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Guess what. When your twin is the lightbringer, you have no choice but to live in the shadows.
— Michael to Lucifer Morningstar
in "Family Dinner"

Michael, formerly known as Mi-ka-el, is an Archangel and the twin brother of Lucifer Morningstar. He served as the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1 as well as the primary antagonist of Season 5. After growing envious of Lucifer's renowned reputation and status as the Lightbringer, Michael secretly instigated his twin into carrying out nefarious acts, which includes the rebellion against God that resulted in his banishment to Hell. Thousands of years later, unbeknownst to Lucifer or any of his siblings, Michael had been manipulating their Father with the intention of having Him retire so that he could finally claim the position of God and thereby prove to himself that he's better than Lucifer.

Upon learning that Lucifer voluntarily chose to return to Hell for all eternity, Michael grew jealous of the praise he'd gotten from their siblings and ventured to Earth with the intention of ruining his brother's reputation and proving he hasn't changed. When Lucifer eventually returned, Michael was given a scar on his face so that he would never be able to impersonate his twin brother again. In retaliation, Michael proceeded to manipulate everyone in Lucifer's life, resulting in a temporary alliance with Mazikeen, exposing Lucifer's true identity to Dan Espinoza, and revealing Charlie's mortal status to Amenadiel by intentionally giving him an illness. In midst of a heated battle with his siblings, God appeared to halt the fighting. After a failed attempt to have His sons reconcile and reunite the family, God ordered Michael to return to Heaven, prohibiting him from coming back to Earth.

Although Michael's machinations of ousting their Father were discovered by Amenadiel, God still opted to retire after reconciling with Goddess, ultimately deciding to spend the rest of eternity in her new universe. With the Throne of Heaven effectively vacant, Michael recovered the Flaming Sword and rallied the majority of Angels against Lucifer, who also managed to form his own army made up of Demons, ultimately culminating into a full scale war after which Michael managed to kill Chloe Decker amidst a heated battle with his twin. Michael is eventually defeated by Chloe after she is resurrected by Lucifer and is in possession of Amenadiel's necklace, granting her superhuman strength. Despite accepting his expected fate of Eradication at the hands of Lucifer, Michael is given a second chance at redemption by his twin who instead uses the Flaming Sword to cut off his wings, successfully forcing him to bend the knee and recognize Lucifer as the new Sovereign of Heaven.

Following the conclusion of the war, Michael was imprisoned in Hell and forced to scrub its floors as its janitor for several decades. Offscreen, he became one of Lucifer's patients in his therapy office and reconciled with his twin. However, it is unlikely that he changed his ways as his niece, Aurora Morningstar, referred to him as "the worst" in her timeline.




Mi-ka-el was one of the many Angels born to God and Goddess long predating the Big Bang, billions of years ago[1], but is special as he is an Archangel.[2] He was also the elder twin of Lucifer Morningstar.[3] He would change his name to Michael, preferring it over his birthname.[4]

Growing Up In Heaven[]

Michael's enmity for his twin traced back to their early years in Heaven as he always felt overshadowed by Lucifer due to his renowned reputation and status as the Lightbringer. This ultimately caused Michael to unknowingly self-actualize the "chip on his shoulder" with Lucifer, causing his right shoulder to visibly appear slanted downwards and his right wing into looking as if it were injured.[4] Michael and the older siblings would always exclude Uriel whenever he tried to play with them.[5]Michael often enjoyed pestering Amenadiel by making the latter think that he was Lucifer, but Amenadiel would often discover the façade and administer one of his "atomic wedgies"; Michael tended to give himself away with his mojo.[6]

Manipulating His Twin[]

Having always despised Lucifer Morningstar for being the preferred twin, Michael supposedly manipulated him into rebelling against God to make everyone hate him. This resulted in God effectively banishing Lucifer to Hell to rule over. He then manipulated Lucifer into having a sexcapade in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. In 2011, Michael also whispered the idea to Lucifer of abandoning his duties as Sovereign of Hell and to take a vacation on Earth, most likely to reignite their family's hatred for him.[6]

God's Right-Hand[]

Sometime after Amenadiel lost his divinity and became stranded on Earth, Michael manipulated his way into becoming God's second-in-command. While God didn't speak directly to him, he ensured that he was the only one in Heaven to speak to Him.[6] Michael then began formulating a plan to usurp his Father as the new Sovereign of Heaven, which involved making Him believe that he was losing control of His powers for the last few months.[7]

