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I thought with you I was finally going to feel something, anything, but, mmmm, nope.
— Pete to Ella in "Spoiler Alert"

Pete Daily, also known as the Whisper Killer, was a journalist and serial killer, who served as a minor antagonist in Season 5. He was in a brief relationship with Ella Lopez which she thought was serious but he used as a way to keep track of the police investigation of his crimes. Ella eventually discovers his secret and he is arrested.


He claimed that as a child, "it was my mother, and she didn't hit me, she screamed at me all day, every day....she wasn't just mean to me, she didn't love me. All she loved was her stupid lily garden." Eventually, he would target talkative, powerful women, "Copycat said, and I quote, 'LilyMan looks for windbags,'" and boast about killing them on the Dark Web under the screen name LilyMan, describing a desire to silence his victims by cutting their vocal cords after first paralyzing them.

During the investigation of a murder of a DJ in Blueballz, he arranged to meet Ella Lopez who pointed him in the right direction for information on his article. After a friendly invitation to go out, Ella refused him, since he didn't seem like her type. She would later ask him out, after realizing she deserved a nice guy.

After Chloe Decker was kidnapped in Spoiler Alert, Ella and Lucifer Morningstar suspect that Chloe discovered "Klumpsky is a copycat. This LilyMan is the original killer, the one that she said was still out there, " and that he had been the one who kidnapped her. The pair discovered another victim of the LilyMan during the search for Chloe, "the victim we found this morning is Phyllis Cameron, A-list movie director, but based on the ME's report, she died a week ago, which means that LilyMan got to her before he killed Diane Luna, the opera singer." It became clear that the killer had a type; powerful women.

Pete met Ella outside the home of the latest victim and suggested, " I did a ton of research on the Whisper Killer. It's all in a box at my place if you would ever want it." She asked if he was trying to make her like him more, and he smiled and said maybe. When she and Lucifer then stalled in the investigation, she offered to retrieve the files.

Opening Pete'ss door with the key he gave her, she retrieved the files, but a slip of paper fell and then stuck to an outlet through witch air was being drawn. She unscrewed the plate and discovered a concealed room in which Pete was apparently growing the killer's signature star gazer lilies and mixing the paralytic agent he used to inject his victims. Horrified, Ella deduced that Daily was the real serial killer. She tried to restore everything so he would not notice she had discovered his secret, but when he arrived soon after, he noticed that Ella had opened the outlet and discovered his secret room. He then attacked her, saying that he had hoped she was different, then tried to strangle her. Ella struggled, and stabbed him in the back with one of his own paralytic syringes.

In the interrogation room at the precinct, Ella burst in, demanding to know where Chloe was, "We know you're LilyMan, Pete. The original Whisper Killer. We have all the evidence we need from your creepy little plant room. God, just when I thought I'd found a good guy." He insisted he was a good guy, that everybody had a few flaws. He calmly explained how he hated his mother, how he killed the women to feel something, and how he began dating Ella not only to stay ahead of the investigation but in hopes of feeling something, "I did everything right, everything that you're supposed to do. Candlelit dinners, I took you to that convention, I gave you a key to my apartment....but it didn't work. The only time I ever feel anything is when I'm hearing them choke on their own blood, unable to talk." Although he felt no remorse for his actions, he was honest when he told Ella he did not know the whereabouts of Chloe Decker, who was still missing. When Ella told him he was going to burn in hell and turned to leave, he said, "Ells, just to be clear... This is you breaking up with me, right?"


Season Five
#6 "BlueBallz" Appears
#7 "Our Mojo" Appears
#8 "Spoiler Alert" Appears
#9 "Family Dinner" Mentioned
#14 "Nothing Lasts Forever" Mentioned
Season Six
#2 "Buckets of Baggage" Flashback


  • He seems to be a sociopath, as he claims not to feel anything unless he sees/hears a woman choking on her own blood.
  • His story arc is similar to that of the fairy tale character of Bluebeard, and the hidden room with lilies recalls The Origami Killer's hidden room from the Heavy Rain video game.




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