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"Spoiler Alert" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Lucifer. It's also the final episode of the first part of the season.[1]


Chloe learns a serial killer may have embellished his crimes. Amenadiel worries about his son's health. Pete opens up to Ella.


Chloe screams in utter horror as Lucifer is shot by Dan and falls to the ground; knowing that her presence makes Lucifer vulnerable. Holding Lucifer's body, Chloe is surprised when the angel suddenly gasps for air, shocking everyone. As Lucifer notices the dented bullet the ruined his shirt, Chloe furiously demands Dan to explain himself. A panicked Dan snaps at Chloe for knowing Lucifer truly was the devil; Lucifer picks himself up, reminding Dan he's never hidden his true identity. Dan reveals he saw Lucifer's devil face when he was with Amenadiel and Charlie; Dan says he's trying to save the world. Chloe explains she had a hard time accepting the truth and that Lucifer is a good man, despite how humanity has portrayed him. Another gunshot to interrupt her; Lucifer shot his side, smirking his invulnerability is back. A frantic Dan leaves, with Chloe worried that Trixie may be in danger from Dan's breakdown; she decides to take Trixie to stay at Penelope's until Dan calms down. Lucifer is happy he's invulnerable again, but Chloe is curious as to why this and the mojo swap happened.

In the morning, Ella is leaving Pete's after a night together. Pete gives her a key to his home, wondering if they are moving too fast. Ella tells him they are not, taking the key. However, she tells Chloe at work that she is truly panicky; though she asks for advice based on her romance with Lucifer. Chloe notices Lucifer messing around with a bag next to Dan's desk, quickly telling Ella to embrace the love. To Chloe's shock, Lucifer tries to put a non-poisonous snake in the desk drawer to bite Dan as payback. Chloe tells him it's not a good idea, prompting Lucifer to realize he's thinking too small; however, she explains that Dan is mentally fragile and could repeat shooting Lucifer. Lucifer brings up his new invulnerability near Chloe can make him a shield in gunfights. Chloe stops him, explaining the Whisper Killer case doesn't add up - the MO is off.

Chloe and Lucifer talk to the perp, offering to give his Serial Killer name suggestions to the newspaper in exchange for information. Lucifer tries to get revenge ideas but is stopped by Chloe. She trips up the killer, getting him to reveal he's a copycat of the real killer. They return to Chloe's desk, where she notes only the last victim was killed by their prisoner. Lucifer is uncaring, noting that it's a prison then hell for the fellow (especially after taking a swing at Chloe). An exasperated Chloe tells Lucifer that she will go over the case files, sarcastically telling him to go focus on his revenge plan on Dan. Lucifer brightens, calling it to divide and conquer planning; he leaves Chloe stunned then annoyed.

At home, Chloe examines the website Kill Share, where anonymous people share information about killers while going over the files. She phones Lucifer to tell him that she's made a breakthrough - a lead at the Arts District; however, she is gagged by an unknown person and dragged away. In the meantime, a frazzled Lucifer has several marker boards and pinned papers with information on Dan filling his penthouse. As triumphant opera music swells from his stereo, Lucifer elatedly declares he has figured out the perfect revenge against Dan. He then checks his phone to find he missed a call from Chloe. He plays it, only to hear the sound of her abduction. Flying to her house, Lucifer breaks down the door to see ruined files and her computer smashed.

The next day, Lucifer has called in Chloe's abduction. Ella passes off Lucifer breaking the door as the perp's doing. Ella wonders where Dan is, but Lucifer tells hee Dan is useless right now; he calms her fears about Trixie by explaining her grandmother is looking after her. Lucifer explains the voicemail, prompting Ella to think the real Whisper Killer is covering his tracks. Lucifer blames himself for being distracted, making Ella hit him; he surprisingly pulls her into a hug, reminding Ella they need to keep cool heads to find Chloe. Ella finds Chloe scribbled down the name Scotty Thomas with a downtown address; both quickly leave to see what clues they can find.

At address, they find what looks like a killer's lair. Scotty Thomas exits the bathroom only to be pinned in a chair by Lucifer. As Lucifer demands answers, Scotty explains everything is just props; Ella confirms it. As Lucifer ponders why this was Chloe's lead, Scotty explains Chloe was supposed to meet him there for transcripts. Scotty leads them into a backroom with people at computers. It's Scotty Games HQ; they're working on a serial killer VR game to help people subdue their impulse to kill. Looking through the transcript, Ella finds the user name LilyMan85 was talking to Klumsky; LilyMan is the original Whisper Killer as he has firsthand knowledge of the first three murders that haven't gone public. Scotty offers his team to help track the IP addresses LilyMan used, speeding up the search. Lucifer leaves to make a call.

