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Beatrice, known as Trixie, is the daughter of Chloe Decker who became friends with Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hell. She later became friends with Maze.


In the "Pilot" episode, Lucifer meets Trixie at her school, waiting by the principal's office. When asked the reason for her actions, Trixie replies that the girl made a fake Snapchat account and made fun of Trixie, so she kicked her in the "no-touch place". In "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.", her mom tells her about Hot Tub High School, and to her surprise, Trixie had already seen it since she has Internet and states that she enjoyed the part where Chloe's character vomits on the cute guy. In "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness", it is revealed that Trixie gave Chloe's number to Lucifer. In "Manly Whatnots", when Chloe came home after shooting Lucifer, Trixie compared her action to the boy Noah in her class, who kept throwing french fries at her at lunch, and that meaned Chloe "must really like" Lucifer. In "Pops", Trixie runs away from home and goes to The Lux to see Lucifer. Instead, she meets Maze and after having a conversation with her, the two become friends.


Being so young, Trixie is innocent and full of wonder. She seems unbothered by her parent's separation and seems to be more aware of the world than it is let on, such as in "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil." when she revealed to her mother that she knew about her short-lived career as an actress.

Despite his uncomfortable stance towards children, Trixie seems to enjoy Lucifer's company, having felt a bond with him when he scared off a bully in "Pilot". She runs up to hug him when he comes to visit, and even thinks he is "funny." She seems to see him as a "cool uncle" figure, taking his bad influence to heart, such as in "Favorite Son"  where she takes a bite out of her birthday cake behind her parent's back because Lucifer told her "if you want something, just take it."


Behind the scenes

Scarlett Estevez has been announced as the actress playing Trixie.[1]


  • In the Lucifer comic, there is a character named Beatrice Wechsler, an adult waitress that worked at the Lux and eventually became Mazikeen's lover.
  • Her name could also be a reference to Beatrice Portinari, Dante's "love interest" in The Divine Comedy.



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