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A true warrior admits their defeat.
— Remiel to Amenadiel
in "Devil Is as Devil Does"

Remiel was an angel and one of Lucifer Morningstar's younger siblings. She was a well trained huntress in the Silver City, hunting stags on normal basis. Growing up, she idolized Amenadiel and wanted to be just like him. After sensing someone born with celestial ancestry on Earth, Remiel ventured to Earth in order to bring Charlie back to Heaven so he could be raised there. Her efforts are ultimately thwarted by Amenadiel in a battle after she learned that he was the father.

One year later, God decided to retire and a new successor had to be chosen. When Lucifer expressed interest in taking his place, Remiel was against it at first, but chose to back him when Michael revealed his plans to replace their father. Remiel is ultimately eradicated from existence by Michael using Azrael's Blade after she was discovered to be working as a spy for Lucifer.




Remiel was one of the many Angels created by God and Goddess, billions of years ago.[1] Remiel was a fierce warrior and huntress and she enjoys hunting stags. Growing up in the Silver City, Remiel came to adore her oldest brother, Amenadiel, hunting together in the city, and basing her opinion on Humanity off of Amenadiel's.[2] Her desire to be just like Amenadiel was so great that many of her siblings referred to her as Amenadiel's "little clone".[3]

Sensing a New Celestial[]

Reuniting with Amenadiel[]

Remiel reunites with Amenadiel in Los Angeles

After a millennia, Remiel sensed the presence of a baby Celestial on Earth and figured that Lucifer Morningstar finally got a woman pregnant. She ventured to Earth to ask Amenadiel for his assistance in finding it, figuring he was covering for their brother. Wanting to greet her brother as a warrior, she stalked Amenadiel and followed him into an ally, only for him to grab her and slam her into a wall, but she pointed her spear at his abdomen. Dropping the act, the siblings embraced each other.

When Amenadiel asked why she was on Earth, she told him of her sensing the baby Celestial, and figured he already was aware of it. They left the ally where Remiel started talking about the inevitability of Lucifer impregnating a woman with all the meaningless sex he partakes in. She was humbled by Amenadiel carrying the burden of Lucifer's secret to protect him, but assured him that with her here now, they could work together to put an end to the madness.

Remiel extends her wings to start her search for the Celestial baby.

Worried by Remiel's choice of words, Amenadiel asked her to clarify what she meant. She said that she intended to take the child to Heaven for all eternity where it belonged, before spreading her wings to start the search. Amenadiel forced her wings back in, reminding her that Humans weren't supposed to see them. Forgetting, Remiel requested Amenadiel slow time so the "barely sentient" Humans wouldn't see them fly way, only for Amenadiel to state that he can't slow down time any more.

Remiel was confused by Amenadiel's statement, only for him to say that it would be too easy, wanting to make it a challenge by hunting for the woman the old fashion way like they did in the Silver City. Remiel agreed to that idea and questioned where to start looking for the kind of woman that their brother would impregnate. Amenadiel knew where to start looking, but suggested they get Remiel a change of cloths first.[2]

Search for the Child[]

Remiel searches for the pregnant woman.

Now wearing appropriate clothing, Amenadiel took Remiel to Lux to hunt for the woman carrying the child. While she searched, she became increasingly uncomfortable in the "torture devices" Humans called jeans. She looked out over the crowd and questioned how their brother could ever procreate with the selfish, greedy, and smelly Human beings.

Amenadiel said that maybe Lucifer met a woman who changed his perspective on Humanity and helped him learn things about himself and the Universe. Remiel started to grow suspicious by the way Amenadiel was talking about Humans with such fondness. His phone then vibrated, and when she tried seeing what it was, Amenadiel claimed it was advertisements, though Remiel didn't seem convinced.

Hours later, Remiel approached a woman standing at the bar and sniffed her to see if she was the woman Lucifer impregnated; she wasn't. She starts to realize that Amenadiel was stalling, thinking Lucifer's love for Humans rubbed off on him, and while he tried to deny it, Remiel figured it out with all the talk about free will when he returned to the Silver City.

Remiel discovers Amenadiel is the father.

