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Season 4 is the fourth season of Lucifer. Initially, on May 11, 2018, FOX announced they would not renew the series for a fourth season. However, on June 15, 2018, Netflix announced that they would pick up the series for a fourth season. The season premiered on May 8, 2019.


As Chloe now knows the truth about Lucifer, she starts questioning if the man she knows is all an act by the incarnate of evil or if Lucifer truly is a good man. In the meantime, the relationship between Amenadiel, Maze and Linda is about to change forever. Still reeling from Charlotte's death, Dan sinks into a dark depression. Adding onto the insanity is the reappearance of Lucifer's old flame Eve.






Initially, before Fox deciding to pass on a fourth season, episodes "Boo Normal" and "Once Upon a Time" were intended to be part of season 4. Instead, the two episodes aired as bonus episodes after the season 3 finale.

# Image Title Writer(s) Director Airdate
1 401-Lucifer and Chloe.png "Everything's Okay" Joe Henderson Sherwin Shilati May 8, 2019
2 402 Screencap 01.png "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" Ildy Modrovich Sam Hill May 8, 2019
3 O Ye of Little Faith Father.jpg "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father" Jason Ning Jessika Borsiczky May 8, 2019
4 404 Lucifer and Eve.png "All About Eve" Chris Rafferty Sherwin Shilati May 8, 2019
5 Lucifer Expire Erect Promotional 1.jpg "Expire Erect" Mike Costa Viet Nguyen May 8, 2019
6 Lucifer Orgy Pants to Work Promotional 4.jpg "Orgy Pants to Work" Aiyana White Louis Milito May 8, 2019
7 Devil Is As Devil Does.jpg "Devil Is as Devil Does" Jen Graham Imada Richard Speight Jr. May 8, 2019
8 Season 4 first look.jpg "Super Bad Boyfriend" Jason Ning Claudia Yarmy May 8, 2019
9 Save Lucifer Promo.jpg "Save Lucifer" Joe Henderson Lisa Demaine May 8, 2019
10 Lucifer Devil Form Season 4 Finale.png "Who's da New King of Hell?" Ildy Modrovich Eagle Egilsson May 8, 2019





  • This season has fewer episodes than any other in the series.
  • The events of Season 4 takes place between July 7th 2018- March 28th 2019.
  • This is the last season to have Scarlett Estevez, who plays Trixie Espinoza as a part of the main casts.