Michael's plan to turn their family against Lucifer Morningstar took a turn. While doing his job in the Silver City, Gabriel told him that Lucifer went back to Hell voluntarily to keep the Demons in check after they revolted. Michael had a hard time believing that, but soon became jealous when Raphael and Remiel also started praising their brother for his noble sacrifice. With all the newfound respect Lucifer was getting from their siblings despite his rebellion against their Father, Michael ultimately decided to venture to Earth and impersonate Lucifer with the intention of ruining his reputation and proving he hasn't changed.[3]

Impersonation of Lucifer[]

Doing the Research[]

Michael started doing research on his twin and learned a great many things; He knew about his relationships with the Los Angeles Police Department. found out Chloe Decker was his first love and how she was a gift from God with the intention to cross paths with Lucifer. He also learned about his therapy sessions with Linda Martin. He did a great deal of research on Mazikeen, learning she was furious with Lucifer for not taking her with him to Hell[3] and Lucifer's role in hiding her mother Lilith after striping her of her immortality.[6] After copying Lucifer's style, Michael put his plans into motion.[8]

Saving Detective Decker[]

Michael breaks a criminal's gun.

His first stop being Chloe Decker, Michael found her in the middle of a shootout in Megan Garner's house. Whistling, Michael entered the house, using Lucifer Morningstar's accent to greet the "bad guys". After the confusion from the criminals of who he was settled, he then acted quickly, saving Chloe from a gunman by pushing him into a nearby wall. After Chloe saved him by shooting the second attacker in the head, Michael finished off the last criminal by throwing him over to Chloe after breaking his gun in half.

Michael smiles to himself.

After Chloe knocked the last criminal out, Michael took advantage of his knowledge of Lucifer's sarcasm and joked about Lee Garner's severed hand. Chloe then kissed him, to which he returned. Chloe let go, noticing something was off with "Lucifer". Michael claimed that since he's been in Hell for thousands of years compared to her two months, he was different, but assured her that she was the only thing that kept him going. The two then hugged, but unknown to Chloe, Michael smiled deviously to himself.[8]

Integrating Himself into the LAPD[]

After departing with Chloe Decker, Michael spent the rest of the night at Lux. The morning he was to spend his first day as a civilian consultant, he stood in front of the mirror in the penthouse, naked and practiced his Lucifer Morningstar impression. Adjusting his shoulder, he pretended to greet Chloe and once he believed he was ready to interact with everyone, he got dressed in Lucifer's cloths and headed for the Red 2 Mars Project where their latest case was.

Michael meets Ella Lopez.

Arriving at the crime scene, Michael greeted Chloe, only to get slapped by Ella Lopez, who believed Lucifer was in Florida the last two months. Going along with the lie, Michael made Ella believe he went to Florida to take over his family's business because his mother was ill, but came back because he missed Ella. Believing the lie, Ella hugged Michael and went back to work. Michael noticed Chloe staring at him, so the two went over to a corner to talk.

Michael calling himself Lucifer 2.0.

Chloe questioned his lie since Lucifer never lies, so Michael reminded her that since he was in Hell for so long he changed, stating that a white lie would be beneficial. Dan Espinoza then showed up, who wasn't happy to see "Lucifer". To prove his point, Michael lied to Dan that it was great to see him again and complimented his Amethyst bracelet, which made Dan happy. After he left, Michael called himself Lucifer 2.0 to Chloe.

Once they returned to the precinct, the two began questioning the suspects over Judy Mason's death, but Michael was doing the paperwork, while Chloe tried acting more like Lucifer. Chloe tried to get Michael to do Lucifer's mojo, but knowing he couldn't, he refused. When they questioned Sharon Osborne, she thanked "Lucifer" for what he did for her husband, and Michael just went along with it. After questioning all the suspects, they realized none of them killed Judy and left the interrogation room.

Once in the bullpen, Chloe continued to question Michael's strange behavior and gave him Dan's pudding to eat, knowing that it would annoy Dan if he ate some, but Michael wasn't sure if he wanted to or not. Dan then arrived, who questioned why he had his pudding. Michael gave it back to him, but the latter was suspicious of the spit in it to prank him and walked away.

Ella then arrived to reveal that the hair she found in the bloody boot print at the crime scene was sheep hair, which meant someone tracked it from outside the Mars Project dome. Faking excitement, Michael congratulated Ella for figuring this detail out and believed it was time to speak with the people running the Mars program and headed for the elevators.