She reminded him that he taught her that Humans are inconsequential, Amenadiel admitted that he was wrong, wondering at how they are living, breathing beings created by their Father. Remiel promised she wouldn't hurt the child, even if it was half Human. Amenadiel asked if that sentiment extended to its mother, to which Remiel replied that she would be very careful where she cut to get the baby out.

Amenadiel forbade Remiel from harming the mother, which made her come to the realization that he not only knew the mother, but was protecting her as well. Deciding to come clean with his sister, Amenadiel revealed that he was protecting her and the child because he was the father, not Lucifer, much to Remiel's horror.[2]

Humoring Amenadiel[]

The next morning, Remiel was finally able to pick up the scent of the woman carrying Amenadiel's child, but decided to humor her eldest brother out of respect for who he once was. Amenadiel took Remiel to the top of building while he explained himself. She questioned how Amenadiel would act like Lucifer, break the rules of keeping the Divine and Humanity separate by having a child with a Human, which he quickly clarified, calling her a wonderful Human.

Remiel and Amenadiel argue about Humanity.

Though Amenadiel tried to explain that he had come to realize that Angels weren't above Humans as he originally thought, even similar in many regards, Remiel still wouldn't budge on her belief that she was superior. She asked if Amenadiel even had his powers to slow time anymore, and he confirmed her suspicions that they were gone, but believed he didn't want them anymore due to them keeping him at harm's length from Humanity.

Remiel reminded Amenadiel again that he was the one who taught her that Celestials and Humans should be separate, but Amenadiel continued to say that he was wrong in his original beliefs. After Remiel looked back down at the Humans, Amenadiel asked him to show her what he means, which he reluctantly agreed to.

Remiel was taken to a children's playground, where Amenadiel said that this was where he came with the mother of his child after finding out he was to be a father and how they realized how wonderful it was going to be. Remiel, however, only saw weakness in the children and that if he raised his son on Earth he will become as flawed as they were.

Remiel decides to take the child regardless of Amenadiel's approval.

Amenadiel agreed they were flawed, but disagreed with the idea that that made them weak; Remiel disagreed. She tried to convince him that all she wanted was what was best for his child, but seeing there was no convincing him, Remiel stated she was taking the baby and that she had only been humoring, knowing where the child's been the entire time. Undaunted by Amenadiel's threats, Remiel flew off to retrieve the baby.[4]

Battle for the Child's Fate[]

Before Remiel could touch the mother, Amenadiel intercepted her and the two crashed through the roof of an abandoned mall. Amenadiel vowed that Remiel wouldn't go anywhere near Linda Martin or his son, but Remiel was confidant she would get what she came here for. They furled their wings and prepared to fight for the fate of the child.

Remiel snapped her doubled ended spear in half over her knee and tossed one half over to Amenadiel, wanting it to be a fair fight. She surged forward, and their spears clashed together. She tells Amenadiel that she refuses to let his son, her nephew, be raised on Earth, believing everything that is special about him would be destroyed. She knocks Amenadiel's feet out from under him, and just as she was to deliver a blow, he got to one knee and blocked it.

Remiel pins Amenadiel to a wall.

He tells her that his son will be special because he is raised on Earth with his family before pushing Remiel against a wall. She was hurt by Amenadiel's sentiment, believing she was his family. In fury, she attacks him and pins him to the same wall with her foot. Amenadiel assured her that she was his family, but he had to think what was best for his son.

Remiel admits defeat.

Remiel kicked Amenadiel in the chest, before sending him rolling over one of the many platforms in the room. She leapt over the platform and resumed the fight. She kicks him into a nearby column and rushes at him, before he knocks her to the floor. Lowering his spear to the point of her face, he deems Earth hadn't made him weak, but stronger. Knowing she has lost, Remiel tossed her spear to the side and has Amenadiel help her up.

Remiel warns Amenadiel that he will regret his decision.

