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"Our Mojo" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


"As a shocking side effect of his romance with Chloe throws Lucifer for a loop, the new couple peruses a murderer with a most unusual M.O."


Lucifer and Chloe awaken together, basking in the happiness of their new relationship. They are about to order breakfast, when Chloe teasingly asks Lucifer what he desires. Both are shocked to see that she is able to draw out his desires, "I... I want to have sex with you another four times. Six, actually." Stunned, this is a cause for concern for Lucifer.

Lucifer heads to Linda's to ask her about the situation, saying that exposing desires is his thing and, without it, he is useless to Chloe and brings nothing to the partnership. Lucifer then wonders if he may have passed on his gift to everyone he has had sex with, but this is disproved when Linda is unable to “mojo” Lucifer, much to his relief, "that's several million bullets dodged."

Arriving at the crime scene, they discover Dan has called in sick, and Lucifer makes several jokes to Chloe and Ella, and when they approach a suspect — the teenager who found the deceased — Lucifer is appalled to see he can no longer use the mojo at all. Lucifer then tries to use the mojo on several different people, but finds he is unable to. Chloe is, surprisingly, able to use the mojo on Lucifer again, which shocks them both.

Meanwhile, Maze finds Amenadiel at home working on a walker for Charlie. Amenadiel is a bit glum, as Dan canceled their plans to see the Dodgers play a game; unknown to him, Dan is avoiding him, having seen Lucifer's Devil face in the previous episode. Reflecting on his life since he lost his wings, Amenadiel reveals that he isn’t sure who he was before he had Charlie; Maze believes this is a great time to show Amenadiel what he is missing.

Back at the precinct, it is revealed that the victim and her vocal coach, Mario, were having an affair, and speculate that Diane, the victim, might have been a threat to Mario who killed Diane. They are interrupted, however, when Pete enters to asks Ella to go on a date with him to a Star Trek convention; she agrees, Lucifer cannot understand how Ella is so happy to share her 'thing' with another, reflecting on him and Chloe. Ella assures him "Well, I mean, Lucifer, the 24th century is big enough for the both of us," and Chloe assures him sharing isn't that hard.

Lucifer and Chloe then question Mario. Lucifer encourages Chloe to try using "Our Mojo" on Mario and it seems to work, as he agrees to tell them all they want to know. He denies killing Diane, instead, pointing them to Niels, a man with whom Diane had a grievance; they’re unable to interrogate him, however, as he is on a flight.

Elsewhere, Dan struggles with the revelation of Lucifer being the actual devil. He visits Charlotte's grave, saying that he now believes she is truly in Heaven, but fears for his own soul. Michael then arrives in classic angelic garb, terrifying Dan, since he looks like Lucifer. Michael, of course lies, saying Lucifer scarred him in jealousy, and offers to answer Dan's prayer for redemption.

Meanwhile, Chloe arrives at the penthouse to update Lucifer, but finds him naked waiting for her on the bed. He wants to have sex with her again in an effort to transfer his mojo back, "As fun as it is to watch you use my... I mean, our, but really my mojo, I'd like it back. So... let's have sex again, me on top this time." But Chloe is reluctant, saying that as much as she would like to have sex with him, sex under such pressure would "suck all the fun out of it." Lucifer decides to take Chloe to Linda's office for couples therapy. Despite Chloe believing the whole idea is ridiculous, "Can you please tell him that it makes zero sense that I stole his mojo during sex?" Linda explains, however, that "on an emotional level, Lucifer's reasoning does make some amount of sense," akin to Chloe losing her badge and gun; it's part of who he is. This puts things into perspective for Chloe.

Meanwhile, Maze is keen to give Amenadiel a glimpse of his past. She hands him his old robe, and the two begin fighting. Amenadiel finds the situation soothing, but the two begin kissing moments later, and Maze exclaims angrily that “it isn’t working.” She leaves moments later, as the two both agree that the situation is wrong.

Chloe and Lucifer, now equipped with a badge and gun, attend Niels' photo shoot where they witness him being verbally abusive towards those on set. They question him about Diane, remarking that she was about to shine a light on his conduct. Niels remarks that Diane was right, but denies killing her. The situation becomes confusing, however, when neither Lucifer or Chloe are able to mojo Niels.

Back at the precinct Chloe tells Lucifer that Niels' alibi checks out and she also learned that Mario called asking for an autograph, and Lucifer responds with taking a pen and something to write on. Chloe stops him, and explains that Mario asked for her autograph, he was a fan of Hot Tub High School. Chloe concludes from this that she was in fact not able to "mojo" Mario, but that he was simply star struck, and willing to cooperate because it was her, not what she could do.

