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"Partners 'Til the End" is the tenth and final episode of the sixth season of Lucifer as well as the series finale.[1]


Desperate to rescue Rory, Lucifer and Chloe confront her kidnapper with guns and wings blazing. Lucifer finally comes to terms with his purpose.


Chloe is trying to figure out how Vincent Le Mec got ahold of Rory, since Dan was supposed to be possessing him. Lucifer guesses that Dan got out, but he is equally confused as their daughter is an angel. Chloe realizes that Rory has her human weaknesses. Lucifer reassures Chloe that Rory got the best of both of them and heads to the elevator. Chloe demands he stop to avoid the trap and let her go instead. Lucifer snaps that Le Mec is just a man, and a Frenchman (from his perspective) to add insult to injury. Chloe cannot go as she is carrying the unborn Rory; they're already facing a temporal paradox, and risking their daughter's unborn self would only make it worse. Lucifer tells her that he has to make the choice to save their daughter. Chloe tells him that they are partners til the end, getting Lucifer to agree.

In the fated address, Rory awakens chained to a chair. Vincent reveals that he plans to kill Lucifer, using fate on his side; he knows this is the last day anyone saw the devil on Earth. Rory wonders how he knows. Turns out Vincent was aware while Dan was possessing him. He wonders if he is famous in the future, to which Rory laughs that he dies on the toilet like Elvis; she then adds she was joking, saying no one knows him. Rory uses her wings to escape, only to get shot with four darts of rhino tranquilizer and knocked out; Chloe was right to worry. Turns out Vincent wanted this to happen. Outside, a very angry Lucifer and Chloe arrive. Chloe and Lucifer go in and start taking out Vincent's men one by one; only to discover the knife one used to attack Lucifer is Rory's feather. Both of them are horrified at the realization that Vincent has maimed their daughter.

Rory awakens again to find her wings are having their feathers plucked by Vincent's men for the blades; the wings are hooked to two pillars with her hands bound again by chains. Vincent reveals to Rory that she is both the hostage and the weapon to kill her own father; Rory realizes to her horror that it's her own fault Lucifer wasn't around for her. He reveals that ever since Lucifer whispered in his ear back when he killed Dan, a constant pain has been tormenting him (Lucifer brought hell to him early); it's driven him mad. Rory explains that Lucifer doesn't torture people; he makes the damned face their guilt, self-torture. Even if he killed Lucifer the pain wouldn't stop. Vincent learns Lucifer didn't come alone, with his henchmen heading out to kill Chloe. Rory yells for them to stay away, only to get gagged.

Lucifer and Chloe fight the goons in a shipping crate area. Chloe shoots them as Lucifer punches and fights the others; tormenting them in clever ways. A sniper almost gets Chloe, forcing her to hide. Lucifer takes the hits before flying up and cutting him with Maze's knife and tossing him off the container. Chloe gets grabbed from behind as another goon tries to rush her. She kicked him into a fire barrel that lights stuff on fire. One with a crossbow tries to kill her, but Chloe uses her captor as a meat shield. It turns into a vicious fist fight with Chloe only getting mildly wounded by a feather to the shoulder. Chloe tells Lucifer to go save Rory while she rests.

Lucifer finds Rory beyond the burning objects, only to be surprised by Vincent. Vincent explains his torment to Lucifer, who explains that he cannot end the pain; not that he won't, Lucifer literally can't. Lucifer realizes Vincent knows his pain is guilt. Truth be told that killing Rory will only make it a thousand times worse; Vincent wants Lucifer to feel the pain that he inflicted upon him no matter the price. Lucifer explains that to truly torture someone you have to use their greatest desire against them. Per Lucifer's prompting, Vincent asks his desire. Lucifer tells him that his desire is to be a good father to Rory. Lucifer offers his life to give himself the pain of leaving all his loved ones behind; Vincent agrees to the deal. Rory breaks free screaming "dad", not "Lucifer" as she disarms Vincent and holds him up by the throat.

A horrified Lucifer tells Rory not to strangle Vincent as her face starts glowing on the left side, just like her father's did when he killed Cain; she's gaining a devil face. As Rory's face changes, Lucifer begs her to not to give in; to become swallowed by anger and self-hatred like he was. With only her right eye unchanged, Rory looks at her father as he begs her to be better than him; to not given in to the monster within her. Rory drops Vincent, causing her face to change back. Lucifer notices that she called him dad, but true to the denial she inherited from him, Rory brushes it off; they share a hug. Vincent attempts to stab Lucifer in the back, only to get a fatal shot to the chest by Chloe; Rory quickly supports her. The dying man falls backwards onto a table full of Rory's feathers, making it more painful. Lucifer checks on him. Vincent explains he wants to see the light of heaven that took Dan, making Lucifer happy to know that his friend made it. Vincent says he sees darkness, going to hell as he dies.

