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Raziel is an Angel and one of Lucifer Morningstar's siblings. After God announced his retirement, Raziel sided with Michael in his attempt to replace their father over Lucifer. She was present during the final battle between the twins, temporarily joining Lucifer's side, but ultimately returned to Michael's, and fought Lucifer's Demon forces. However, after Lucifer defeated Michael and proved himself worthy as the new Sovereign of Heaven, Raziel bent a knee with the others in recognizing Lucifer as the new God.




Raziel was one of the many Angels born to God and Goddess predating the Big Bang.[1]

Battle for Supremacy[]

Tracking Down TJ[]

Raziel is one of the Angels that immediately supports Michael's aspiration of becoming the new God. She and Ibriel were assigned by Michael to track down TJ Ross, who had the final piece of the Flaming Sword. They found him at an abandoned beer factory, where they fought, though it proved difficult, as the piece granted TJ with superhuman strength.

Raziel and Ibriel pin TJ Ross.

Raziel and Ibriel shoved TJ into a large metal vat, but he pushed them away. They grab his arms and hit him in the chest, before pinning him to the vat again. Michael soon arrived, and the two asked for Michael's assistance of getting the piece out of TJ's hand. When TJ claimed he would over his dead body, he broke free again, but Raziel and Ibriel grabbed hold of him again.

When Michael couldn't bring himself to kill TJ, he was revealed to actually be Lucifer Morningstar. The two Angels released TJ and prepared to fight their brother, only to be surprised by the arrival of the real Michael, who sliced TJ's throat with Azrael's Blade, without hesitation, much to Raziel's disgust. Lucifer asked if they wanted a God who slaughtered the innocent for his own gain, but Ibriel believed that Human beings didn't matter and that there deaths were insignificant, which Raziel was bothered by.

Lucifer then revealed that Michael killed Remiel with Azrael's Blade, which Raziel couldn't believe, but when Michael claimed he did what he had to, Raziel and Ibriel were left horrified. They were then interrupted by Chloe Decker, who shot Michael in the back to distract him long enough for her and Lucifer to flee.[2]

Casting the Votes[]

Raziel sides with Lucifer Morningstar.

The day of the election, Michael gathered the Angels in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Raziel and the others waited for Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Chloe to arrive so they cast their votes. When they did, Raziel chose to side with Lucifer as did Zadkiel, in part because of Michael murdering their sister. The others stayed where they stood. With the votes casted, Michael declared himself God, though much to Raziel's and the others confusion, nothing happened.

When they realized that the vote had to be unanimous, Michael threatened to kill all the opposing votes, causing Raziel to return to Michael's side. She and the others soon became confused at Lucifer's team breaking out into song and dance, but realized they were just stalling. At that moment, Mazikeen and Eve arrived with a Demon army to back up Lucifer.

With Lucifer and Michael deciding to fight each other for the thrown, Raziel watched with all the others as they did. The battle ended with Michael killing Chloe and Lucifer flying up to Heaven to save her. After Lucifer left, Raziel and the others engaged in battle with Lucifer's army.[2]

Accepting the New God[]

Raziel bows before Lucifer.

As the battle waged on, they were halted by the mysterious ressurection of Lucifer and Raziel and the others went to see the outcome of Lucifer and Michael's battle. Lucifer ended up sparing Michael's life, and instead severed his wings with the Flaming Sword, granting him a second chance. With Lucifer defeating Michael, and proving himself, Raziel, like the other Angels, bowed to Lucifer and accepted him as the new God.[2]


Much like other Angels, Raziel has no respect for Humans, calling TJ Ross a cockroach. However, she doesn't want any of them to be killed for their own purposes, disgusted by Michael killing TJ to get the last piece of the Flaming Sword. She cared deeply about her family, as she was horrified that Michael eradicated Remiel with Azrael's Blade, so much so that temporarily sided with Lucifer Morningstar, before returning to Michael, afraid of facing the same fate as Remiel.

Raziel knows when to admit defeat, as when Lucifer defeated Michael in deciding who would take their father's place as the Sovereign of Heaven, Raziel took a knee with the others in accepting their brother as the new God.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Angel Physiology: As an angel, Raziel has their powers, as well as their weaknesses.
    • Superhuman Strength: Raziel, like all angels, has immense levels of superhuman strength and can exert, lift and carry an unbelievable amount of force and mass.
    • Superhuman Speed: Raziel, like all angels, has tremendous superhuman speed, she can appear and disappear much faster than the human eye could see.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Raziel, like all angels, has incredible superhuman reflexes, and react, dodge, or catch incoming damage at immense speeds.
    • Immortality: As an angelic celestial being, Raziel is immune to age, having lived since the beginning of creation, and is also impossible to harm by any means which can kill or injure mortals easily.
    • Flight: Raziel's wings allow her to fly. She can fly as fast or faster than the speed of light in which she would seemingly disappear from the Human eye, in a similar manner, akin to teleportation.
      • Dimensional Travel: Raziel is able to travel between Heaven, Hell, and Earth.


  • Expert Combatant: Ibriel is a well known fighter among his Angel siblings. She was able to hold her own against TJ Ross, who had possession of Amenadiel's necklace which granted him superhuman strength.


  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Demon Daggers are able to lethally harm all angels.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Like all other angels, Raziel can be killed by other supernatural beings, which includes other angels and demons.
  • Self - Actualization It is mentioned throughout the series that all angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his wings. Raziel should be vulnerable to this weakness just as any other angel.
  • Flaming Sword: Raziel can be eradicated with Azrael's Blade or the completed Flaming Sword, as shown with Remiel and Uriel's deaths with the sole blade.


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