Remiel admitted she has been defeated by the superior opponent and allows Amenadiel, reluctantly, to raise his son the way he wanted. She then gives her oldest brother a warning that one day he might come to regret his decision to raise his son on Earth. She then extended her wings and returned to the Silver City.[4] She would replace her double ended spear sometime after returning to Heaven.[5]

News of Lucifer's Sacrifice[]

Remiel learned from Gabriel of Lucifer's return to Hell and sacrifice of his own happiness on Earth. She later talks about what a sacrifice that must have been for him, and was proud that her older brother finally grew as an Angel.[6]

God's Retirement Party[]

After God announced his retirement, he brought Remiel and her siblings to Earth for a retirement barbecue. When Lucifer and Amenadiel arrived, Remiel approached them, and while she warmly hugged Amenadiel, despite their conflict last year, she scowled at Lucifer when he tried to get a hug from is little sister. After Lucifer walked off, Remiel and Amenadiel talked for a little bit before she returned to the barbecue.

Remiel then gathered around her father with the others as they discussed who would be replacing him. She believed Amenadiel was the worthy successor, as did the others, but was dismayed when Lucifer revealed his intentions to replace their father. Remiel begged Amenadiel to say he was taking God's place, but much to her disappointment, he gave Lucifer his full support.

Even with Lucifer making the case that he was the best choice since he ran Hell for a millennia, giving him the knowledge needed to run a kingdom, Remiel voiced her doubts to Amenadiel, refusing to support the "Fallen One". When Zadkiel told their father it was his choice, Remiel and the others started arguing over who's most qualified, only for Him to silence them, assuring that He will choose his replacement after His retirement plan is sorted.[5]

Battle for Supremacy[]

Backing the Right Side[]

Upon her return to the Silver City, she discovered that Michael had been gathering support from their siblings to become the new Sovereign of Heaven. Learning of this, she decided to support Lucifer, as she believed Michael being God was much worse. She ventured to Earth and interrupted Lucifer's moment with Chloe Decker. She asks where God had gone, he told her that he was "eternally unavailable". She then questioned if He had picked a successor, but Lucifer revealed He deemed it was up to them to decide.

Remiel asked if they could talk without the presence of he Human, but Lucifer figured anything she wanted to say to him, she could say to his new consultant. Reluctantly agreeing, Remiel told Lucifer about Michael's plans to replace their Father and, despite her disliking to him, she hated Michael more, so she took a knee before Lucifer and said she was backing him to replace God.

Getting to her feet, Remiel volunteered to infiltrate Michael's ranks to discover what his plans were, as he would never suspect her to side with Lucifer.[5] After Dan Espinoza was kidnapped by mercenaries, Amenadiel asked Remiel if this was Michael's handiwork, but she reported that their brother was still in Silver City.[7]


Remiel dies by Lucifer Morningstar's side.

When Michael learned the location of the final piece of the Flaming Sword was at an abandoned brewery in the hands of TJ Ross, Remiel went to go inform Lucifer, Michael discovered Remiel was spying on him for Lucifer and summarily murdered her with Azrael's Blade. She was, however, able to make it to Lucifer's penthouse, before being falling dead.[8]


Despite not being able to tell Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker where Michael was, they were able to use the yeast on Remiel's wings to find the location themselves. After Remiel' death, Lucifer and Amenadiel paid their respects and buried their sister where Lucifer had once burred Uriel. Remiel's death was avenged after Lucifer defeated Michael and severed his wings.[8]


Remiel can be quite stubborn and tends to misunderstand others. Remiel loves to hunt, especially stags. She holds a low opinion of Lucifer Morningstar for being "a slut", believing he would create a new celestial by mistake. She also holds a very low opinion of Humans, calling them "barely sentient, petty creatures." Her most notable trait is her utter lack of concern about blending in with modern humans, as she carries her spear with her and forgets that Humans are not meant to see divinity.

She cares for her family, as she idolizes Amenadiel, her eldest brother. When she learned a Nephilim was born, despite being half Human, she wanted to take him to Heaven to be with his own kind, believing everything that is special about him would be ruined if he stayed on Earth. She was outraged when her Amenadiel neglected to tell her that he was the father of that child and believe that he was wasting the potential by letting him stay on Earth. When Amenadiel declared the child was his family, Remiel was hurt stating she believed she was his family. After he defeated her in battle, she begrudgingly accepted that he knew what was best for his own child. Remiel later admitted that Lucifer made a great sacrifice by returning to Hell and giving up his own happiness; this shows an improved opinion of her brother. Regardless, she refused to hug her brother at their father's retirement party, only giving him a disgusted glare (which is an improvement as she at least acknowledged him). Before her death, she sided with Lucifer in his bid to stop the rogue Michael.

