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"My Best Fiend's Wedding" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Lucifer.[1]


Just as Eve and Maze's wedding day arrives, Eve's ex, Adam — yes, that Adam — shows up hoping to reconcile. Later, Ella delivers some distressing news.


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Guest Starring[]


  • JC Zepeda as Milan


  • Adam appears, proving that he is indeed a bad partner to Eve; he is quite literally the poster child for toxic masculinity. Even Lucifer points out his poor behavior; making him drastically better in comparison even when he was so self-absorbed back in 2016 (where he at least treated his random flings with courtesy).
  • This is the final episode to feature Lucifer using his mojo on someone.
  • Eve is not surprised it took Adam so long to notice she left Heaven; the man never really paid attention to her, as he was still pining for Lilith.
  • According to Adam, including the time in Heaven, he and Eve were married for roughly 83,333 years; he wondered how many years a million months was.
    • It also means Earth and the animals were in existence long before them; since the Big Bang happened around 6 billion years ago.
  • A handful of the Lilim attend Maze's wedding; the rest are torturing a fresh batch of white supremacists.
  • Interestingly, one of the demons that attends Maze's wedding is Squee who was last seen as Dromos' right-hand man in "Who's da New King of Hell?". In that episode, Squee was apparently killed by Maze during a fight with her demon daggers. He also doesn't hold a grudge for it, attending Maze's wedding willingly.
  • Maze once got mad at Lucifer for eating the last of her Fruit Loops. So she put southern widow spiders in his bed, replaced his whiskey with urine and shorted all his suits. Rory noted the first two were small time pranks, but ruining Lucifer's suits was much more her aunt's style.
  • Adult Trixie spikes punch bowls according to Rory.
  • Ella reveals that she figured everything out that her research revealed the apocalypse to be nigh.
  • Maze's profanity-laden declaration of love for Eve during the ceremony is only the second time the series has used the uncensored word "fuck" since the move to Netflix for Season 4, the first being in "Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid."




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