Squee was a minor character in the fourth season. He's a Demon who possessed the body of the DJ, Holla Bae, whom Dromos (whilst in William Kinley's body) killed in order to resurrect him so he can walk on Earth with him and bring their King, Lucifer Morningstar back to Hell.


Squee is a demon that resides in Hell just like Dromos and others. When Kinley was sent to Hell after being murdered by Eve, Dromos possessed Kinley's body and after which helped Squee posses another newly dead body to accomplish their goal, which is to bring back a King of Hell while leaving Earth.


Squee is the most hated demon, as no other demon in Hell (except possibly Dromos), likes him. Not even Mazikeen.


  • Both Maze and Lucifer said that Squee is dumb alongside Dromos.
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