• Alright so while I was explaining the show to a friend I had a epiphany and I think Gods been on the show since the first episode of S2

    and I think God is Ella

    Perhaps the real Ella died or was comatose and God possessed her

    Now I think the why is because he's seen how much Lucifer has changed but knows Lucifer is stubborn so he used a female body to lower Lucifer's guard and they bond cause Lucifer doesn't realize its his father

    And whej Lucifer owed her the favor she asked him to pray with her she could have asked for anything money, drugs, cars but she askes him to do something she thinks would help him

    also she acts very angelish and wierd which every angel we see acts like

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    • There is something about Ella that makes you wonder. Now that we know Chole has a special purpose. Making Ella be the embodyment of god  would be interesting. Also Trixie being the child of Chole who seems to be building to a relationship with Lucifer.  Is going to be interesting.  

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    • God exists in many forms.

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    • There was a comment that I saw on a video where someone suggested that Trixie is actually God, or somehow the true special one. That could be an interesting twist.

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    • No way! Trixie being God would just be cruel. Such a sweet girl.

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    • Aggression25 wrote:
      No way! Trixie being God would just be cruel. Such a sweet girl.

      Well that really depends. What are God's true intentions? Is he really out to hurt his family? Or is he possibly trying to show them something about themselves, using Chloe?

      What if he put Chloe in Lucifer's path not to hurt him, but to show him he is worthy of love. Which would be why he had to earn it from her, rather than manupulate it out of her. Trixie took to him almost imediately, and has loved him from day 1. If Trixie is God, then perhaps he wanted Lucifer to experiance un-conditional acceptance, knowing it would be good for him.

      What if Chloe is ment to show show Amenidel that he can find his own happiness in life, without living to please his father? He is shown to be a good person in helping keep Chloe safe til Lucifer got back from Hell. It was the first selfless thing he had done since he got to earth. If Trixie is God, telling him she thought he was good might be God's way of letting him know he really IS good.

      What if Chloe is ment to show Maze that even Demon's are capable and worthy of love and kindness. Chloe is the one who put her on the path to find the job she loves, which has given her a sense of purpose she hadn't had since being on earth. If Trixie is God, her taking to Maze almost immedately, and becoming one of the strongest friendships she has, could be God's way of giving Maze an anchor to hold on to, as she begins to find who she truly is though all the other friends she's made. 

      And Charlotte is being shown that humans aren't insects and humanity has many redeeming qualities that she would never have known had she not been forced to live with them. She is seeing how much her son loves Chloe, and in turn, could be well on her way to understanding what he sees in humanity. Trixie hasn't had a scene with her yet, which could be a future encounter, so if Trixie is God, then perhaps there will be some sort of connection there too.

      So if you think about it, it could be very possible that God is really Trixie, and is keeping an eye on the people he cares about, while also influencing things under the radar.

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    • I'm going to have to put my metaphorical foot down and hope that Trixie is just an ordinary little girl and not something else entirely.

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    • hope not

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    • While I find Trixie being God a bit outlandish, I do like the theory that god is trying not to test but to teach Lucifer. My guess, drawing a bit on the original Vertigo comics, is that for whatever reason God is starting to withdraw. It’s been stated in the past that most of the angles don’t even know what his intention is, hence Uriel’s fuckery. Maybe he just wants to retire, maybe he’s dying like in the comics, or maybe he’s just getting weaker. All of these might explain why the Goddess was able to escape, and how her power was coming back, if the the entity responsible for suppressing her was weakening.

      It’s been stated repeatedly that Lucifer (pre-fall) and Amenadiel were his favored sons, Lucifer’s name Samael being a sign of his favored position (I do feel compelled to point out unrelated that in reality Lucifer, not Samael, means Light Bringer, Samael meaning Venom of God), and Amenadiel’s position being shown by his necklace. But both are nonetheless deeply flawed characters when we first meet them, not by any account ready to inherit a universe.

      Amenadiel is rigid and uncompromising, lacking compassion. But by his fall and compulsion to live among humans, he has developed compassion and affection. He is no longer merely the wrath of god, he is learning to care for humans, truly, they way god does, and he is learning something god didn’t learn until it was to late, his own fallibility. 

      Lucifer, meanwhile, is hedonistic and uncaring. Through Chloe god is helping Lucifer learn the values of attachments, friendship and love, and through Chloe’s interactions with him of forgiveness. I suspect, as evidenced by the return of his wings and everything that happened last season, god has already forgiven lucifer for his rebellion, and even regrets his own reaction, but he knows Lucifer won’t accept his apology, won’t believe its sincerity. God has come to grips with his fallibility, and is teaching Lucifer not to make the same mistakes he did. In many ways Lucifer is the most like god of all his siblings (That we’ve seen), something Linda hints at on occasion. Lucifer is manipulative, impulsive, prone to blind rage, vindictive, loves humans, and yet is emotionally distant. The first season taught Lucifer the costs of his impulsiveness and set up his friendship with Chloe. The second season helpe him recognize the costs of his vindictiveness and grow past it. Now in the third season his distance has cost him Chloe, and he’s learning its costs. Each of these events helps Lucifer grow into a better person, an better ruler, than his father.

      In the end, this is just my opinion, but I think it’s well supported in the show and source material, and I think it is an interesting path for the show to take.

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    • I also had this thought. Fun fact: "Ella" literally means "goddess". There are tons of other clues buried in the show. Look at season 3 when Lucifer tries to show Chloe his devil face. Ella was in the room with them as Lucifer was insulting god, then made it very clear what he was about to do, and kicked ella out of the room. Surprise surprise, it didnt work. The favor where he goes to church, ella singing "what if god was one of us", etc...

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    • also the fact that only ella can see one of the angels that she talks to who is the "ghost" i forgot her name but yea

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    • I had a similar thought as I was rewatching to prepare for season four but I came to a very different conclusion: Dan is god (at least in season 2). He is the one Charlotte is drawn to, he tells Amenadiel he likes him better than Lucifer before they find out about the necklace; plus it would add a subtext to his and Lucifer’s rivalry. But the theories about god trying to improve the lives of his children through interactions with other characters is a great one and greatly supported by the second bonus episode of season three

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    • There is definitely something special about Ella. Maybe she, too, became miraculous due to that car accident. Maybe Azrael saved her during the accident, and that somehow gave her some kind of divine quality. I really hope we get Season 5, so it can explore more about Ella!

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    • Each time two people are talking about god I realize the scene usually cuts to her, she hears voices she is trying to quiet or escape voices that could be prayers. She almost always offers insight to Lucifer or Amenadiel when they are conflicted about daddy issues, so yeah, she is obviously god.

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