After arriving at control room, Michael asked Sam Chavez and Mandy if people were allowed to drop off supplies and that's how the killer got in. Sam denied it, as it was to simulate what a real trip to Mars was supposed to be like. Michael then listened to Chloe ask her questions, including asking Sam if he was able to feel like himself again after he returned from the first Mars project, to which he wasn't sure.

Getting back on topic, Michael questioned if Judy was arguing with someone back home on the sat phone, but Mandy didn't believe so because they were used mainly for project communications. With that, Michael asked if anyone here at issues with Judy, which led Sam to think of Donovan Glover, who was cut from the project by Anders Brody when Judy was promoted project commander.

Having a new lead, the duo left, but on their way out, Michael told Chloe he knew some of her questions were about his recent behavior, but assured her that his feelings for haven't changed and brushed some of her hair to ease her mind. Michael then asked for more time to get back to normal, to which Chloe agreed to. Once she walked off, Michael dropped his demeanor and stared dangerously at her.[3]

Recruiting Mazikeen[]

While waiting for Chloe Decker to get a lead on Donovan's whereabouts, Michael returned to Lux. Entering the penthouse, Michael walked over to Lucifer Morningstar's bar and frustratingly took his jacket off and poured himself a glass of clear whisky. He then walked over to Lucifer's destroyed piano and stepped on some of the keys, which created a distorted chiming that Michael smirked at.

As he turned around, he was then tackled by Mazikeen, thinking he was Lucifer. She pinned him to the ground, wrapping her legs around his throat and demanded to know why he went back to Hell without her. Breaking his impression, Michael spoke in his normal dialogue and revealed he wasn't Lucifer. Maze released him and he scrambled away from her and leaned against Lucifer's coach. Knowing Lucifer had a twin, Michael introduced himself to the Demon.

Michael reveals his wings.

Getting up, Michael poured himself a drink, but Maze was still hesitant to believe this wasn't Lucifer pretending to be Michael just so Maze wouldn't hurt him. Even with Michael reminding her that Lucifer doesn't lie, Maze raises her Demon Daggers Forged In Hell. Unimpressed, Michael walked over and unveiled his Angel wings to prove he was who he said he was. Maze finally believed him and he retracted his wings.

Maze then sat on the coach and questioned what he was doing on Earth in the first place. Michael tells her about all the praise Lucifer got from their siblings once news spread through the Silver City about him returning to Hell voluntarily to stop The Demon Rebellion and soon all of Heaven was talking about nothing but Lucifer.

Maze figured Michael was jealous of Lucifer's newfound popularity among his siblings, though, he denied it and instead said he was mad that his brother got all this praise for finally doing what he was supposed to do after five years. He then tells Maze that he intends to drive Lucifer back to Earth by playing and breaking with his "toys" and then reveal his true colors as the eternally selfish twin.

He then sat down on one of Lucifer's chairs opposite to Maze and temporarily used his Lucifer impression to prove his point. Maze, however, didn't believe he could fool the likes of Chloe into believing he's Lucifer. Michael admitted that Chloe was growing suspicious of him, but wasn't worried, as all he had to do was up his Lucifer impression until it was time to break her heart.

Michael convinces Mazikeen to help him.

Maze questioned if he even knew anything about being Lucifer or Humanity in general, but he assured her that he payed attention. She asked why she would let Michael get away with his plans, but he got up and grouched before Maze and revealed he knew she was mad at Lucifer for going back to Hell without her and convinced Maze to help get him back to Earth so she could beat up the real Lucifer.

Michael reuniting with Amenadiel.

Now with Maze on his side, Michael went down to Lux where he ran into Amenadiel. He was initially happy to see Lucifer but then questioned why he wasn't in Hell watching the Demons. Knowing Amenadiel was afraid that the Demons would return to steal Charlie again, Michael assured him that he wouldn't have returned if he didn't believe that it was safe to. He then grinned and walked away.[3]

Investigating Donovan Glover[]

Michael met up with Chloe Decker at Donovan's most recent address that same night. They waited in Chloe's car where Michael made a crack of Donovan looking like Waldo, to make Chloe less suspicious of him, which succeeds as she notes that he's acting more like Lucifer. Michael spots Donovan crossing the street. He sticks his head out the car window and calls for him. When Donovan drove off in his car, the two pursued.

Michael flying Chloe Decker away from danger.

