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"Sympathy for the Goddess" is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Lucifer.


"When the man who had the final piece of the Flaming Sword is murdered and the piece goes missing, Lucifer's Mom joins Chloe and Lucifer on the case to track down the killer. But when Lucifer gets sidelined, Maze recruits him to help save Dr. Linda's endangered career and confronts him about the secrets he's been keeping."[1]


The episode begins with Lucifer watching mum take a meeting at an outdoor cafe. Amenadiel arrives to warn him Maze is really pissed and it’s serious. Lucifer waves away his concerns, “anger is Maze's default setting,” and explains mum might have found someone who has piece of the Flaming Sword. The brothers watch as mum pulls out a briefcase full of cash, and hands it over without receiving her purchase. Incredulous that she could be so foolish, Lucifer and Amenadiel decide it’s time to step in. Mum is proud of herself until Lucifer explains she has probably been conned, so she agrees to accompany them as they check on the seller. They find him inside, but he is dead, with a safe open behind him. No cash, no flaming sword piece.

Meanwhile, Maze barges in to Linda’s office. When she sees a strange man with her friend, she whips out her knives, Linda calls her off, and the man leaves, while Linda explains that she is in trouble with the Ethics Review Board because of her actions in “God Johnson” when she helped Lucifer break out of a mental hospital. Maze blames Linda's woes on Lucifer and swears she will fix things.

At the precinct, Lucifer seems more unfocused than usual, fidgeting and annoying Chloe. Then Charlotte arrives and tells Chloe one of her clients is in trouble, when Chloe refuses to rise to the bait, Charlotte tries to elaborate, taking cues form Lucifer who is miming a shooting behind Chloe’s back. Finally, she adds that she heard a gunshot, and that gets Chloe moving.

Chloe, Lucifer, and Charlotte arrive at the crime scene where they find the expected body. While Chloe examines the body, Ella arrives and begins processing the scene. Chloe, unexpectedly, allows Charlotte to remain, wanting more information on Charlotte’s business relationship with the dead man, Zeke Moore (Clayton Cannon), who worked for international criminal and Tequila magnate, Bianca Ruiz. Ella spots a cell phone under the safe, suggesting it might be the killer’s. A distinct image on the lock screen is their only real clue.

Back at the precinct, Charlotte arrives as Dan is going through Bianca Ruiz’s file. Charlotte flirts with Dan, and he is confused, “What do you want from me? You seduce me, you betray me, now you're back. You have to want something, I just can't figure out what.” She admits she likes him, but they are interrupted by Ella's discovery; the image on the phone is a record label logo, Insane Wordz Records, and the vanity label only has one artist, Chet Ruiz, Bianca’s youngest son. Charlotte informs them half the fees she collects from Ruiz go to keeping Chet out of jail, but he is not part of her business. Chloe wonders, however, if Chet might be their in for taking down Bianca’s entire operation.

Dan is tasked with hacking the phone's password, and Chloe suggests Charlotte leave since her client is their main suspect. Charlotte, however, reveals she has an invitation to Bianca's tequila launch party that afternoon, and says since the invite is in her name she will be going and wants to take Dan. Both Dan and Lucifer immediately veto that, and Chloe says she’ll go. Charlotte sneers at her dress sense and tells her to step up her game.

Lucifer is irritated at being sidelined and heads to Linda's office, where he barges in and starts immediately talking before he realizes it is not Linda sitting behind the desk, it's Maze…with her knives out. Maze tells Lucifer it’s his fault Linda is suspended and he has to fix it - right now, and he sighs and gives in.

Amenadiel shows up at the precinct and asks Dan if he’s seen Charlotte or Lucifer. Dan says they took off a few hours ago and Amenadiel says, “Don't worry about it, Dan. I mean, with a brother like Lucifer, I really should be used to this, right?” Since Lucifer is gone, Dan recruits Amenadiel to go somewhere with him.

Meanwhile, Charlotte arrives at the party and asks if her plus one, “a tired-looking blonde, probably dressed in something freshly-plucked from the floor” had arrived. Chloe walks in at that moment, looking very fashion forward, even Charlotte approves of her attire. Chloe spots Chet and tells Charlotte she is going to talk to him. Charlotte thinks Chloe is the better option for seducing Chet, but Chloe disabuses her of the idea, “There's gonna be no seducing. We just need to get Chet to talk, have him incriminate himself, then we can arrest him and flip him on Bianca.” Charlotte wonders why Bianca would bring her murderous son to a Tequila fueled party, and Chloe says she thinks it’s because Bianca doesn’t know Chet killed Zeke.

