"Quid Pro Ho" is the tenth episode of the second season of Lucifer.


"Charlotte is determined to get Lucifer to leave Earth by turning Chloe against him. Meanwhile, Amenadiel has begun working as Charlotte's soldier, which makes Maze question his loyalty."[1]


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The episode starts off at the end of the previous episode, "Homewrecker". Charlotte holds the detonator in her hand waiting for Chloe Decker to get in her car. However, Amenadiel shows up and convinces her not to, by telling her if Lucifer found out he would hate her for all eternity.



Guest Starring

  • Rebecca De Mornay as Penelope Decker
  • Alex Fernandez as Deputy Warden Perry Smith
  • Sharif Atkins as Prosecutor Earl Steadman
  • Karin Konoval as Judge Vicky Estrada
  • Elfina Luk as Madame Chunhua Li


  • Joe Allard as bailiff
  • Leigh Bush as reporter
  • Don Lew as Kang
  • Murry Peeters as Janet
  • Latonya Williams as juror #1
  • James R. Baylis as juror #2
  • Raven Sto as juror #3
  • Charles Halford as Boris Sokolov (uncredited)


  • Even though Trixie is in one of the promo images for the episode, she doesn't appear in the aired version of the episode.
  • Its worth noting Goddess is shocked when Chloe states (in court) that Lucifer openly claims to be the real devil. Clearly she did not expect a human to be nonchalant about that.
  • Lucifer reveals he can speak all human languages, including currently dead ones.
    • However, it is later revealed this is limited only to speaking, as he cannot, for instance, read Samarian. He claims this is because he values speaking more than reading, indicating this is not an innate proficiency, rather that he learned to speak all those languages.




Season 2


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