Roberta Beliard is the villain of the season 2 premiere of Lucifer.

History Edit

Not much is known about Roberta's past, other than she works as a set nurse and drug dealer. Her best customer was an actress named Amy Dodd. However, Dodd stopped buying drugs from her after her sober companion, Gillian Taylor, helped her get clean. Enraged by this, Roberta strangled Taylor. Dodd had another dealer who put devil emojis on his packages, so Roberta stabbed two metal bars in Taylor's head in order to frame him.

Throughout the Series Edit

Everything's Coming Up Lucifer Edit

Taylor's body is found and the homicide is investigated by Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar. Roberta briefly speaks with them, saying that she got Taylor her job. Lucifer eventually learns from Dodd's boyfriend that her other dealer goes by the name Bobby B., who Lucifer figures out is Roberta. At the same time, Chloe learns that the rods came from a garden, and she also figures out Roberta is the killer. Lucifer goes to her house alone and confronts her. Roberta grabs a fire poker and threatens Lucifer. Thinking she couldn't hurt him, Lucifer lets his guard down and Roberta strikes him over the head. Chloe had just arrived at the house, so Lucifer had lost his immortality. Roberta hits Lucifer again and begins strangling him, while ranting about what Taylor did. Hearing the commotion, Chloe enters the house. Roberta then lets Lucifer go and attempts to bludgeon him with the fire poker, but Chloe tasers her from behind, incapacitating her. Roberta is last seen handcuffed and being led into a police car.

Trivia Edit

Her victims include:

  • Gillian Taylor - Amy's sobriety companion; fatally strangled, and stabbed in the head post-mortem.
  • Lucifer Morningstar - Attempted; assaulted with a fire poker, non-fatally strangled, and attempted to bludgeon; was rescued.
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