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"Pin the Tail on the Daddy" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Lucifer.[1]


Lucifer reconnects with a few former flames in hopes of disproving Rory's claim. Dan tries to find someone — anyone — who can actually see him.


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  • Lucifer hated the 1990s due to dial-up internet and Creed. He only visited on 12/31/99 to celebrate the end of the decade in an orgy. This doesn't contradict City of Angels?, where Lucifer wore a suit from the 1970s and said it was the height of fashion the last time
  • Chloe is supportive of Lucifer in finding out if Rory is his daughter. Lucifer in turn is awakening to his parental side.
  • Amenadiel points out Rory sounds a lot like Lucifer; upsetting Lucifer, as he would never wish to be like God in ignoring his own child.
  • Lucifer reveals that it was never Amenadiel's guilt that caused him to lose his wings; it was the subconscious desire to get closer to humanity, which allowed Charlie's conception.
    • Maze notes angels like Lucifer normally "shoot blanks", making procreation impossible.
  • Lucifer flew powerless Amenadiel once, causing his brother to kill a goose mid-flight from impacting with his face.
  • Maze loves Jerry Springer for the fights.
  • In the scene when Linda is looking at the index cards the green index card in her hand has part of her lines from when she is about to talk to Chloe.
  • According to Linda's index cards:
    • Lucifer was on Earth since January 25th 2011
    • Lucifer started therapy on January 29 2016, which meant he was on Earth around 1,824 days.
    • Lucifer married Candy on February 2nd 2017, meaning Chloe's near death happened in January. Also that the entirety of Season One happened the previous year, 2016
    • Cain was killed June 1st 2018, meaning Everything's Okay happened in July.


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