Getting cut off, Michael suggests going west to cut him off. They catch up with Donovan on a bridge and after a long chase, they corner him in a dead end ally. With his car facing them, Michael and Chloe got out and demanded he get out of his. When Donovan instead tries to run them over, even when Chloe shoots him in the shoulder, Michael grabs Chloe and leaps; his wings carrying them over Donovan's car. Once landing, Michael retracts his wings before Chloe could see them and comments on how fun that was.

They took Donovan to interrogation, where he revealed he thought they were repo men. When Michael brings up getting fired by Brody and Chloe brings up Judy's murder, Donovan gave them his alibi of being in Texas all week and revealed that the reason Judy was promoted in the first place was because she and Brody were having an affair. This led Michael and Chloe to believe that Brody killed Judy to keep his wife from finding out. Before leaving, Michael told Donovan that he would never be Ryan Gosling.

While waiting for Chloe to get the information on Anders Brody's whereabouts, Michael lounged against a wall in the bullpen when Dan Espinoza walked up to him. He questioned what the imposter was doing, to which Michael confusingly said he was doing nothing. This, however, made Dan even more suspicious as the real Lucifer never did nothing.

Before Michael could try and defend himself, Chloe arrived to reveal that Brody was in a suborbital shuttle test until tomorrow morning. When Chloe gives the hint that that the two have the rest of the evening free to spend time together, Michael glances at the grinning Dan before claiming he would go home and get dinner by himself. He then leaves the confused Chloe and Dan to their thoughts.[3]

Faking an Affair[]

Michael having an "affair" with Mazikeen.

Wanting to break the heart of Lucifer Morningstar's only love, Michael pretended to have an affair with Mazikeen. He was in the middle of making out with Maze on Lucifer's bed when Chloe Decker arrived with her and Lucifer's favorite: burger and fries. Once he noticed her, he pretended to be horrified that she witnessed this and chased after her when she headed for the elevator.

Michael was able to get in before the door closed and tried to explain himself, but Chloe didn't want to listen. He continued to remind her that he was in Hell for so long that it caused him get lost in who he used to be and once he saw Maze, all the feelings of Hell came rushing back. He then assured her that it meant nothing and that she was the only thing that mattered to him.

Chloe, however, had a hard time believing him since he's started lying now, but Michael tried to ease her mind in telling her that she was the only person he would never lie to. Once the elevator lands on the ground floor, Chloe tells Michael she needs time to think and leaves Lux. At first, Michael tries calling out to her to stop, only to smile to himself, knowing he successfully broke Chloe's heart.[3]

Questioning Anders Brody[]

The next day, Michael met up with Chloe Decker to question Anders Brody at his press conference. he continues to put on the façade of trying to explain last night, but Chloe didn't want to talk about. Once they got through the crowd of reporters, Brody confused Michael for Lucifer Morningstar and hugged him for helping find forgiveness; Michael goes along with it until Chloe reveals her self as LAPD.

Michael using his fear mojo on Anders Brody.

Brody took them into his hanger where they began questioning him about his affair. When Brody threatened to call his lawyer, Chloe urged "Lucifer" to use his mojo. Michael called Brody back, but instead of using Lucifer's mojo, he used his own and tapped into Brody's fear: the public finding out that the Mars project was a publicity stunt to compete with Bezos and Musk.

Brody explained that Judy found out it was all a stunt and called him, upset. This, however, further proved him guilty of killing her, but he said that the two made up. He gave them his alibi of puking all night, but when Michael asked if anyone could corroborate his story, he denied any. He then said he wouldn't say anything else without his lawyer and before he left, he accused "Lucifer" of being a bad friend, much to Michael's confusion.

After Chloe called Dan Espinoza and told him the situation, Michael asked if he worried her even more when he asked Brody what he feared. However, much to his surprise, Chloe instead revealed that it helped her understand him. She said that she's finally come to realize that dishonesty and fear followed him and that she's accepted his change. She then headed back to the precinct, leaving Michael uncertain of his plans.[3]

Changing his Plans[]

As Michael and Chloe Decker looked through evidence in Ella Lopez's lab, they were disturbed by Ella waking up from a nap. Seeing that they could all use a break, Michael and Chloe went to get some coffee in the breakroom. While the two were preparing their drinks, Michael found himself getting seduced by Chloe, who even stuck her hand into his pocket all the way to his penis to get money for the vending machine.

Michael being seduced by Chloe Decker.

