Omniscience is the power to know everything about everything. Such beings cannot be defied or taken by surprise, as they already know everyone's intentions.

Entities possessing this power Edit

No being in Lucifer is completely omniscient, but some have have various degrees of omniscience.

  • Gods: God and Goddess are nearly omniscient and possess nearly unlimited knowledge, however there are certain things that escapes even their wisdom.
  • Angels: As the strongest supernatural species besides God and Goddess, angels possess high amounts of knowledge, due to them being billions of years old.
    • Uriel: As the nearly supreme strategist, Uriel possesses an enormous knowledge that knows almost no bounds, higher than those of other angels. However, he did not expect Lucifer to kill him with Azrael's blade.
  • Demons: As malevolent entities who torture souls and originate from Hell, demons can perceive nearly every event transpiring across the cosmos.
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