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"Sympathy for the Goddess" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Lucifer.


"When the man who had the final piece of the Flaming Sword is murdered and the piece goes missing, Lucifer's Mom joins Chloe and Lucifer on the case to track down the killer. But when Lucifer gets sidelined, Maze recruits him to help save Dr. Linda's endangered career and confronts him about the secrets he's been keeping."[1]


After a man is found dead, it is determined that he is a soldier for the Ruiz family, run by Bianca Ruiz, a gang leader who uses her tequila business as a front. Due to the phone found at the scene, there are suspicions that the killer is Chet, Bianca's son. Bianca is discovered to be Goddess/Charlotte Richards' client, and Goddess tells Chloe about a party thrown by the tequila business, and Chloe goes posing as a fan of Chet's, in order to get more information. But Goddess has ulterior motives, and she goes with Chloe. After Chloe nearly gets caught at the party after hearing that Bianca and Chet discuss what is on his phone that is in the hands of the police, they work to try and get the phone open with little success.

On the back end, Goddess is approached by Bianca, telling her that in exchange for her son's phone, she will give her what Zeke Moore has smuggled for Goddess, but not until the exchange is made. It is revealed, however, that Goddess is indeed still on Chloe and the police's side, as she wears a wire to the exchange. She gives Bianca the phone, and in exchange Goddess receives a key to a safety deposit box. However, after Bianca pours her a glass of tequila she spills it on herself to short out the wire, and Chloe and the police enter the room to intervene, getting the phone back and arresting Bianca.

Goddess goes to the safety deposit box and finds a bronze plated book, written in Samarian, containing the instructions to reassemble the flaming sword. She brings Lucifer and Amenadiel to try to sort it out. Amenadiel, the only one out of the three of them that can read it, explains that there is a key that binds the blade and medallion together, and it was given to his favorite son. Amenadiel assumes that Lucifer is the one that has the key, believing his ring might be the key. However, Lucifer has him notice how his necklace seems attracted to the sword, it's clear that Amenadiel is the favorite son, and his necklace is the key.

Goddess, having left before this revelation, goes to Chet Ruiz to demand the supposed other item that Zeke smuggled for her, but Chet doesn't have it and instead produces a knife to stab her with. Charlotte removes the blade from her stomach, and the wound expels an obliterating beam of light, which fries Chet's head. It's clear that Goddess's time is running out before her energy outlives the body of Charlotte Richards. 



Guest Starring[]

  • Carolina Gomez as Bianca Ruiz
  • Jon Sklaroff as Nigel
  • Kade Wise as Chet Ruiz


  • Clayton Cannon as Zeke Moore[1]


  • According to Linda, it's been a few weeks since "God Johnson"
  • While listing his enemies, Lucifer mentions One Million Moms. One Million Moms is a fundamentalist Christian project dedicated to "stopping the exploitation of children" by the media. Members of the project oppose "Lucifer" and created a petition urging FOX to cancel the show.
  • Maze is shown to be a very powerful demon when it comes to fighting, as she seemed to be evenly matched with Lucifer in a more-or-less even grounds.


  • Amenadiel's necklace starts reacting to the Flaming Sword despite it having been near it in the previous episode; both times it was at the same distance.




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