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My mommy almost died. Her job is scary, but she has helped so many other people with their problems, I don't want her to worry about mine; so I pretend I'm okay.
— Trixie
in "Deceptive Little Parasite"

Beatrice Espinoza, commonly known as Trixie, is a supporting character in Lucifer. She is the only daughter of Chloe Decker and Dan Espinoza. She is an exuberant, intelligent, happy young lady who loves meeting new people, is not the slightest bit shy, and loves hugs. Trixie is a dedicated chocolate cake lover. Upon their first meeting, she develops a liking towards Lucifer Morningstar and befriends the Devil as well as the demon, Mazikeen.


Trixie was born on March 1, 2008. She was seven years old in the "Pilot." She celebrated her 8th birthday in "Favorite Son". Her parents are Chloe Decker and Dan Espinoza. They separated when she was seven, and finalized their divorce when she was eight. She is never shown with overt feelings of distress over this, rather she acts very adult about the situation. In some cases she even manages to play her parents off one another - usually Dan - as a basis for a bribe.

Throughout the Series[]

In the "Pilot", Lucifer first meets Trixie at her school, whilst following a hot mother inside, when he loses his quarry, he sits on the bench outside the principal’s office and opens a lighter. The little girl beside him says he's not supposed to smoke in there, and that her mother was a police officer. He seems delighted and says he probably knows her mother and asks why she is in trouble, Trixie replies that the girl on the other bench, made a fake Snapchat account to make fun of Trixie, so she kicked her in the "no-no touch touch square." Lucifer smiles and tells her, "well played." He then moves across to the mean girl and tells her that there is a special section in Hell for bullies, he then flashed his Devil eyes at her, and she began screaming. When Trixie and Lucifer part outside the school, she tells her father Lucifer is funny, and then tells Lucifer "it was nice meeting you!" When Chloe says Trixie likes him, he responds, "what's not to like?"

She hugs Lucifer delightedly when they meet in her mother's hospital room at the end of the episode, and the uncomfortable Devil deposits the child in Chloe's bed.

In "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.", her mother finally tells her about appearing in the film, Hot Tub High School, and, to her surprise, Trixie had already seen it. She says that she enjoyed the part where Chloe's character vomits on the cute guy.

In "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness", it is reveals that Trixie gave Chloe's mobile number to Lucifer.

"The Would-Be Prince of Darkness" has Chloe researching hypnotism to try and explain what she has seen Lucifer do, and Trixie asks if its homework. Her mother explains that she has seen Lucifer do things she can't explain. A delighted Trixie asks if her friend is a magician.

In "Manly Whatnots", Chloe returns home with blood on her shirt which Trixie spots immediately. When her mother explains it is Lucifer's blood and she shot him, wounding him slightly, Trixie compares her action to a boy in her class, who kept throwing French fries at her at lunch, and Chloe had told her he might be doing it because he likes her. If Chloe shot Lucifer, that meant Chloe "must really like" him.

In "Pops", Trixie gets upset after her mother and grandmother argue over her. So uses her mother’s phone to order an Uber and goes to Lux. In her search for Lucifer, she finds Maze behind the bar and strikes up a conversation. She explains she is looking for Lucifer because he cheers her up, because "I hate it when people fight over me." When Maze asks her what she wants to be, she reveals, " I want to be the first president of Mars.  Or a zookeeper." Maze offers the child a drink, and she has the wit to ask if it's a Shirley Temple. Maze drops a paper umbrella in it and says sure. When Chloe then arrives and scoops her daughter up, Trixie explains, "I wanted to see Lucifer, but he wasn't here, so I made a new friend," pleasing Maze who counts Trixie as her first friend from that point, and later informs Linda she has at last made a friend.

In "A Good Day to Die" she meets Amenadiel for the first time, whom Lucifer has tasked with watching the bed-ridden Chloe. She asks him why there are bad people in the world and he tells her he doesn't know, but that there are lots of good people, and she decides he is one of them, "like a guardian angel" and gives him a hug.

In "Deceptive Little Parasite", Chloe, Lucifer, and Dan investigate a murder at an exclusive private school. When circumstances lead to Lucifer offering to drive Trixie to school so Chloe won't be late meeting Dan, he takes her to the school under investigation, promising her whatever she wants if she plays along. Lucifer and Trixie are taken on a school tour by the PE teacher to whom Trixie introduces herself as, "Trixie Morningstar, nice to meet you, sir." When she then takes Lucifer's hand, he asks if they must touch, doesn't she have a leash for outings. She responds fairly harshly, "Do you want to sell this or not?" The two then join an in-progress class where the students are encouraged to share their feelings, good or bad. Trixie shares that she is sad “because my mommy almost died.” She doesn't want to add to her mother's burdens, however, so pretends she is not scared, that she is okay. Chloe then speaks to Trixie saying she can talk to her anytime about anything. Trixie asks to ride to school with Lucifer, promising to make him take her to her real school. Chloe tells Lucifer he is lucky Trixie likes him so much and her responds, "Yes, I'm starting to respect the deceptive little parasite."

