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"Resting Devil Face" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


Lucifer's father - you know, God - decides to experience life as a regular human. Meanwhile, a boxer dies under mysterious circumstances.


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Guest Starring[]


  • Jordan Derrick as Random Dude
  • Patrick Hume as Sidewalk Preacher
  • Andrey Ivchenko as Kristoff
  • Geralyn Joanna McPhail as Bartender



  • Dangerous Man- Valley of Wolves: Enter the scene of the Colonel
  • Believer- Imagine Dragons: Amenadiel and Lucifer convince God go home.


  • The episode title is said by Lucifer to God after God admits that Lucifer's devil face is quite intense when experienced in person.
  • There's a callback in the first scene as God does some plumber work behind the bar. In Everything's Coming Up Lucifer, Chloe suggested that Lucifer could be "Larry Morningstar, the son of a plumber in Connecticut".
  • Three things God is confirmed by Lucifer to have created for inexplicable reasons are marsupials, pomegranates and the gall bladder. Chloe is understandably confused by the last one.
  • Lucifer implies that while he is often seen with a alcoholic drink, he rarely overindulges (as he told Chloe prior that he can't really get drunk and only drinks for the taste); he describes The Colonel with "drinks like a fish; surprisingly charming. Reminds me of a young me."
  • God seems to like the color pink, stating he outdid himself with putting a variety in the world.
  • Just before operating Doctor Porter says "It's a beautiful day to operate", a potential reference to Grey's Anatomy character, Derek Shepard, and his famous quote "It's a beautiful day to save lives".
    • Tom Ellis before played a doctor in other shows like Rush.
  • The song "Believer" by Imagine Dragons is played in comical version since it stopped Thrice.
  • As Chloe and Lucifer are walking into Kristoff's gym there are ads for several entities that have made appearances in previous episodes:



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