At Linda's house, Maze is reading a book about souls; unfortunately, her attention span can't handle it due to being "too wordy". Amenadiel is taking Charlie to the hospital due to a 101 fever; Linda will meet them there. Maze dismisses it, as hell is 120° at all times. Amenadiel explains that being part angel likely means something is wrong with him due to the fever. Amenadiel tells Maze to answer her phone; it's Lucifer. As Maze refuses to tell Lucifer she's angry about him keeping Lilith's fate a secret from her, he has no idea why she's upset. Amenadiel leaves as Maze answers her phone, ready to give Lucifer a piece of her mind; however, she quickly becomes shocked upon hearing that Chloe has gone missing. She asks Lucifer what she can do. She teleports into Klumsky's cell, where she reveals that all serial killers are cowards who end up in hell; she takes out her knives to interrogate him.

In the meantime, Lucifer has sped Ella and himself to where Whisper Killer used a private IP address. Ella calls for backup as Lucifer furiously kicks open the door. Both see a dead flower and detect a putrid smell, which they follow to a bedroom to find a woman long dead - it's not Chloe. Ella is relieved, Lucifer fumes the killer still has Chloe. Backup arrives later, with Lucifer having left: Ella running into Pete. Pete assures her that he is not using their romance for personal gain; his boss made him cover crimes. Ella assures Pete their relationship is fine. Pete offers his Whisper Killer research notes from his home.

At the hospital, Lucifer asks Amenadiel to slow time to allow him more time to search for Chloe. However, nothing happens. Amenadiel tells Lucifer he has faith Chloe will be found. However, Lucifer panics that he is useless without Chloe as she finds all the clues. Amenadiel advises him to do the detective work himself. Amenadiel leaves with Linda to get Charlie's test results.

At the precinct, Lucifer takes all the Whisper Killer evidence and information into the meeting room and begins working through it for any leads. Ella is impressed, with Lucifer explaining the key is to find out the similarities between the victims. The real Whisper Killer is too good at covering his tracks and seems drawn to powerful women. Lucifer and Ella get back to the evidence, hoping for a clue. Maze arrives, revealing Klumsky messaged the real killer, who hunts for victims in restaurants; LilyMan looks for "windbags". To Ella's surprise, Lucifer cross-referenced the credit card usage of the victims, who all last used it to eat at restaurants. Lucifer urges Ella to find out if any had surveillance cameras. Maze assures Lucifer that five broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff, and "It's Small World" on repeat tortured everything out of Klumsky. Ella reveals only one had a camera, prompting Lucifer and Maze to head out; Ella leaves to collect Pete's files on the Whisper Killer.

At the security office of the restaurant in question, the guard refuses to show them tapes. Lucifer stops Maze from resorting to torture, sarcastically trying his mojo. It works, much to his shock, as the guard reveals his desire to be a dancer. Lucifer offers to hire the guard at Lux to make his dream come true; they shake on the deal. Seeing the tapes, Lucifer is utterly shocked to see who the real Whisper Killer is.

Ella arrives at Pete's for the files. A piece of paper flies over to an electrical outlet, which Ella opens to reveal a purple glow. She pulled back a dresser next to it, leasing into a room full of the Whisper Killer flowers. Finding the drug used to paralyze the women on a table, Ella realizes Pete is the original killer. She quickly leaves and places the dresser back. Pete returns home, surprising Ella. His happy demeanor goes dark upon seeing the opened electrical outlet. He pins Ella and attempts to choke her; however, Ella finds a needle of the drug and stabs into Pete, knocking him out.

In the interrogation room, Lucifer observes from the observation side of the glass; he stops Maze from going crazy on Pete. Ella storms in to get Chloe's location from Pete. Pete calmly absorbs all the accusations, passing off his killings as flaws of a good guy. Ella asks for what psychological damage caused this. Pete smiles, telling Ella his mother is to blame; she screams at him every day. Ella guesses this is why he slit vocal cords. The flower was a twisted tribute to his mother's beloved lily garden. Pete admits he got close to Ella to stay ahead of the investigation; however, things evolved from there. Ella was going to be a victim, but he found her to be very sweet and hoped to feel something in his empty heart. He tells Ella he hopes they can get past this, telling her that he saw a darkness in her when they met. Ella snarls, demanding he tell where Chloe is; Pete didn't do anything to her, much to Ella's surprise. A worried Lucifer ponders who truly did take Chloe. Maze wonders if hurting Lucifer was the real objective.

Elsewhere, Chloe is being held captive in a cave with a built-in cage. And who is her captor? Michael. The twisted Lucifer dopplegänger offers Chloe her preferred coffee blend, only for it to be smacked away. Michael explains that her captivity is temporary; part of his bigger plan. He then taunts Chloe with the knowledge that Lucifer's changes are something ominous. Chloe returns the taunt about Michael trying to make her afraid of her relationship with Lucifer. However, Michael counters he cannot create fear, just like Lucifer cannot create desires; they expose what already exists. Michael reminds Chloe angels self-actualize; Lucifer's newfound invulnerability may mean he no longer feels safe being vulnerable around her. Michael points out Lucifer does not lie but correctly guesses Chloe has not heard "I love you" from him, planting a doubt. Michael leaves Chloe to fear his accusations.

