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Reese Getty was a senior reporter at the Los Angeles Telegraph and ex-husband of Linda Martin.


Reese Getty was a senior reporter at the Los Angeles Telegraph. During his time there, he had won the Pulitzer Prize. His work interfered with his marriage to Linda Martin and they separated. However, Reese desperately wanted to get back together with Linda.

In a flashback during season 3, some time during season 1, Reese found out that Lucifer was sleeping with his ex-wife. Even though he and Linda had been separated for two years, he wanted revenge on Lucifer. He followed Lucifer to Lux, where Lucifer, misunderstanding his intentions, convinced Reese to be creative with his revenge. Reese then convinced his boss to let him work on a story about Lucifer's job with the LAPD, with the intent on publicly humiliating Lucifer and the police department for working with him. The next day, Reese showed up at the police department and began interviewing officers about Lucifer, only to learn that Dan was the only one who disliked him. Reese then goes with Lucifer and Chloe on an investigation. They eventually find a suspect with Lucifer's help, and Reese admits that Lucifer, while frustrating, is charming and helpful. After Chloe leaves, Lucifer goes to interrogate the suspect, unaware that Reese is watching through two-way glass and reveals his devil face, much to Reese's shock. He tries to tell Linda that Lucifer really is the devil. She does not believe him and forces him to sign the divorce papers.

Reese spent the next year trying to find proof that Lucifer is the devil. After a run-in with Lucifer at his office, he decided to test Lucifer's invulnerability. Reese interrupted Linda's therapy session with Lucifer and shot the devil, who remained unharmed. However, by this time, Linda already knew that Lucifer is the devil. Reese was upset by her actually being friends with him and decided to leave, even though Linda tried to make amends with him. During the confrontation, Lucifer unintentionally reveals that he is vulnerable near Chloe.

Desperate, Reese tracks down a serial killer, Alvin Kapitski, and convinces him to take out Lucifer. The two go to Lux where the serial killer offer Lucifer a poisoned drink, while Reese talks to Chloe. However before drinking any of the poison Lucifer talks to Kapitski and Kapitski realizes that Lucifer is not a bad guy. Kapitski switches out Lucifer's drink for his own and leaves the poisoned drink on the table. Unfortunately, a girl in the club happens to drink the poison and dies. Becoming even more desperate, Reese confronts Lucifer in his apartment, blaming the devil for his problems. A frustrated Lucifer explains that Reese is responsible for his own actions and convinces the man to try and be more up front and honest with Linda. Listening to the advice, Reese goes to Linda's office and apologizes for being a bad husband. While Linda also apologizes, Reese is frustrated that she still won't get back together with him and tries to explain all that he has done for her, including trying to poison Lucifer. Linda attempts to call the police, but Reese pulls the phone away from her, accidentally injuring her. Shocked by his own actions, Reese tells Linda to call the police, and he will be waiting for them in his office.

Arriving in his office, Reese drinks a cup of water on his desk, only to realize that it was poisoned, with Kapitski showing up and revealing that he had poisoned Reese for lying about the type of man Lucifer is. However, Reese gets the last laugh as he tells Kapitski he has caught him as police sirens are heard outside the building. Reese tries to stop Kapitski who fled the office only for Chloe to stop him. As Reese lies on the ground, Lucifer looks over him and notes how Reese did not drink all of the poison. Reese then dies, convinced that he had made things right with Linda.

After dying, Reese is sent to Hell, where he is stuck reliving the events of his first encounter with Lucifer all the way to his death in an endless loop.

Decades later after Chloe passes away of old age on Earth, Reese is seen again in Hell with Lucifer in a room that is an exact replica of Linda's office where Lucifer tries to heal the souls of Hell. Reese is still complaining about how he is still stuck in the Hell Loop unable to change, while Lucifer counters with his own experience as someone who has changed for the better. Reese admits that he would take back what he did on Earth if he could before Vincent Le Mec offers to shoot Reese in the face if need be. The session is then interrupted by the arrival of Chloe to help Lucifer.


Season Three
#7 "Off the Record" Appears
#8 "Chloe Does Lucifer" Mentioned
Season Six
#10 "Partners 'Til the End" Appears


  • Reese reveals he is allergic to watermelon, after discovering the seemingly sketchy back-alley exchange Lucifer made was to smuggle non-FDA-approved edible sex toys through customs. One of the sex toys was a dildo with watermelon taste.
  • Reese later mellows out after being allowed his memory of hell loops; he seeks his redemption, but can't understand how to see past his mistakes to find the source of his guilt.



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