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* [[Tom Ellis]] as [[Lucifer Morningstar]]
* [[Tom Ellis]] as [[Lucifer Morningstar]]
* [[Lauren German]] as [[Chloe Decker]]
* [[Lauren German]] as [[Chloe Decker]]
*B.M. Nsiela as [[Jesus]]
* [[Kevin Alejandro]] as [[Dan Espinoza]]
* [[Kevin Alejandro]] as [[Dan Espinoza]]
* [[D.B. Woodside]] as [[Amenadiel]]
* [[D.B. Woodside]] as [[Amenadiel]]

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"Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" is the second episode of the fourth season of Lucifer.[1]


Chloe and Lucifer look into a murder on the set of a reality show. Father Kinley presses forward with a plan. Amenadiel reconsiders his idea of home.


During Chloe's sabbatical, she meets Father Kinley who serves a division of the Church who knows about Lucifer. In the present, a reality show contestant, Melinda Hagey, is found dead. After questioning other contestants, Chloe questions Lucifer only to learn he isn't like his depictions and he hated ruling Hell. Ella's lab work reveals Melinda ate food from the staff, and Maury reveals he taped Melinda with another contestant, Kylie, in the bathroom making out. A bereft Kylie admits to Melinda's death, over mistaking her talks with Maury as an affair. Later on, Chloe meets Lucifer for dinner, and he explain his vulnerability in her proximity. After a phone call from Ella, Chloe deduces the real killer was the cameraman, who killed Melinda for reneging on their deal to split the prize money. Meanwhile, Amenadiel tries to interact with humanity, but finds it challenging, while Maze knows that since Chloe learned the truth, she's afraid Maze could hurt Trixie. After Linda faints, her lab tests prove Amenadiel got her pregnant. Chloe meets Kinley, and dissolves their agreement to return Lucifer to Hell. Kinley responds by going to Lucifer about news he doesn't know about Chloe.



Guest Starring

  • Graham McTavish as Father William Kinley
  • Lyndon Smith as Kylie the Rocker
  • Cameron Gharaee as Tiko
  • Dave Davis as


  • Toneey Acevedo as Old Man
  • Clint Culp as Joe the Farmer
  • Shannon Dee as Jasmine the Model
  • Lauren Gaw as Melinda
  • Annabelle King as Irene the Ex-Marine
  • Roderick Lamar McCarthy as Greyson the Lawyer
  • Zach Scheerer as Judd
  • Madylin Sweeten as Talkative Young Lass
  • Danny Zuhlke as Ira the Beardly Hipster




  • Lucifer showrunner and writer of this episode Ildy Modrovich cameos as a lady writing in the cafe whom Amenadiel bothers.


Season 4