Chloe asked what Michael wanted, but the Archangel found himself too entranced in Chloe's seduction to give an answer. Chloe tells Michael that after accepting that he's changed, she's also come to realize that change can be a good thing, and that she likes the person he's become. She then suggests that after the case, she come over to Lux and the two finally have sex, to which Michael could only respond with a stuttery okay.

Michael exposes Linda Martin's fears.

The two then looked at each other through the vending machine when Chloe came to realization and ran back to the lab, leaving Michael still entranced. He was then greeted by Linda Martin, who demanded to know who was watching Hell. Michael assured her that it as fine, but Linda still wasn't convinced as she wanted more to insure Charlie's safety. Michael then picks up on Linda's fears of being a bad mother after that statement and uses his mojo to elevate her fears.

Michael soon took Linda out of his fear trance and assured her that Hell was being watched over. He then stared back at Chloe in Ella's lab and decided to change his plans from breaking Lucifer Morningstar's life to lure him back up to Earth to taking it from him. He then smiles to himself as he returned to Ella's lab to hear what Chloe's realization was involving the case.[3]

Catching the Killer[]

As Michael entered the lab, he overheard Ella Lopez find the killer wearing a spacesuit through the reflection of a vehicle. While he leaned in closer next to Chloe Decker, he then listened to her and Ella deduce that the killer was wearing an old spacesuit compared to the upgraded model that all the scientists wore. Chloe then realized where the suit is and she and Michael headed out.

Chloe took Michael to Sam Chavez's house, as he would have access to an old spacesuit from his time during the first Mars Project, and they waited for him to answer the door. When it seemed like it was too late, Chloe suggested they question him in the morning and headed back to her car. Michael, however, was to eager to sleep with her to wait another day, so he broke Chavez's door, much to Chloe's annoyance, as they didn't have a warrant to enter.

Michael just snickered as he entered the house, Chloe right behind him. The two then searched the house for the old spacesuit, but couldn't find it anyway. At the sound of a gun clocking, Michael quickly tackled her to safety before she was hit by a shotgun round. They dived behind a coach as Chavez fired again. After Chloe identified herself as LAPD, Chavez lowered the gun and the two got up to confront him for Judy's murder.

Chavez denied killing her, blaming it on Brody instead. Michael questioned why he thought Brody killed Judy, to which he answered that after Judy found out that the Mars Project was a publicity stunt, the two started working together to expose him, but she was to invested in the project so she confronted Brody and he believes he killed her for it.

Chloe questioned why he didn't tell them this sooner, but Chavez said it was to protect him from Brody. Michael, however, wasn't falling for his story as all the evidence pointed to him. When he asked what evidence, Chloe and Michael gave him the inventory of evidence against him, to which he accepted as his guilt. However, Mandy arrived from Chavez's bedroom with a knife and confessed to killing Judy.

Michael quickly realized that Chavez and Mandy were sleeping together just like Brody and Judy were. He then stood back and listened to Mandy give her reasons for killing Judy; paranoia that Chavez was having an affair with her. They then started talking about how Chavez was different after coming back from his trip to Mars, which Michael was able to pick up as mirroring him and Chloe and watched as Chloe arrested Mandy.[3]

Identity Exposed[]

Last Night as Lucifer[]

With the case over, Michael returned to the penthouse to prepare for his evening with Chloe Decker. When he heard the elevator open he assumed it was Chloe to be greeted by Mazikeen. As he went to get Lucifer Morningstar's jacket from Lucifer's chair, Maze tells him that she's come to stop him from completing his plan of sleeping with Chloe because she didn't deserve this.

Michael quietly subdues Mazikeen.

After returning to his normal demeaner, Michael agreed with Maze and told her that he's changed his plans of ruining Lucifer's life to instead taking it. Michael then surprised Maze by wrapping his arm around her throat and choked her out. He then hides her in the closet, chained, as Chloe enters, calling for him. He returns to his Lucifer façade and comes out to greet her.

Chloe asked him if he remembers the last time they were in Lucifer's penthouse, to which Michael confirmed. She then tells "Lucifer" that she meant her words of love to him that night before he returned to Hell. Michael, however, not knowing that Lucifer never actually said "I love you" back before leaving, lied and told her that he loved her.

Chloe then takes steps toward him and eases him on to the coach. She pulls out her necklace and says that she still wears it. Michael, however, didn't know what that was and simply confirmed what she had already said. She then tells Michael that once they make love, everything will change, to which Michael agreed with.

