumably alive in the alternate universe created by God, where the events that led to Uriel coming to Earth and being killed by Lucifer never happened.[10]

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