• I was wondering why true priests can see the Devil face of Lucifer like state in the pilote, in the episode s1e09 with Frank Lawrence, and probably others...
    Does that mean that every priest with faith has the ability to see Lucifer's Devil face when he's facing them quite closely ? Only catholics ones (like the satanic priest doesn't see his Devil face) ? or just ones with true faith ?
    Is that a thing from the comics ?

    I'm just curious ;) love to dig in lore :D

    Thanks for reading

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    • To clarifiy, the Devil-Face seems to be a physical change. Although the origin of the face may be mystical, using it is certainly not. That means everyone can see the face, but only when Lucifer wants them to.

      The Priest in episode S01E09, A Priest Walks Into A Bar, couldn't see Lucifers Devilish side. He seems to have found that out himself, maybe with logic or he may just be a good judge of people (like priests tend to be). I don't think it has anything to do with him beeing a priest or having faith in the devine. God doesn't hand out special previliges to people who decide to work in his name. There is no divine benefit to beeing a preacher. Otherwise, everyone would want to be one.

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    • I totally agreed on his switch on/off Devil Face, not really arguing on that ;)

      I was re-watching the whole show because season 4 is coming and I can't wait! I thank you for replying. Love to argue and read, love share passions.
      And when I watched the pilot, the priest (during the wedding) was really shaken and can't look away of Lucifer when he approach. He didn't even say his name and the priest was doing his cross sign like I saw the Devil (pun intended, ahah).
      Then when I rewatch s1e09, I saw Father Frank staring at Lucifer's face when they met a bit like the priest in the pilot (but yeah way less scared). First Lucifer thinks he's a fraud for asking the Devil's help (and maybe because he don't freak out ?). But Frank is not a fraud and Lucifer realizes he knew and was still being friendly.
      For me, Frank knew since first meeting and that make this episode even more powerful to me but it could be like you said, his good judgment/logical ability.

      For the preacher divine benefit, it could be a bless for a combined priest and true faith ? like a "see evil" thing ? Yes, sound a bit weird, I agree.  And for the benefit being known, I don't know, Lucifer doesn't really walk the whole earth or going to church (like what real priest goes to sex club, night club or else?) so could be a not well known/spread thing.

      I don't know maybe I read way too much things in it but that was always the way I saw it (even in my first watch). I was curious because no one else talk about it ;)
      Or maybe it's a thing producers throw in season 1 and do not wanted after.
      P.S: sorry if I made grammatical mistakes, english is not my first language ;)

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    • Thank you! I just started re-watching the show and I noticed the priest at the wedding (in the pilot) being oddly terrified, too. I couldn't continoue watching it without reading up on it, but I couldnt find anything. Untill this short thread. Otherwise all google brougth up was s1e09.

      So now I know that the priest seeing his true face is very unlikely, but I think Ill keep it as a headcannon :) Though the priest just being that dramatic is pretty amusing too

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    • I'm rewatching the show for the 3rd time now, and I totally didn't think of that the first couple of times. I agree. I think true believers can see his devil face.

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    • Good to know 

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