Michael is exposed by Chloe Decker.

As Chloe prepared to unbotton her shirt, she pulled out her gun and shot Michael in the leg; He fell to the ground. Chloe revealed that she shot him to prove he wasn't Lucifer just as she did to his brother to prove he was the Devil, to which Michael confirmed with no blood on either his leg or palm. Realizing the jig was up, Michael dropped the façade and asked how long she knew he wasn't really Lucifer.

Chloe told him that she suspected something was off from the moment she kissed him, but his lies were always too good. It was, however, after she saw him with Maze that she knew he wasn't Lucifer, as he would never have done that to her. She then raised her gun and demanded to know who he really was. Michael smiled at Chloe's cleverness and officially introduced himself, only for Chloe to shoot him again.

Michael reminded her that the bullets won't kill him because of his Invulnerability, but she continued to shoot him three times to make herself feel better. After she was finished, Michael asked if she ever really liked his behavior, but Chloe simply told him that he was nothing like Lucifer and didn't care why he was here, just that she was glad that all her fears that Lucifer changed were just that. She then bragged that what she and Lucifer have was special and no matter how many lies Michael tells, she would never lose faith in them.

Michael reveals Chloe Decker's status as a "Gift".

Annoyed that Chloe called him inferior to his twin, Michael revealed the circumstances of her birth and how God had her created to be Lucifer's "plaything" and nothing more. Even though Chloe claimed to not believe him, Michael could tell that some semblance of her did. She then demanded that Michael leave the penthouse, to which he obliged, smirking as he did so.[3]

Confronted by Amenadiel[]

Michael is outed by Amenadiel.

Michael sat at the bar in Lux and sipped a drink of clear alcohol. He was then approached by Amenadiel who called him out. Michael sarcastically congratulated him for figuring him out compared to back when they were in Heaven where it took much longer to figure out he was playing him. Amenadiel accused him of using fear to get inside his head that revealed his identity. He asked if their Father knew he was down on Earth, but Michael huffed, and told him that he can do what he wants.

Amenadiel insisted Michael return to the Silver City where he belonged, but Michael threatened to have Remiel return to bring Charlie to Heaven since he didn't belong down on Earth either. Amenadiel, however, wasn't afraid of Michael's empty threats and demanded he go home now. Michael finally agreed, deeming that Lucifer Morningstar's life sucked anyway.

As Michael headed towards the exit, Amenadiel called back to him and accused him of knowing everyone's fears, but everyone knew his; that Lucifer would always be better than him. Michael, however, denied such fears as their brother was the Devil and cast out of Heaven for all eternity. Amendiel still called him out on his fear as despite all that, he knew that he'd always win. Michael told his eldest brother that won't be the case anymore and vanished behind a crowd.[3]

Brother vs Brother[]

Michael and Lucifer Morningstar confront each other.

Upon learning about Michael's schemes, Amenadiel traveled to Hell to inform Lucifer Morningstar about their brother attempting to take over his life. Lucifer returned to Earth to stop him, where Michael was waiting for him at his penthouse. Now sporting a more casual look, Michael extended his wings to greet his twin, to which Lucifer did the same and the twins locked eyes after thousands of years.

Michael sarcastically welcomed Lucifer home before retracting his wings. To get under his skin, he referred to him as Samael as he asked how he liked all the chaos he made in his absence. Unfazed by Michael's taunting, Lucifer retracted his wings. Michael then asked if he wondered why he was here, but Lucifer didn't seem to care, as he thought it was Michael's typical move: trying to prove he's better then him, but never being able to think big.

Deciding it was time to reveal the truth behind Lucifer's rebellion to prove how big a thinker he was compared to Lucifer, he revealed that he implanted the idea of rebelling in his head. Though Lucifer laughed at Michael's gloating, as he would be essentially taking credit for his failed rebellion, Michael pointed out that the best part was that he never forced Lucifer to rebel, just gave him the idea, so his brother could keep all the blame for himself.

Though Lucifer claimed Michael was lying, the Archangel knew he believed him and then revealed that he was also responsible for his sexcapade with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and having him take a vacation to Earth. Lucifer deemed it was impossible for Michael to be responsible for all his biggest choices, but Michael revealed that it was easy to do so, as all it took was his manipulation and Lucifer's pathalogical-self-absorption to pull it off.

