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Nephilim are hybrids between Angels and Humans. There are only 2 known Nephilims so far, Aurora Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker, as well as Charlie Martin, son of Amenadiel and Linda Martin.

It is unknown when the celestial-half of the Nephilims would manifest, or even if it would, depending on the circumstances. Rory's wings had manifested as weapons, her feathers as blades which could harm celestials. However, Rory stated that this was due to her being inspired by her mother's lifelong fight for justice, not for any terrible reason. Charlie's wings would end up manifesting on his second birthday.


Presumably, the first Nephilim was Charlie Martin, son of angel Amenadiel and human Linda Martin. They initially start out seemingly human and manifest their angelic traits as they physically mature with God himself stating at one point that Charlie was seemingly completely mortal. In Charlie's case, he manifested his wings on his second birthday.

With the coming of the second Nephilim, Aurora Morningstar, daughter of Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker, who possesses all of her father's abilities, including wings, it's confirmed that Nephilim inherit their celestial parent's characteristics and their immortality as well. However, they still possess human weaknesses from their mortal side as seen with Rory's capture by Vincent Le Mec, although she was more immune to things such as tranquilizers.

Powers and Abilities[]

Nephilim possess many of the abilities that Angels do, although it is unknown if they possess the exact abilities as angels.

  • Flight: Nephilim possess wings that allow flight. These wings are strong enough to break through metal chains, as well as exertion of powerful winds.
    • Dimensional Travel: These wings, similar to Angel wings, allow travel through the different dimensions.
  • Spirit Communication: Due to their celestial heritage, Nephilim can see souls without bodies.
  • Superhuman Strength: Once their abilities had manifested, Nephilim's strength was much greater than most other species'. It is unknown if they possess the same, or lower strength as Angels. Rory was able to break free from chains and then almost strangle Vincent Le Mec using just one hand, lifting him from the ground.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Nephilim are able to heal faster than Humans, though not as fast as Angels due to their heritage.
  • Longevity: Nephilim have an eternal lifespan and age differently from normal humans as Rory mentions that the decades Lucifer and Rory will not be together will be very short in their eternal lifespan and that she looks to be in her 20s when Chloe was in her deathbed at the end of her human lifespan dying of old age. While they may have an eternal lifespan, they are not invulnerable like angels normally are and can be injured and killed by the same things a human can be physically killed by like regular knives and bullets.


  • Self-Actualization: Nephilim, like one of their celestial parents, self-actualize. How nephilim perceive themselves is how they will appear. During Season 2, Amenadiel's powers begin to dissipate and he begins to shed feathers from his wings due to the fact he judged himself unworthy of them. Rory's wing feathers are blades that can be used to harm celestial beings, which is because she witnessed her mother always stand up for justice and the wings reminded them of her, so she loved them. During their early infancy prior to development of consciousness and self-actualizing their identity as an angel, a Nephilim may be entirely mortal and can suffer human illnesses.
  • Human Vulnerabilities: While Nephilim have most of the capabilities a normal angel would have, they lack the invulnerability and true immortality as they are still half human. They may stop aging once they grow into adulthood, but can still be harmed and killed by regular terrestrial objects. Rory was still physically knocked out and injured by a normal human and could have been killed by a normal gun even with all of her powers. However, it took multiple tranquilizer darts to knock her out with it being stated that just one could knock out a rhino.


  • In the Roman tradition the Nephilim are the children of angels (or demons) and humans (or demons depending on translation). The most notable individual is Goliath.
  • Angels can't normally reproduce with humans, as shown by Lucifer past as a playboy. However, if one of the parents is "upgraded" or "downed" to the same level of the other through self-actualization for Amenadiel and the Flaming Sword key for Chloe, a Nephilim can be born. It's unknown if there is a fundamental difference between Nephilim born out of those different method.
  • One of the suggested names for Charlie was Jack. Jack is the name of the Nephilim Jack Kline, who is the son of the archangel Lucifer in the TV series Supernatural.
  • Given Amenadiel's plan to have angels get close to humanity like Lucifer and himself did, it's possible more nephilim will be born.
  • Even if a nephilim was killed, their soul would still have Angel wings, plus along with their angelic healing factor, they could just return to Earth in a new body.
  • While Rory was shown to be vulnerable to human weapons, it is possible that her extremely young age compared to true angels (who are all at least millions of years old) has somethings to do with her vulnerability.

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