You're my perfect man, like porn and stuffed crust pizza and my Hello Kitty blanket all rolled into one.
— Suki to Lucifer
in "Stewardess Interruptus"

Suki Price is a Lucifer stalker who lurked around Lux. Her home and the walls are covered with pictures of Lucifer and women, complete with dates and strings connecting the photos.

When Chloe tells her about the murders of Jana Lawrence and Raj Daniere, Suki points to the flight attendant section of the wall and show a picture of the two murder victims together. She says Raj was Jana's "GBFFN", i.e. "gay best friend for now".

Suki is super helpful and her obsession is so intense she knows everything about Lucifer's love life. Suki tells them the other man in the photo with Raj and Jana is a pilot they hung out with, and Chloe warns her not to leave town. Suki promises to never abandon Lucifer.

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