Lucifer, Ella, and Chloe are called to another crime scene in which the victim has been murdered in the same way. They now believe the flowers evident to be the killer's signature, and worry they have a serial killer. They call around local flower shops to find out if there were any sold in the last 24 hours. Back at the precinct, Ella finds golden glitter, from the latest victim, but it is not enough to make any connections with a suspect. Ella and Chloe talk, and Ella tells her that Pete has convinced her to open her eyes to more opportunities.

At one of the local flower shops, they find a recent sale of the lilies and Chloe connects the golden glitter to a ribbon tied around each bouquet — it becomes clear that the killer bought his flowers from this particular florist. Lucifer, meanwhile, chats with the store owner in Tagalog and she tells him that the buyer went off in an Uber. They plan on tracking his Uber ride in an effort to find him.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Maze drink at Lux, and Amenadiel tries to convince Maze to open up to him, but she is reluctant. Maze expresses anger at her mother for making her offspring soulless, and Amenadiel realizes that Maze was trying to rekindle what she had with him because he is the only one who didn’t reject her.

Lucifer and Chloe track down the killer to his apartment building, and a search turns up photographs of who they think is his next victim. With the help of Pete and Ella, they track him to a room on the ninth floor, where he incapacitates Lucifer with an injection before attacking Chloe. Chloe shoots him, wounding him, and he is arrested and taken away.

Back at the penthouse, Lucifer and Chloe are spending a few quiet moments, "Because you're vulnerable around me, I sometimes forget how strong you are. How powerful. Feeling human, feeling weak, having to rely on other people, it must be so hard, so... scary for you." He acknowledges that what he thinks of as powerlessness is just a normal Tuesday for every one else. She suggests the mojo swap may be a good thing, "I think, perhaps, for the first time ever, you're starting to open up to me... to let me in." He realizes she is right, that for the first time he has let his guard down. She then leaves him to go freshen up when Dan then arrives, Lucifer greets him cheerily. Dan pulls a gun and Lucifer is taken aback, then Dan shoots Lucifer whilst Chloe watches in horror.



Guest Starring[]


  • Christy Algoso as Jovita
  • Eileen Boylan as Mystery Woman
  • Nancy De Mayo as Nina
  • Glenn Fernandez as Danilo
  • David Figlioli as Les Klumpsky
  • Cara Koh as Madison Evans
  • Philips Labes as Norman Shultz
  • Charley Rossman as Wyrzbeski



  • The episode title is first said by Lucifer when he and Chloe arrives to question a suspect in the case. Chloe repeats it back to him saying, "You called it Our Mojo," happy that Lucifer is beginning to accept that sharing is part of a relationship.
  • Amenadiel realizes fatherhood has changed him so much he cannot remember what he did with his free time before coming to live on Earth; heavily implying God rarely ever sent him down to Earth unless it was to "grease the wheels" per say to move things forward in stagnated situations.
  • Lucifer teasingly references "Manly Whatnots" about how Chloe told him Hell would freeze over before they had sex.
    • Another link to the episode, the fight between Maze and Amenadiel matches their little fight in that episode. This includes Maze's exact same outfit, the same moves and it even ends up on the same spot in Lux.
  • Ella uses the fandom name, Deckerstar, for Chloe and Lucifer's relationship.
  • The killer's apartment is 507 which is a reference to this episode's number.
  • Chloe seems to be able to draw out Lucifer's desires only. But she does not try Lucifer's mojo on him again after this episode, therefore it's not clear if she can still do it, even after Lucifer gets his powers back.
  • The killer's apartment is covered with flyers for missing pets, suggesting he started out killing animals before advancing to killing people.
  • Lucifer speaks Tagalog to the flower shop owner.
    • Lucifer said "Nagsasalisa ba siya ng Tagalog?" instead of "Nagsasalita ba siya ng Tagalog?" meaning "Does she speak Tagalog?"
    • Lucifer greets the old woman saying "Kamusta ka, Madam." meaning: "Hello, Madam how are you?"
    • The grandson of the flower shop owner said that the owner never liked cops.
    • True to speak: Tagalog is the dialect to Filipino which is the standard version and English. Both of it are the national language of the Philippines.
  • After Lucifer finds out he passed his mojo onto Chloe, he questions if he passed it on to every one of his former lovers, including Linda. To see if it was true, Linda tried to mojo Lucifer for the "first" time, to no avail. However, the fact that Linda couldn't mojo Lucifer was already proven when she used his line, "What do you truly desire?", on Lucifer in "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better" and had no effect.



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