Sweet Kicks is the fifth episode of the first season of Lucifer. It aired on February 22, 2016.


After a shooting occurs at a fashion show and a young woman is killed, Lucifer becomes intrigued by the danger of the situation and begs Chloe to get in on the case. Meanwhile, when Maze admits to Amenadiel that she wants to go back to Hell, he sets his sights on Dr. Linda.


105 Lucifer and Maze at Benny's show

Lucifer and Maze at the show.

Lucifer and Maze attend a fashion show from a shoe designer named Benny Choi. Lucifer is excited about his apparent mortality while Maze is worried. Lucifer is making out with a model backstage when shots ring out, panic ensues, and a woman gets trampled to death.

At the police department, Lucifer cheerily pretends to be there to blackmail Chloe about her shooting him. At the lieutenant's office, he bargains to be on the case.

Lucifer turns out has helped Choi get his first show. He admitted he was involved in a recent gang-related conflict.

Chloe reluctantly brings Lucifer to a cop bar to get the latter to shut up about his leg. Lucifer observes she wasn't popular. She comes across a cop she thinks is corrupt, and Lucifer punches him before Chloe drags him out of there.

105 Amenadiel convinces Maze

Amenadiel gets Maze to cooperate.

Amenadiel finds Maze in a coffee shop. She admits she wants to go back to Hell, and that Lucifer doesn't confide in her any more - but rather in a doctor. Amenadiel finds Linda and introduces himself as a doctor.

At Lux, Maze told Lucifer his behavior is foolish, but he thinks she's just jealous of Chloe. She scoffs at this notion and says she won't be able to protect him, but he says that's what she does. Dan shows up and told Lucifer he convinces the cop at the bar to not press charges and that he better take care of Chloe if he wants to be on the case, to Lucifer's slight confusion.

Chloe and Lucifer drives to investigate the suspects, Dani and Diego Ramirez, but Chloe locks him in the car. Chloe knocks the door to no response, but heard a scream inside seconds later. She kicks in the door and finds Lucifer inside. The couple says they didn't do it, the victim was Diego's cousin and offered a possible suspect, "Yellow Viper". Chloe gets a message about another victim.

It turned out to be Benny's pet pig. Benny said he tried to support Viper when he was in jail, and didn't know he got out.

Amenadiel invites Linda for a drink, attempting to get more information on Lucifer.

They find Viper teaching a bunch of people spray painting, and Lucifer is once again disappointed that the bad guys are so lame. He was uncooperative, and the Ramirezs show up with backup - and lots of guns. Lucifer distracts them while Viper and his kids escape. Lights go off, and Maze comes to their rescue, quickly taking down the thugs.

Chloe was not pleased, stating that whenever Lucifer offers his favors, bad things would happen. In the car, Viper admits to Lucifer that he only wanted to teach his art and he didn't shoot Benny, saying he won't miss.
105 Lucifer terrorizes Benny

Lucifer terrorizes Benny.

This makes Chloe realize that with Benny on stage being such an easy target, and so many people in the crowd, it is suspicious no one was shot dead.

Benny offers Lucifer a Hell-themed art piece as thanks, but they're onto him. His bodyguard admits to framing Viper under Benny's orders. Lucifer smashes Benny through the art piece and terrorizes him with his demonic form.

Lucifer smugly informs Chloe he's now an official civilian consultant. She once again rejects him and drives away.

105 Maze demon face

Maze revealing her demonic face.

At Lux, Maze reaffirms that she would protect him, no matter what.

Maze creeps up to and observes Chloe in her sleep, revealing the horribly-disfigured half side of her face in the mirror.






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