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The sovereign of Heaven is the absolute overseer of Heaven, a realm which serves as an eternal dwelling place for God, the angels, and all righteous deceased mortals. The current ruler of Heaven is Amenadiel.


The sovereign of Heaven oversees Heaven and all of its inhabitants. He is also responsible for maintaining order in the universe, often assigning tasks to angels. The ruler of Heaven is often regarded as the ultimate sovereign of all realms, which includes Hell.

Their jurisdiction over Hell is alluded to several times in the show, with the most prevalent example being Michael offering Lucifer his old position as King of Hell while stating that he will let him rule down there however he sees fit if Lucifer relinquished his claim to become God.


Heaven was created billions of years ago by God and Goddess as a place for them and their children to happily dwell. While their relationship was harmonious, they served as Heaven's co-rulers.

However, when God took interest in creating and evolving humanity, his relationship with Goddess deteriorated. After Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, God somehow succeeded in defeating his wife and imprisoning her in Hell. thus, leaving God the sole ruler of Heaven.

Lucifer raising the Flaming Sword in front of the bowing Angels, indicating that he is the Sovereign of Heaven.

After deciding to retire, God leaves with Goddess for her universe. Lucifer eventually becomes the new God, making him the new Sovereign of Heaven.

Amenadiel meeting with his siblings in Heaven, indicating he has accepted his new role as God.

Amenadiel meeting with his siblings in Heaven, indicating he has accepted his new role as God.

Due to Lucifer discovering he doesn't want to be God, he suggests Amenadiel take the position. As a result, Amenadiel decides to spend time not just in Heaven, but also on Earth to see first-hand what needs to be done as opposed to being distant like God was. Amenadiel explains that his rule will have full transparency, no mysterious ways; allowing a more efficient relationship with the heavenly host and earth. Additionally, as co-owner of Lux, Amenadiel plans to have the angels also grow as people by spending time with humans; making his job easier (plus avoiding another Apocalypse by One Thousand Cuts) with the angels able to not need Amenadial to constantly direct them due to being clueless about human culture.


  • When one officially takes the job and thus sits upon the throne, their clothing becomes white. God wore white, and Amenadiel's original angel clothes turned from dark grey to white. Notably once God decided to retire, he started wearing more colors; in the end he chose dark grey and burgundy as his main colors.
    • Linda's Fantasy version of the ending

      Lucifer sitting on the Throne of Heaven.

      In "Save the Devil, Save the World" Lucifer wears white suit instead of black and purple. But it doesn't count since it is in Linda's fantasy.