• Like all of his brothers ... he was created by his Father, God. However, he was the only one made of fire, not light. He was also the most beautiful, wisest, and powerful. So as it would be, he was the most important to his father. He was destined to be in heaven all his life, however he fell because he found pride in his heart due to his beauty. 

    But the point I was trying to get at is what is lucifer? He's an angel, fallen at the least ... but what type of angel was he? 

    Race: Celestial (I think that would be fair #spirit ) 

    Species: Angel 

    • Angel is just a class ... there are the Seraphims, Cherubims, Archangels (which clearly Lu was) 

    Also is Lucifer, Satan? 

    As Lucifer is only mentioned once in the bible, and Satan/the Devil is mentioned many times. 

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    • Lucifer is not really a fallen angel in Isaiah 14:12 if you understand Hebrew, though you can thank poor translations for this mistake, Helel is not Lucifer, but Shahar is name of both the Star and God of Dawn. The Star Shahar is Planet Venus, which was called Lucifer by the Romans.
      "How art thou fallen from heavens, O Prideful Son of Lucifer(Helel ben Shahar). [...]" - My Translation of Isaiah 14:12 "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, [I am] the Bright Star, Shahar/Lucifer." - My translation of Revelation 22:16 Jesus is the real Lucifer Morningstar, not Samael. Samael is the false Lucifer Morningstar.

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    • there is only 1 angel every referred to as an archangel in the bible and thats Michael the archangel.  no other angel is referred to as an archangel in the bible, which would make sense because the word arch referres to the highest of form. for example a king is the highest position in a kingdom so there can only be 1 king in a traditional kingdom. so since arch referres to the highest point or highest position there can only be 1 archangel 

      in the show Amenediel is the oldest and highest angel so if any archangels exist Amenediel would be the archangel 

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