Resurrection is the power or ability to bring deceased individuals back to life. To humans, it is the equivalent to the soul's transportation back to its original body, while the latter is healed of any injuries. With someone who has been deceased far longer, they must be placed within the body of someone who has recently died while someone who has just died can be resurrected in their original bodies.

Entities possessing this power[edit | edit source]

  • Gods: God and Goddess are capable of resurrection.
    • God: God resurrected Lucifer after he was briefly killed by Malcolm Graham in exchange for Lucifer helping him deal with Goddess.
    • Goddess: Goddess resurrected the human Charlotte Richards as she departed the Earth for a void in which to create a new universe. Unlike angels, she did not have the requirement of physically traveling to Hell to get Charlotte's soul.
  • Angels: Angels can resurrect the dead while in possession of their wings.
    • Amenadiel: Amenadiel was able to resurrect LAPD officer Malcolm Graham, healing his body of the fatal gunshot wound. Like Lucifer, he had to retrieve Malcolm's soul from Hell, but did so after Malcolm was only there for thirty seconds.
    • Lucifer: When his wings were cut off, Lucifer could not use this power. After the restoration of his wings, Lucifer can resurrect the dead by flying to Hell, taking the soul in question and placing it in a recently-deceased body as he did Abel. Lucifer's comments to Marcus Pierce suggest that this was his first use of this particular power.
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