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"Orange Is the New Maze" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Lucifer.


"When Maze is the prime suspect in a murder, Lucifer and Chloe enter the world of bounty hunting to investigate. Maze decides she wants to go back to Hell, but after Lucifer refuses, she turns to Pierce for help. Meanwhile, Charlotte's sanity is questioned when she makes a big discovery and Chloe admits she's dating someone."[1]


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Maze asks Lucifer to send her back to Hell; Lucifer refuses and suggests that she needs to blow off some steam. Linda warns Charlotte not to see Amenadiel again. Security footage of a new murder seems to implicate Maze as the killer, and Chloe learns that the victim was one of her bounties. Maze subsequently turns herself in, claiming guilt, and even hands over the murder weapon. However, when Chloe presses her, it becomes clear that Maze only wants to take the fall. Charlotte forces Lucifer to tell her about his mother. Maze escapes custody, and Chloe determines that someone is framing her. Pierce becomes increasingly jealous of the "special relationship" between Lucifer and Chloe. A conversation with a former bounty leads them to a wealthy winery owner, who blames Maze for getting her son killed. Chloe persuades Maze to spare the owner's life; instead, she stabs her in the foot. Lucifer, prompted by Amenadiel, reveals his true self to Charlotte. When Lucifer tries to persuade her to stay, Maze, angry that he refuses to consider her feelings, prepares to leave town. However, Pierce stops her, and promises to help her if she helps him.



Guest Starring[]

  • McNally Sagal as Margo Channing
  • Patrick Gallagher as Barry Hill


  • Adam Gifford as Ruben Silva
  • Doug Hurley as Ned
  • Dutch Johnson as Zack Moore
  • Becky Wu as Yvonne Gwo
  • Frederick Mancuso as bounty #1
  • Daniel Lue as bounty #2
  • Thai Edwards as bounty #3


  • The episode's title is said by Lucifer.
  • In the scene where Lucifer and Chloe are driving to a winery as Lucifer speaks ill of Pierce, he mentions Pierce's age to insult him. Ironically, as an angel, Lucifer is billions of years older than him.
  • Maze is shown to be far kinder that everyone believes. All her previous bounties explain that despite her predilection for knives and breaking bones, Maze ends up giving them advice on how to turn their lives around.
  • As a subtle joke, it's brought up again that Maze doesn't understand Japanese. One of her ex bounties, who was only speaking Japanese, tried explaining he was no longer an active bounty, but she couldn't understand him.
  • This is the last time Chloe wears the bullet necklace Lucifer gave her until Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!. She doesn't wear it in Season 4.


  • When Lucifer bends the barrel of a shotgun using both of his arms, the point of the bend means Zack has to be as strong as Lucifer, or else he wouldn't be able to hang on to it. A more "realistic" approach would be for the shotgun barrel to bend between Lucifer's hands.[2][3]




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