At the precinct, Lucifer paces in worry as Maze opens the interrogation room doors, revealing a drunk Dan is with her. Maze locks them in, with Dan panicking. Lucifer asks how Dan saw his devil face, learning Michael tricked Dan into returning. Lucifer realizes Michael tried to have Dan kill him. As Dan rationalizes, Lucifer reveals Michael kidnapped Chloe. Dan reveals Michael came to him and took him to a cave that looked fake and abandoned. Elsewhere, Chloe hides with a blunt weapon to knock out Michael. The figure enters the cell and Chloe wacks him on the head, rushing out only to be met by Maze and Dan. It turns out, Lucifer was the one she hit; he happily reflects on his invulnerability. Turns out it was an abandoned zoo. Dan watches Chloe and Lucifer share a loving reunion, seeing how much the Devil and his ex-wife truly love each other.

At the hospital, Amenadiel and Linda learn Charlie will be alright; it was just a cold. Linda leaves with the doctor to see Charlie as Amenadiel is stopped by Michael. Michael tells Amenadiel that he's sorry to hear that Charlie was suffering from a normal cold, much to his brother's confusion. Michael tells Amenadiel, before returning to the cave. Maze is waiting for him. Michael reveals this was part of his plan; the revelation about Lilith was part of it. Stating he's only been honest with her, Michael tells Maze when he gets what he wants, Maze can get what she desires.

At the precinct, Chloe thanks her fellow cops for looking for her. As Lucifer watches her subtly direct it at him, Amenadiel arrives with Linda and Charlie. Amenadiel tries explaining what Michael told him, but Linda takes them to the meeting room to give Lucifer time with Chloe. Chloe takes Lucifer to the evidence room for privacy. Lucifer apologizes for putting her through his family drama. Chloe congratulates Lucifer on his detective work. Lucifer reveals his mojo is back, making Chloe remember what Michael told her; she wonders if his subconscious is pushing her away despite his genuine desire to be with her. Indirectly Chloe tells Lucifer that he hasn't said the important words. Realizing her meaning, Lucifer starts to say "I love you", but finds her frozen. A frustrated Lucifer realizes it's Amenadiel.

Lucifer finds Amenadiel, who explains time is not slowed down; it's stopped. Directing Lucifer to look at Charlie, who doesn't get it, Amenadiel explains on those not born on Earth (Celestials) are unaffected; Charlie is mortal, despite his angel heritage. Lucifer, frustrated, tells Amenadiel to deal with his parental anxieties later; he needs time to resume, so he can fix his relationship with Chloe. Amenadiel doesn't know how; Lucifer explains that it's his brother's subconscious acting up, so he orders him to stop being afraid. Michael arrives, praising Amenadiel for being an overachiever; he purposely made Amenadiel afraid, so his self-actualization would mess with time. Lucifer quickly realizes the cold was Michael's work, as Michael continues to aggravate Amenadiel's fear to the point he gets punched.

Maze steps in, revealing Michael promised her a soul of her own; since he has been honest and Lucifer hid her mother from her, Maze has sided with Michael to help him achieve his ambition. All four fight with Maze taking out her anger on Lucifer, while Amenadiel is kept occupied by Michael. Angry at Michael for using his son as a pawn, Amenadiel beats on him until he gets one of Maze's knives. At wit's end, Lucifer palm strikes Maze to wind her. The three brothers release their wings, ready to go all-out. However, a voice booms for them to stop as light appears on the steps. Lucifer is speechless when God has come to stop them; he hates when his children fight.



Guest Starring[]


  • Darion Basco as Froy
  • Zehra Fazal as Dr. Subia
  • Phil Kruse as Lucifer/Michael Acting Double



  • Michael says the title of the episode while talking to Chloe at the abandoned zoo.
  • This is the second episode to be directed by Kevin Alejandro. The first was Once Upon a Time.
    • The director explained one of the rules for the time-frozen fight: objects could move or be moved if touched by a celestial being but would stop moving as soon as they were no longer in contact.
      • This explains why the shattered glass didn't fly across the room in light speed after the time is unfrozen in the next episode.
  • Dan references "Boo Normal", with his fear of heights and roller coasters.
  • Lucifer takes another crack at detective work since "Really Sad Devil Guy"; show he is as capable as Chloe if he's emotionally invested.
  • When Lucifer and Michael are standing on either side of Amenadiel, it recreates the traditional shoulder Angel and Devil motif.
    • In the traditional sense, the Devil would appear on the left shoulder while the Angel appeared on the right. In this instance, the fallen Angel was the one giving comfort while the Angel was the one tapping into his fears.
  • When Maze is in Klumsky's cell she mentions three serial killers Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and, Ted Bundy (stinky Ted)



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