"Save Lucifer" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Lucifer.[1]

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Lucifer's so-called epiphany has Chloe worried, but it's his physical transformation that's really freaking her out. Also, Maze gives Eve a pep talk.

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Realtor Beth Murphy finds her sister Moira having seemingly killed her twin Megan. Lucifer finds his hand deformed, hiding it as best he can. A deluded Eve wants him back, so Maze takes her as a bounty hunter partner, while in private Lucifer shows Chloe he's changing into his other form. Moira's accountant reveals a missing thumb drive with sensitive information was taken. Megan is proven innocent from the TOD, so Eve suggests a sting operation with false news of a copy of the missing thumb drive. Chloe provides a masquerade party to help conceal Lucifer's change, but people start revealing their desires left and right. Beth admits to the crime. Megan had trusted Beth with helping the finances, but a bad investment lost all their money; Beth lost her mind when Megan berated her and killed her. After Beth leaves, Lucifer becomes trapped him in his Full Devil Form. Thinking its because he ruins everything around him, Chloe argues he blames himself for humanity's sins and tells him to forgive himself. The moment he chooses to want to forgive himself, he slowly reverts back to normal, joyous he won't be the evil of prophesy. Meanwhile, Ella confronts Dan about him being the cop who told Tierning about Lucifer, but she covers for him and urges he get help for the emotional pain he is in. Dan seeks help from Linda, admitting he blamed Lucifer but he feels at fault; as there was nothing to save her. As they talk, Linda's water breaks. Eve kidnaps Kinley to dispel the prophesy, but Maze in realization, tells Eve to accept that Lucifer doesn't love her. Maze leaves to go see Linda have her baby, who is named Charlie in honor of Charlotte. Kinley suggests Eve take Lucifer back to Hell so the two of them can rule together. Kinley tries to kill her, but Eve finds one of Maze's hidden knives and kills him. Using him as a messenger, Eve releases the prophesied evil in Kinley's corpse.

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  • This episode title was to honor the #SaveLucifer campaign that got the show its fourth season.[2]
  • This was first episode where the name Michael was mentioned, however it remains unconfirmed if there is an angel Michael.

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