"Trip to Stabby Town" is the eighth episode of the second season of Lucifer.


"After discovering that Azrael's blade has been stolen by a human, Lucifer quickly connects it with a string of violent stabbings revolving around a local yoga studio. While Chloe investigates the murders, Lucifer enlists Ella's help in locating the sword to stop the carnage."[1]


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A female jogger is pursued by a hooded figure, who clutches Azrael's Blade in their hand. The jogger seems to recognise the figure, but runs away and ends up in a deserted alley, where she tries and fails to climb a fence. The pursuer catches her and pulls her to the ground, before stabbing her multiple times to death with the blade.

On the crime scene, Lucifer sees a picture that connects the weapon to Azrael's blade and excuses himself immediately to investigate. It was revealed that someone has dug Uriel's unmarked grave and they decide to move the body elsewhere and locate the blade.

With under wraps help from Ella, Lucifer discovers Charlotte was the one who gave a certain of ten people the maps to Uriel's grave and it led one of them to the weapon. Charlotte explains it was because she wanted to get attention from God after Uriel's death.

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Guest StarringEdit

  • Andrea Bogart as Corrina Huff
  • Ryan Alosio as Jenson Glory/Jamie Ostrowski


  • Lisa Chandler as Maddie Howard
  • Devielle Johnson as officer




Season 2


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