"Super Bad Boyfriend" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Lucifer.

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Lucifer and Chloe investigate a teacher's murder. Meanwhile, Lucifer goes to extremes to convince Eve to dump him, and Amenadiel mentors a teen.

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Investigating the death of High School teacher Sandra Baez, Chloe talks with Lucifer about the prophesy. Understanding his changes, he concludes the best action is to break up with Eve; but she refuses. Speaking to students Lexy Shaw and Nate Benedict, Nate's father was sleeping with Sandra after his divorce, but mutually broke up a week ago. Lucifer takes Eve to his sessions, which backfires. Then plays the "cliché bad husband" which also backfires. At Lux, Caleb Mayfield, a student needing Lucifer's favor, meets Amenadiel; Caleb wants out from selling drugs for Tahir, the dealer. Later, two officers arrive to arrest Caleb for murder, as the murder weapon was in Caleb's locker, with a building hostility until Dan arrives and orders a stand down. Ella informs Dan a cop may have told Tierning about Lucifer. Nate reveals Sandra found out they stole the SAT answers, so Lexy killed her with Caleb's golf club. Nate kept her bloody clothes, which is evidence. Released from custody, Amenadiel paid off Tahir and invites Caleb to a 1-on-1 game between friends. Lucifer later directly breaks up with Eve as he doesn't like who he is around her. After Caleb was shot dead by Tahir's men, the brothers raid Tahir's home and brutalize him. Amenadiel decides to raise his son in Heaven. When seeing Linda, Lucifer reveals he feels a tremendous amount of self-hatred. Meanwhile, Maze has trouble on the dating scene and when hanging out with Eve, a drunk Dan antagonizes Maze to punish him, but is instead escorted out.

Lucifer attends a session with Linda. He grumbles that God must be using Eve and Chloe to torment him, but admits he's just lying to himself. He accepts the truth that everything is his own fault. Linda tells him it's progress to admit this. However, Lucifer tells her that the real truth is much worse. Prompted Lucifer explains what he sees of himself, becoming increasingly emotional. "There is something rotten inside me. I find it near impossible to drown out the constant concopaphy of voices telling me I am evil. I'm drowning, doctor. And I can't help asking WHY DO I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH?"

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  • The episode's title is said by Lucifer.
  • The screen names for Lucifer and Eve for the game are MFKDevil and F1rstwoman.
  • Mazikeen and Eve talk about the film Marley & Me.

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