• What if by Lucifer kissing Chloe allows Chloe then to see the real Face of Lucifer and she breaks. Everything Lucifer tried to hide from Chloe now is seen. They can never go back, would she come to love the beast? Could this be the key to the transformation that will set Lucifer free, can he ever truly be free?


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    • After episode 10 The game has completly changed.  With knowing there was and intervention with Chole. There are so many questions. There now is even questions about Trixi. The obvious question, is Chole a miraculous birth. More important where are they going with this show. Is Chole and Lucifer together a good thing or bad.  Another post posed the question is Ella god. I wonder if Trixi is god. 

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    • Sounds more like a metaphor for Beauty and the Beast.

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