"Mr & Mrs Mazikeen Smith" has Trixie trying to stow away in Maze's luggage when the demon is after a bounty in Canada. When she is discovered, she says she can't let Maze go without backup. Finally she allows that someone has to stay and watch over Chloe, and if Maze takes her stuffed toy Ms Alien, she should be okay.

In "High School Poppycock", Maze is at odds with Amenadiel, so when he drops by the home she shares with Chloe, she has Trixie open the door and send him away. When Trixie asks Maze why she does not want to see him. Maze reveals it is because he has lied to her, prompting Trixie to share some wisdom: “Mommy says that sometimes people are just scared to tell the truth. Maybe they need a little help.” Once again, Trixie is proving she is wise beyond her years, and that kids do pay attention to what is going on with their parents and are always listening. Despite Maze taking a sharp left turn with this advice, it was well intentioned.

In "The Last Heartbreak," she has her heart broken when she overhears and angry Maze tell Dan that "I am sick of your goody two shoes ex-wife and that stupid little brat of yours," after Dan calls her on sending a pan of pot brownies in to school with Trixie. Trixie turns and runs away in tears.

In "The Angel of San Bernadino," she reminds her mother she could use her credit card fairly easily since she has become pretty good at forging her signature. She also notes that Chloe has been very happy of late and asks if Pierce is the reason why.

She is shown to be still upset with Maze in "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better" when Maze returns to the apartment to talk to Chloe. When Trixie emerges from her bedroom and Maze says hey, she immediately turns her back and goes back inside shutting the door. Chloe says it may take her some time to forgive.

In "Everything's Okay", upon Chloe's returns to LA after she and Trixie took a month's vacation in Europe after Chloe learned the truth about Lucifer. A remorseful Maze asks to see Trixie. Chloe claims that Trixie is still upset with her and does not want to see her. Maze believes this, and when she sees Trixie at the police station later she avoids talking to her, only for Trixie to notice her and immediately run to her and give her a hug, saying "I couldn't stay mad at you." Maze realizes Chloe was trying to keep Trixie from her now that she knows Maze is a demon.

In "Devil Is as Devil Does", Trixie learns from Chloe that Lucifer is "going through something" and decides she needs to help him out. She climbs out the window and Ubers over to Lux where she walks in on him and Eve in the penthouse. Upon meeting Eve, she is immediately distrustful and interrogates her, "Are you the kind of friend Lucifer needs right now?" giving the listening Lucifer pause. When assassins arrive to kill Lucifer, Eve immediately moves protect Trixie and an enraged Lucifer deals with the would-be killers. Dan, Chloe and a contingent of uniforms then arrive and the thugs are taken into custody, Trixie is unharmed, and Lucifer tells Chloe, "I hope you know I would do anything to protect that little urchin."

In "Is this Really How it's Going to End?", Dan is beaten and shot by mercenaries and dies of wounds in the hospital just as Trixie arrives; she begs her mother to go in tell Dan he has to get up, that it's time to come home. She then tearfully begs Lucifer to tell her that Dan's death was a lie, "Tell me it's not true, Lucifer! I know you'll tell me 'cause you never lie, so tell me it's not true!" He can only say, "My dear, sweet child, I can't," and then she knows it is true; she and Chloe hug each other and cry.

In "My Best Fiend's Wedding", Trixie attends Maze and Eve's wedding. Rory finds her at the punch bowl and asks her if she still spikes the punch, confusing Trixie as she has no idea who Rory is. She does tell her that she loves Lucifer, surprising Rory.

In "Goodbye, Lucifer", Dan's ghost, possessing the body of his killer, Vincent Le Mec, visits Trixie at summer camp, pretending to a friend of her father's, calling himself Belios. By sharing his knowledge of Trixie, Dan earns her trust, and expresses his pride and love for his daughter, and apologizes for leaving her so soon. Dan tells Trixie that he's sorry that he never got to be the father that she deserves, but Trixie tells "Belios" off, stating that Dan was a great father, expressing her love, pride, and admiration in him. Trixie's love cause Dan to finally let go of the guilt that has been keeping him from moving on to Heaven, and as Trixie walks away, his soul finally ascends to its rightful place.

In "Partners 'Til the End", after learning that Dan's soul has finally made it to Heaven, Chloe realizes that Trixie was responsible in some way since she'd heard about Dan's visit from the camp, and Dan had been avoiding visiting his daughter until then. When Chloe wonders what made Dan finally visit and talk to Trixie, Lucifer explains that he encouraged Dan to take advantage of the time that he has by spending it with the people who matter the most to him.