She possessed great honor as a woarrior. She broke apart her own spear and gave half of it to Amenadiel, stating “At least nobody can't say it wasn't a fair fight”. After her defeat, she accepted her loss and honored her word of not interfering with Charlie's life on Earth. In spite of her distaste for him, she chose to support Lucifer to stop Michael because of the latter being a common enemy.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Angel Physiology: Remiel shared many of the same abilities as all other Angels. However, she had displayed herself to be considerably much stronger than regular Angels, able to challenge Amenadiel in battle, though she was eventually overpowered, and it must be noted that Amenadiel did not have the celestial strength and powers he once had.
    • Superhuman Speed: Like all Angels, Remiel could appear and disappear faster than a blink of an eye, and could move across a room within a split second.
    • Superhuman Strength: Like all Angels, Remiel had immense levels of superhuman strength, exerting vast amounts of superhuman physical force, and is superhumanly strong enough to contend with Amenadiel, who is an extraordinarily powerful angel, showing she is much stronger than regular Angels. She was able to go blow-to-blow with him when they both used pieces of her spear and could send him flying with her blows, eventually forcing her initially reluctant brother to take her seriously and use full strength to beat her down.
    • Invulnerability: Remiel was able to shrug off blows from Amenadiel without suffering any injury to herself, eventually forcing Amenadiel to seriously hit her to finally subdue and knock her down, which she still quickly recovered from.
    • Immortality: Remiel, like all Angels, was immortal. She was immune to aging and illnesses. Like her Angel siblings, she was billions of years old.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Remiel could pace Amenadiel in their battle and even outmaneuver him at times. Remiel had extraordinary reflexes, beyond a superhuman level.
    • Flight: Remiel's wings allowed her to fly. She could fly as fast or faster than the speed of light in which he would seemingly disappear from the Human eye, in a similar manner, akin to teleportation.
      • Dimensional Travel: Remiel was able to travel between Heaven, Hell, and Earth.
    • Hunting Intuition: Remiel was a formidable hunter as she was capable to sense the presence of a celestial being from Heaven. Remiel was able to sense Amenadiel's unborn child (Charlie) and able to track his scent. She can also sense humans, demons, and other supernatural beings.


  • Master Martial Artist and hand-to-hand combatant: As one of the Silver City's finest warriors, Remiel was an extremely skilled combatant. She fought Amenadiel, and although she lost, the fight was close.
  • Master Huntress: Remiel was a well known huntress in the Silver City, hunting stags regularly. She was such an experienced huntress, that when she came to Earth to take Amenadiel's son to Heaven, he tried stalling her as he knew she would find him eventually.
  • Skilled Spy: Remiel was shown to be a capable spy, going undercover in Michael's ranks for an extended period of time before she was ultimately discovered and killed for her treachery.


As an Angel, Remiel had their weaknesses including the Flaming Sword, demonic weapons, and other supernatural beings.

  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Demon Daggers are able to lethally harm all Angels.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Supernatural beings can harm one another. Amenadiel was able to physically harm Remiel, being able to take her own in a fight and win.
  • Self-Actualization: It is mentioned throughout the series that all angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his wings and Lucifer Morningstar regaining his Angel wings despite cutting them off. Remiel should've been vulnerable to this weakness just as any other Angel.
  • Flaming Sword: Remiel was eradicated from existence by Michael, who just used Azrael's Blade to complete the task.


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  • In the Lucifer comics, Remiel is a blonde male Angel.
  • Remy hates wearing jeans, calling them a torture device.
  • Remiel was the first of Lucifer Morningstar's siblings that he didn't interact with upon their first arrival to Earth.
  • As Charlie is later revealed to be mortal despite his angelic heritage, it's shown Remiel can make some mistakes with tracking celestial presences or Charlie’s powers are still dormant. It was later proven that Remiel was actually correct, as Charlie gained his wings at his second birthday, and Lucifer’s own daughter was shown to have angelic powers and wings.
  • Remiel loved hot tubs.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, Remiel is an Angel whose name translates to "Thunder of God".




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