Omnipotence is the power to be able to accomplish absolutely anything, regardless of the task's difficulty. The user wields supreme power and is beyond any other entity in existence. Because of several contradictions and paradoxes can occur resulting from this power's definition, it should be noted that an omnipotent being can do anything outside of paradoxical tasks.

Entities possessing this power

No being in Lucifer is completely omnipotent, but some have had various degrees of omnipotence.

  • Gods: God and Goddess are nearly omnipotent and possess nearly infinite power. They created the universe and angels. However, they are not fully omnipotent and can be killed. They can also be overpowered and weakened by each other, as God did when he imprisoned Goddess in Hell for millennia. Even when Goddess escaped, her powers were greatly weakened and she could be injured by lesser beings. Later, Goddess powers fully returned.
  • Angels: Besides God and Goddess, angels are the most powerful supernatural species. They can fly and easily overpower humans. Though generally stronger than demons, an experienced demon fighter can match them in a battle. Some angels are able to resurrect people and accomplish other feats that other angels cannot. However, their powers are still limited. Breaking God's rules reduces their powers greatly or completely strips their powers as shown with Amenadiel.
  • Demons: As malevolent entities who are tasked with torturing souls, demons possess very high amounts of supernatural power. They can easily kill humans but are barely a match for angels.
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