In "Once Upon a Time", God creates an alternate universe where John Decker was never murdered. This meant that Chloe remained an actress, which meant Dan never met Chloe and became a corrupt cop. Because of this, Trixie doesn't exist in the alternate universe.


Trixie is innocent and full of wonder. She seems unbothered by her parents' separation and seems to be more aware of the world than she lets on, such as in "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.", when she revealed to her mother that she already knew about her short-lived career as an actress, thanks to the internet.

Despite his professed distaste for children, Lucifer tolerates Trixie who seems to enjoy Lucifer's company, having forged a bond with him when he scared off her bully in "Pilot." She runs up to hug him when he comes to visit, and even thinks he is "funny" when he tries to avoid such contact. She can take his bad influence to heart, such as in "Favorite Son", where she stole a slice of cake behind her parent's back because Lucifer told her "if you want something, just take it." Trixie is unfazed by several things that could disturb or scare most children of her age, and she even viewed them as "awesome", for example when Maze took Trixie trick or treating, Trixie said she wished that Maze had brought a costume to wear. Maze responded, "Well, I did bring something", and reveals her demon face. Trixie delightedly said it was cool and it would get them "so much candy."

Trixie is easily bribed. When Maze needed information on Lucifer's ring (which had belonged to her mother, Lily Rose), Trixie used her ability to pester Lucifer to get him to agree to tell the story of the ring; Maze paid Trixie for the information. A promise of chocolate cake earned her father her silence and some clothing in which to escape the house after Maze dropped him there unconscious and naked. Almost any concession can be gained if there is some chocolate cake in it for her.

According to Rory, she grows up to be a caring and loving sister with a huge ambition to go to space.


  • High intelligence: Trixie is highly intelligent for a girl her age. She excels in school, and knows better than to talk to strangers.
  • Combatant: Trixie has been trained by Maze in basic and some advanced combat techniques. This allowed her to easily subdue her father Dan Espinoza while he was in the body of Vincent Le Mec. She is also incredibly strong for a girl her size and age, allowing her to flip Dan in Vincent's body completely into the air and onto the ground.


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  • Although Trixie appears in a promo image for "Quid Pro Ho", she doesn't actually appear in the aired version of the episode.


  • Her name could be a reference to Beatrice Portinari, Dante's "love interest" in The Divine Comedy.
  • Trixie loves chocolate cake, her favorite flavor being double fudge.
  • She is one of the few if not the only human to have seen Mazikeen's demon face and found it cool.
  • She knows self defense as she managed to subdue Vincent Le Mec who was possessed by her father.
  • In a cosmic sense of irony, Trixie only exists because of her grandfather's death. Without John's death to motivate Chloe, she would have never met Dan and had Trixie.
  • Chloe and Dan call Trixie "little monkey" which was Chloe's father nickname for her.
  • In "Pilot", Lucifer told Trixie that her name was a hooker's name. This is a possible reference to a prostitute named Trixie who was a frequent guest character on the show Californication, which was created by Tom Kapinos. Kapinos also developed the TV series Lucifer from the comics and wrote the pilot episode.
  • On Trixie's bedroom door at her grandmother's house, a sign can be seen that reads: "Trixie's Room, No Boys Allowed except for Lucifer and daddy."
    • A side note that "and daddy" is squished underneath considering that Dan hasn't been around much since he had been focusing most on work and she liked Lucifer from their first encounter.
  • Trixie loves all things related to outer space and aliens. In addition to wanting to be the first President of Mars, she loves to draw and color pictures of aliens, which it is later revealed she and Mazikeen use to cover knife marks in Chloe's apartment. Trixie also has a stuffed toy named Ms. Alien, whom she lovingly loaned to Maze when Maze took her bounty-hunting trip to Canada.
  • Trixie's dad, Dan Espinoza, dies in "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!" when Trixie was only eleven years old. She and her mom, Chloe Decker, both lost their fathers at a young age.
  • Her western zodiac sign is Pisces and her Chinese zodiac sign is the Rat.
  • The name Beatrice is a girl's name, the Italian version of Beatrix from the Latin Viatrix, a feminine form of the Late Latin name Viator meaning "voyager, traveler" the spelling was altered by association with Latin beatus meaning "blessed, happy."
  • As an adult, Trixie spikes punch bowls.
  • Trixie is 7 at the beginning of Season 1, she celebrates her 8th birthday in "Favorite Son", Dan Espinoza mention she's 9 in "The Last Heartbreak", she is 10 in Season 4, she is 11 in Season 5, she is 13 in Season 6 and 14 in the flash forward in "Partners 'Til the End".
  • It is unclear how much of the celestial world she really knew about prior to her half sister's birth, but it can be assumed that after Rory's birth she knew everything.
  • In the volume 1 of the Lucifer comic series, there is a character named Beatrice Wechsler, an adult waitress that worked at the Lux and eventually became Mazikeen's lover.


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