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"The Good, the Bad and the Crispy" is the eighteenth and final episode of the second season of Lucifer.


"After Charlotte accidentally charbroils a man to death in self-defense, Lucifer must try and keep Chloe from figuring out the truth. Lucifer puts Maze in charge of finding Charlotte and Amenadiel, who have both gone missing in light of recent circumstances, while he finds a permanent solution for the ticking-time-bomb he calls Mom."[1]


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Charlotte calls in a favor to dispose of Chet's body, while Amenadiel insists that he be given some time to find himself before reassembling the Blade. Linda uses duct tape to hide Charlotte's wound but, when Lucifer arrives, he recognizes that his mother does not have much time before her human body "bursts." He hires Maze to find Amenadiel while he works to cover up the murder. Unfortunately, Ella finds the cleaning company Charlotte hired and Chloe confronts Lucifer about letting his personal problems interfere with work. Amenadiel refuses to reassemble the Blade, citing renewed loyalty to his Father. Charlotte escapes, apparently kills one of the cleaners, and forces Linda to reveal Lucifer's plan. She then threatens to kill Chloe unless the last piece of the Blade is delivered to her, which turns out to be in Dan's possession. Amenadiel uses his renewed angelic powers to stop time, allowing Linda to be hospitalized. At the same time, the cleaner's real killer (Chet's brother) attempts to shoot Lucifer and Charlotte. With time stopped, Lucifer ignites the Blade and opens a rift leading outside the universe, where his mother the Goddess can create her own world, free from God's influence (throwing the Blade through with her). Later, the old Charlotte is revived, having no memory of the time her body was inhabited. A visit to Linda at the hospital encourages Lucifer to reveal his true nature to Chloe. Before he can, however, he is knocked out cold and wakes up to find himself in the desert with his wings restored.



Guest Starring[]

  • Marcus Coloma as Hector Ruiz
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Kathleen Lyon


  • Stephi Chin-Salvo as Ava Lyon[1]
  • TBA

Featured Music[]

  • "Start a Riot" - Banners


  • The episode title is said by Linda.
  • This episode marked Amenadiel's final willing use of his chronokenesis.
    • Michael later exploits Amenadiel's fear in "Spoiler Alert" to reactivate it.
  • In the scene where Trixie plays doctor with Maze and Lucifer, she refuses to give him candy by saying "wusses don't get any". This is a callback to Manly Whatnots, where Chloe called Lucifer "wuss" following his joke of being crippled after she shot his leg.
  • Goddess departs for a Void to create a new universe of her own. Lucifer throws two pieces of the Flaming Sword in with her in order to keep it forever apart.
    • In "Nothing Lasts Forever", Goddess briefly returns to the universe after Lucifer sends Gabriel to give her a message. It's revealed that had she ended up creating her own universe that includes centaurs in the Void that Lucifer had sent her into. In addition, Gabriel steals the Flaming Sword back.
  • Charlotte Richards is resurrected when Goddess leaves the universe. However, it's unclear if it was a side effect of her departure or if Goddess resurrected her vessel as her final act before departure with her newly-restored powers.
  • Lucifer's wings are restored. He eventually realizes that this and the disappearance of his Devil Face comes from Lucifer feeling good about himself following his saving of his mother.
  • Title is said by Dr. Linda.


  • When Lucifer wakes up in the desert, he seems to have wounds and burns. As an angel, he isn't supposed to have any unless Chloe was nearby, which was clearly impossible at the time.
  • Chloe wrongly concludes that Hector kill his brother Chet although minutes ago Charlotte (Goddess) admit to be "involved" in Chet's death and Hector appearing with vengeance's intentions in fraganti. .




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