Across town, Maze and Lucifer meet with the chairman of the Ethics Review Board and ask Linda be reinstated. The chairman denies their request, and Maze offers proof of Linda’s accomplishments by saying Lucifer is the worst patient ever, and Linda still went out of her way to help him. Lucifer concurs, “The doctor has seen a side to me that I hide because it's, well, terrifying, but she accepted me nonetheless, and she's helped me through issues that I thought insurmountable.” The chairman says he will add their testimony to his notes. Unfortunately Lucifer then let slip he had slept with Linda, the meeting goes down hill from there, and they leave without getting Linda’s suspension overturned. As they leave the Ethics Review Board, Maze punches Lucifer. She reveals she knows Lucifer is planning on leaving Earth. He tells her he didn't include her because she tends to get emotional, Maze kicks him. “You don’t care about anyone other than yourself unless they can be of use to you, sound familiar” taunts Maze. Lucifer tells her to tread carefully.

They then launch themselves at each other, and beat each other bloody. After a time out. Lucifer admits he didn’t know she was this angry and Maze replies, “You were going to leave me.” Lucifer says he would never do that, and then explains his real plan; he will get mum to Heaven, but “I didn't say how long for. Huh? Or what I was going to do when I got there.” Maze finally realizes he was playing his own angle, and used her to sell his story. She tells him that's even worse.

At the party, Charlotte exchanges pleasantries with Bianca and then lets her in on the fact the police suspect Chet killed Zeke. Bianca immediately confronts Chet about Zeke, and he proudly says he discovered Zeke was building up a side business of artifact smuggling, and he took care of the problem. Bianca coldly informs him she had been taking 30% of that. When she asks how the police know it was him, he admits he dropped his phone at the scene, which had her business financials on it. Hovering nearby, Chloe hears this confession, and moves away. Bianca finishes with her son, and intercepts Chloe. She asks who she is and what she is doing at the party. Chloe catches Chet's eye and fangirls him, “I came because, well... I love your son's music. Hi, Chet. Chet, you're so good. You're amazing!” and begins singing the song Ella had played earlier. Bianca seems to buy it and has security guards escort Chloe away as Charlotte looks on approvingly.

In a nearby bar, Dan and Amenadiel seem to be bonding over drinks. Dan shows the angel an improv flyer, he says improv really helped him after his break with Chloe, and he suggests Amenadiel needs something like it to take his mind off his issues with Lucifer. Amenadiel confesses no matter what he does, Lucifer always seems to be the favorite. Dan wonders if Lucifer and Amenadiel are competing over Charlotte, “No, Dan, we are not competing over Charlotte. Trust me. At least, not in the way you think. And if we are, well, obviously I lost, because I'm here, with you. No offense.” Dan take no offense and tell Amenadiel that for what it is worth, he likes him a lot better than he likes Lucifer.

Maze and Lucifer, looking the worse for wear, arrive at Linda's office and startled by their bloody appearance gasps out, “Did you guys kill the chairman of the review board? Please tell me you didn't kill him. Not that he didn't deserve it.” She is assured no on is dead, but Maze reveals Lucifer let slip he used to have sex with Linda. She throws up her hands and figures her career is over. When Lucifer asks her why Maze is still mad at him, Linda is fed up. “Since I'm not currently a practicing doctor of psychiatry, I don't have to lead you on this path of realization; I can just tell you. Maze is pissed at you because you used her.” Lucifer explains his actions were for the greater good, but Linda says Maze felt abandoned, that he didn't care. When he realizes Maze is actually crying, he is taken aback. He apologizes, admitting he should have considered how she would feel. Linda says her work is done and wants a stiff drink. Maze promises to take care of her problem.

Meanwhile, Bianca arrives at Charlotte’s office and admits Chet robbed and killed Zeke. She also knows what Zeke was smuggling and for whom. Bianca now has the item and wants to make a deal. Charlotte can have it if she gets Chet’s phone from the police, if not, then Bianca will make sure the item disappears forever. Charlotte arrives in the forensics lab and and introduces herself. Ella thinks Charlotte is really hanging out at the station waiting for Dan, and then she surprises Charlotte by saying “Even though most everybody is all like, 'She a shark, those dead eyes, don't trust her,' when I look at you, I see a light. So, for now, benefit of the doubt. But if you ever hurt Dan again, I'll have someone break your legs.” Their talk is interrupted when Ella gets a call, and she asks Charlotte to watch Chet’s phone. As Charlotte is about to walk off with it, Chloe blocks her and tells her to start talking.