When Lucifer wanted to know why he did all that, Michael said it was because throughout their lives in Heaven, Lucifer always thought he was better then him, but now he knows he's just Samael. Now with the mention of his birthname hurting him, Lucifer demanded he stop calling him that, so, Michael referred to him as what Lucifer felt he was deep down - unworthy.

Michael flips his twin to the ground.

With that being the final straw, the twins charged at each other, both swing at the other. The force of the contact knocked them both back. Michael blocked Lucifer's punches, before the latter threw Michael to the floor. Michael got up and returned the favor; he threw him on to the broken piano. He then pulled Lucifer to his feet by the throat and tries to take a swing at him, but Lucifer dodged it.

Lucifer then drops them both on to the piano, where Lucifer strangles Michael, but he in return stuck his finger in Lucifer's right eye. This gave him the advantage to get on top of Lucifer. He punches Lucifer several times in the face, before Lucifer grabbed a piano string and wrapped it around Michael's throat. He then grabbed a piece of the piano and slammed it in the side of Michael's head.

Michael and Lucifer Morningstar reach a stalemate.

The two each grabbed a piece of the piano and hit each other with the pieces at the same time. As Michael staggered to his feet, Lucifer grabbed him by the knees, causing him to fall. Lucifer then got up and grabbed a much larger piece of the piano and slams Michael in the head. After a moment of stillness, Michael grabbed Lucifer and flipped him over his shoulder. The two laid side by side, with Michael grinning as they locked eyes.

Michael is scarred by Lucifer Morningstar to insure he couldn't impersonate him again.

They then get slowly on their hands and knees, with Michael still grinning at getting to Lucifer on a personal level. When he tried rushing him, Lucifer grabbed his head and slammed him into the floor. He then threw Michael into the stairs. He wraps his arm around Michael's throat, before proceeding to pull Mazikeen's Demon blade from the wall and scars Michael starting at the top of his left eyebrow and ending at his right nostril to insure he could never impersonate him again. Michael screams in agony.

Afterwards, Michael goes to Chloe Decker's apartment after she and Lucifer each left after a heated argument, and waited in the dark for Maze. When she finally arrived looking for Chloe, Michael, using his Lucifer impression, informed that she left a while ago. Maze apologizes to "Lucifer" for trying to stab him, only for Michael to reveal himself from the shadows, telling her she has every right to be mad at Lucifer.

Maze draws one of her Demon blades and prepares to cut out Michael's tongue, but he stops her by revealing that Lucifer is keeping a secret from her. Maze asks for the secret, but Michael insures her that she wouldn't believe him since he's a well known liar. He stands and instead tells her he can show her how to find out the truth for herself. He then smiles as he knew he had Maze hooked.[6] He tells her to use Trixie Espinoza to get Lucifer to tell the story about his ring which will reveal the truth about her mother, Lilith.[9]

Michael-Lucifer Conflict[]

Manipulating Dan Espinoza[]

Michael disappeared after telling Mazikeen the truth about her mother, presumably to formulate his next move into ruining Lucifer Morningstar's life on Earth. He decided to have Dan Espinoza discover the truth about Lucifer to both ruin his growing friendship with him[10] and to manipulate him into driving another wedge between Lucifer and Chloe Decker as their romantic relationship continued to evolve.[11]

Micheal exposes Lucifer Morningstar's identity to Dan Espinoza.

One night, while Lucifer and Dan were helping Amenadiel watch Charlie at Linda Martin's house, Lucifer threw his phone out the window, only for Michael to intercept it. Hours later, when Dan was heading back to his car, he received a phone call from Michael acting as Lucifer, telling him he forgot something at Linda's. Upon returning and looking through the window, Dan saw Lucifer's devil face and drove off in terror. Michael then appeared from behind a tree and dropped the phone; He smiled as he watched Dan drive off.[10]

The next day, Michael dressed in a white robe and pretended to descend down to meet Dan at the cemetery where he was speaking to Charlotte Richards about his fears of going to Hell. When Dan confused Michael for Lucifer, Michael assured him that he wasn't his twin, and lied that he gave him the scar he has because he hates that he is his opposite; the good to his bad. He introduced himself as the Archangel Michael; Dan recognized the name.

Michael manipulates Dan Espinoza into helping him.