The authorities arrive later to round up the living henchmen, with Chloe being treated by an ambulance; it turns out that the blood loss from her wound nearly killed her. Lucifer isn't happy as she risked two lives (hers and Rory's), joking that he doesn't have another magic ring to bring her back again. Smiling, Chloe notes that it's August 5th; he's still alive, meaning they avoided him disappearing by murder. However, Rory still there; making both Lucifer and Rory confused. It still means that Lucifer will leave; until he does, Rory is there and not going back to the future.

At the penthouse, Lucifer tells Chloe about Dan; making her happy. Rory wonders how. Chloe explains she got a call from Trixie's camp about a stranger who claimed to be a friend of Dan's, likely Dan in Vincent's body; whatever she said to Dan helped him past his guilt. Lucifer reveals he encouraged Dan to do so. Chloe remembers it's just like with Lee - Mr. Said Out Bitch; Lucifer helped him too. Lucifer explains he used Linda's advice of providing the right questions to those in need. Rory admits Lucifer helped her too; getting past her anger and keeping her from killing Vincent. Lucifer explains he didn't want his daughter to repeat his sins and succumb to the monster within her. Rory realized the real reason she came back in time was for that very help. Chloe agrees that everyone in hell deserves a chance to get redemption. Lucifer admits he knows what it's like to fall and rise.

Lucifer laughs, realizing what his "cheeky bastard" dad had planned all along. God said that Lucifer would figure it out and now he has. The reason he said hell no longer needs a keeper is because it now needs a healer. Lucifer realizes that this is his calling; Hell was truly meant as a "tough love" facility like rehab and not eternal torment. It doesn't even need to be a full time job, he can pop down for a short time on Earth and be back to be part of Rory's life. She disagrees; explaining that the time loop can has to stay established so that Lucifer can reach this epiphany. His absence in Chloe and Rory's life was a noble sacrifice for the greater good; now she knows what her parents gave up and why. As she begins vanishing back to the future, Rory makes them promise not to change anything as Lucifer never lies; a heartbroken Lucifer promises to keep the loop established.

Knowing that they don't have long left except for this night, Lucifer and Chloe head into an empty Lux. Lucifer caresses the bar as he looks up at the logo. Chloe watches from the stairs. Lucifer goes to his piano for one final number. Chloe recreates the dialogue from when they first met for a laugh. Lucifer feels doubts, but Chloe reminds him its all for Rory. They sadly admit they don't want to be apart; Chloe promises to always be with him in spirit. They share a passionate kiss at the piano as they briefly appear to be on his throne in hell during a camera spin shot. The night continues with them playing Heart and Soul on the piano.

An silent musical montage begins.

In the Silver City, Amenadiel is now God. He lets his siblings know of his plans to be hands on and allow more input from them. On Earth, Ella and Carol welcome girls from the STEM program Lucifer started, while Chloe is welcomed back. In Heaven, Dan is reunited with a happy Charlotte. Flashforward, Chloe is in her third trimester and Lieutenant of the LAPD; she checks on the newest detective, who is none other than Sonya Harris, working on a murder with Ella and Carol. Amenadiel pops by to see, briefly being seen by Harris. At Charlie's second birthday, he sprouts angel wings to Linda's shock and Amenadiel's joy. Maze and Eve bounty hunt as they get a message that makes them joyful. Aurora Decker has been born; she is welcomed home by Trixie, Maze, Eve, Amenadiel, Linda, Ella and Carol.

Flash-forward to the late 2060s or early 2070s. Chloe Decker rests on a medical bed in the living room of her apartment, surrounded by photos of her loved ones. With a rumble and flash of light, Rory appears in the chair next to her. Chloe welcomes Rory back from 2020, with a tearful Rory wondering how her mother put up with her anger for nearly 50 years. Chloe tells her no parent wants their child to feel pain, but its part of life. Knowing she's going soon, Chloe bids Rory farewell; only for Rory to remind her mother that she can go to the afterlife anytime to see her. With that, Chloe passes in peace. In the afterlife, Chloe is restored to her 2010's appearance and meets Amenadiel in a void. He asks if Chloe is ready to "go home", which she is.