Chloe heads over to Lux and reveals Charlotte told her the truth about how she is related to Lucifer. Surprised, Lucifer replies, “I somehow doubt that.” Chloe says she knows Charlotte is his Father's ex. Chloe seems sympathetic with what she was put through, and Lucifer nods, “Mm-hmm. Betrayal, torture, Hell, et cetera. All true.” and when Chloe says she could not imagine raising kids in that environment, he asks if she is feeling sympathy for the goddess. She wonders why Lucifer didn’t tell her this in the first place, and he says it didn't seem so simple an explanation at the time. Chloe explains they talked when Charlotte tired to steal Chet’s phone, that Bianca had threatened her family, and Charlotte was just trying to keep them safe. Lucifer acknowledges that sounded plausible, and Charlotte would stop at nothing to protect her children. Chloe, however, is still uncomfortable, she still doesn’t trust Charlotte.

In cooperation with Chloe's sting, Charlotte delivers the phone to Bianca while Chloe and Lucifer listen from a surveillance vehicle. Once Bianca gets the word the phone had not been hacked, Charlotte spills a drink on her wire, so the others can’t hear what comes next. Charlotte receives a safe deposit box key and Bianca promises it holds the item she ordered. The police break in as Charlotte takes the key. Chloe places Bianca under arrest and Charlotte informs Bianca she is now her ex-client. Chloe stops Lucifer as he takes Charlotte's hand, saying she has to search her first. After a brief search, Chloe is satisfied Charlotte is not hiding anything. Lucifer has all ready palmed the key, the police have the phone once more, and now they have the evidence to put Chet and Bianca away.

Back at Lucifer’s penthouse, Amenadiel arrives with the contents of the deposit box; an ancient book. Amenadiel thinks it might be an instruction manual, but it’s written in a language Charlotte can’t read. Charlotte gives it to Lucifer, as he can speak every language, but he tells her that does not translate to the written word. Amenadiel declares it is written in Sumerian, and he can translate it in a few days. Charlotte says she can’t wait that long. Her sons wonder about her need to do this so quickly, but she says she just wants to see her family. When she walks away, Lucifer and Amenadiel agree something is up with her.

At the precinct, Dan and Chloe speak of Charlotte. Chloe can’t believe Charlotte is Lucifer and Amenadiel’s stepmother, “That makes a weird amount of sense, actually,” says Dan. Chloe warns him to be careful, there is something about Charlotte she doesn't trust. Then she freaks out her ex completely by pointing out, “If you married her, you'd kind of be like Lucifer's dad.”

Late that night, Maze makes an armed and threatening visit to the chairman of the ethics board. Across town, Chet secretly meets with Charlotte at her office. She demands he hand over what Zeke really smuggled, not believing the book could be the actual item. He pulls out a knife and stabs Charlotte in the belly, yelling that his life is ruined. Charlotte pulls the knife out, and a brilliant light explodes from the wound. The light hits Chet in the face and instantly burns him to the bone, he falls to the ground dead.

At the penthouse, Amenadiel's translation of the book reveals that their Father shattered the Flaming Sword into three pieces: the Blade of Death, the Medallion of Life, and the key that binds them all together, and God entrusted the key to his favorite son. Amenadiel bitterly assumes that means Lucifer and then asks what else Lucifer brought to earth, then thinks it might be Lucifer’s ring and tells his brother to attach the ring to the sword. Amenadiel picks up the blade and Lucifer notices Amenadiel’s necklace is attracted to the blade like a magnet. “Is that the key around your neck or are you just happy to see me? He entrusted it to you, brother.”



Guest Starring[]

  • Carolina Gomez as Bianca Ruiz
  • Jon Sklaroff as Nigel
  • Kade Wise as Chet Ruiz


  • Clayton Cannon as Zeke Moore[1]


  • According to Linda, it's been a few weeks since "God Johnson"
  • While listing his enemies, Lucifer mentions One Million Moms. One Million Moms is a fundamentalist Christian project dedicated to "stopping the exploitation of children" by the media. Members of the project oppose the idea of "Lucifer" and created a petition urging FOX to cancel the show.
  • Maze is shown to be a very powerful demon when it comes to fighting, as she seemed to be evenly matched with Lucifer in a more-or-less even grounds.


  • Amenadiel's necklace starts reacting to the Flaming Sword despite it having been near it in the previous episode; both times it was at the same distance.




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