Meanwhile in hell, Lucifer has created a therapy room in the likeness of Linda's office. He is current having a session with a woman, Reese Getty and Vincent Le Mec. Reese is exasperated as he keeps making the same mistakes as in his hell loop. Lucifer explains only by accepting their choices created the "destiny" (I.e. domino effect) that befell them can they see the source of their guilt and move on. Even his life was a hell loop of his own creation; but thanks to receiving the right guidance, Lucifer was able to grow and change. Reese wishes he could change his past, but Lucifer explains that they have to accept that it's their pasts that make them who they are. Most importantly, if the devil can change, there's hope for anyone. Vincent interjects by offering to end Reese's misery, to which Lucifer notes Vincent will require more time with therapy to make progress which Vincent accepts with an easy shrug.

A knock at the door cues Lucifer to announce the snacks have arrived. However, when he opens the door, Chloe is there; Lucifer realizes it means she died on Earth. Chloe tells Lucifer that she's there to be his partner (in both meanings). Elated that they can finally be together, Lucifer kisses Chloe and shuts the door. The episode ends with one last humorous thing; the do not disturb light for sessions lights up.



Guest Starring[]


  • Alanna Blair as Bridget
  • Jean Carol as Elderly Chloe Decker
  • Christian Howard as Sandwich Goon


  • Chloe says the title of the episode.
  • Lucifer uses Maze's dagger as his weapon during the fight with Vincent Le Mec and his men. Maze had gifted it to him in "Goodbye, Lucifer".
  • Lucifer and Chloe play the piano together again.
  • Chloe brings up Lucifer having said she snores like an Albanian field wench as a joke.
  • The angels bow to Amenadiel in the same way as Dan once did when he met God.
  • The image of Lucifer and Chloe being on his throne in the camera spin shot foreshadows the ending of them being together in hell.
  • In the flashfowards, Sonya Harris is shown to become a detective working with Carol, Ella and Chloe to solve murders. In "A Lot Dirtier Than That", she was stated to have previously rejected a chance at this. As a big part of this was stated to be due to the Lieutenants that she would serve under, Chloe's promotion placing her as Harris' boss likely was the deciding factor in her acceptance of the job.
  • While not seen in person, the photos of Trixie and Charlie that Chloe has show their adult professions; Trixie became an astronaut, while Charlie joined the family business as an angel.
    • Joe Henderson explained to TVline there's actually an delete scene of them at Chloe's side before she sent into the other room to have an talk with Rory who had returned from the past. [2]
  • The method which Amenadiel greets Chloe upon her death is similar to how in Once Upon a Time, Zeus appeared to Captain Hook and sent him back to his partner.
  • Chloe uses a Glock 17 9mm during the fight at 10th and Swanson.
  • The final scene is a call-back to the Pilot:
    • In the Pilot, Lucifer returns to Linda's office and offers her sex in exchange for therapy which she accepts and Lucifer enters the room with the red light turned on.
    • In the finale, Chloe arrived in Hell in front of Linda's office which offers Lucifer to be her partner, which he accepts and they kissed and as the door closes the red light turns on.
  • Lucifer keeps the Hell loops running, but takes three patients at a time for therapy to help them.
  • The final fate of the main characters is as follows: in Tune of Champagne Supernova.
    • Lucifer returns to Hell to help lost souls like Dan Espinoza and Lee Garner find peace, his true purpose. He takes on a therapist like role working with souls such as Vincent Le Mec and Reese Getty in a replica of Linda Martin's office.
    • Rory returns to her own time after Lucifer helps her let go of her guilt and anger. She realizes that Lucifer must leave and makes him promise to do so, knowing that he has a greater purpose to fulfill, knowing that the years they will spend apart is but a blip in their eternal existence, and that when the time comes they will be a proper family. She makes peace with Chloe before her Mother dies of old age, promising that as an angel, she can see her mother whenever she wants.
    • Amenadiel succeeds in his plan to rule from Earth while also helping to raise his family.
    • Chloe Decker is promoted to Lieutenant shortly after Lucifer's departure and she continues to work on solving murders with Ella Lopez, Carol Corbett and a young police officer that she inspires to become a detective.
    • Ella appears to have continued her romantic relationship with Carol and is shown working with young girls in the STEM program that Lucifer had started in her name in "Goodbye, Lucifer".
    • Dan Espinoza is revealed to have been reunited with Charlotte Richards in Heaven where they have resumed a romantic relationship and are happy together, taking a fancy lunch.
    • Linda Martin raises Charlie who displays angel wings during his second birthday party, much to Linda's shock and Amenadiel's fist pump of victory.
    • Maze and Eve continue bounty hunting criminals as a married couple.
    • After dying of old age, Chloe willingly goes to Hell in order to become Lucifer's eternal partner in redeeming lost souls.
  • Only four of the main cast members (Lucifer, Chloe, Rory and Amenadiel) have speaking roles in the entire episode.




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