Michael tells him that he is aware of his fears of going to Hell, but assured him that he can still redeem himself if he did what he said. He reached out for Dan to accept his offer.[2] When he did, he flew him to an abandon zoo so they could talk in private.[11] Michael manipulated Dan into believing that if he shoots Lucifer, he'll kill the Devil and be able to go to Heaven.[2] This, however, was just to prove his theory that Lucifer had chosen to become invulnerable around Chloe again, thus driving a wedge between them.[11]

Placing Doubt[]

After Dan Espinoza successfully proved his theory regarding Lucifer Morningstar's Invulnerability, Michael had Charlie become ill to convince Amenadiel that his son was mortal so he could have a nervous breakdown big enough to have God finally come down. He then kidnapped Chloe Decker while she was leaving a message to Lucifer regarding a case they were on, and took her to the abandoned zoo that he took Dan to. Before leaving, he smashed Chloe's computer to make Lucifer and the LAPD believe that it was the serial killer they were after who kidnapped Chloe. He locked her in a cage and left soon after.

The following day, he returned with her favorite drink, but she smacked out of his hand. Chloe demanded to know why she was here, but Michael assured that her current accommodations were temporary and just part of a bigger plan. Michael took this time to plant doubt in Chloe's mind regarding her relationship with Lucifer, but Chloe figured it was just more of him creating fear.

Maichael places doubt in Chloe Decker's head.

Michael, however, revealed he just exposes the fear that's already in people. Though Chloe was still resistant, Michael brought up that since Angels self-actualize, Lucifer not choosing to be vulnerable around her anymore could be a sign of his lack of commitment. When it seemed like she wouldn't budge, Michael brought up since Lucifer is a man of honesty, that means when he told her he loved her he meant it. Seeing that he finally got to her, he faked sympathy and told her that he had to run an errand, but assured her that he would return. As he left, he sarcastically told her to enjoy the cave.

Michael then went to the hospital where Charlie was being treated and greets Amenadiel. he questioned what he was doing here, and Michael claimed he was there to support him over Charlie's illness. Amenadiel didn't believe him, but Michael assured him that despite their difference, they were still family, including Charlie. He apologized for the news that Charlie simply had a normal cold, but Amenadiel told him that was good. Michael, however, informed if the realization that means for Charlie; that he is mortal and will get sick again and eventually die.

Upon Michael's return to the zoo, he found Mazikeen waiting for him, and Chloe gone. He was, however, not surprised, as this was the outcome he was expecting, all be it, earlier. Having enough of Michael's manipulations, Maze initially puts one of her Demon Daggers Forged In Hell to his throat to torture him for kidnapping Chloe, but Michael assured her that it was never his intention to hurt Chloe.

Michael convinces Mazikeen to join him against Lucifer Morningstar again.

Maze didn't believe him, however, so Michael reminded her that he has been the only one who's been honest with her; he told her about Lilith's connection to Lucifer ring. When that didn't convince her, he told her that if she helped him, she would eventually get what she wanted; a soul.[11] He promised that if she helped him cause enough mayhem, he could bring God down and grant her an audience with the one being who could give her a soul.[4]

Sibling Squabble[]

With Mazikeen back on his side, they went to the precinct, where time was completely frozen caused by Amenadiel having a breakdown over Charlie's mortality. He walked in on his and Lucifer Morningstar's conversation and was impressed by Amenadiel outdoing what Michael intended. He then mocked Lucifer's doomed relationship with Chloe Decker, but his twin didn't give in and demanded to know why he brought Amenadiel into his plans and what his endgame was.

Michael refused to answer in regards to his master plan, but told him that it wasn't his fault that Amenadiel freaked out over Charlie getting a simple cold. Michael's continued taunting made Lucifer realize that he was responsible for getting Charlie sick in the first place. Michael attempted to lie his way out of his accusation, but his brothers refused to buy into it any longer.

Michael goading Amenadiel's fears.

As Amenadiel approached him, Michael continued to try and defend himself by pointing out that it made more sense that Charlie was mortal and would eventually die then him somehow getting him sick. Lucifer attempted to ease Amenadiel's fears, but Michael continued to goad him into giving into his fears. Amenadiel eventually snapped and grabbed Michael, demanding to know why he was doing all this. Michael grew tired of being blamed for everything and reminded him that he impregnated Linda Martin, who he deemed was a "fifthly little Human".

This caused Amenadiel to punch Michael, which he just snickered at. He then continued to mock both Linda and Charlie, causing Amenadiel strike him again, only for Maze to appear and intercept him. Lucifer was confused as to why Maze was defending Michael, but she revealed that he promised her a soul. When Lucifer deemed that impossible because she was Demon, she kicked him into the bullpen to fight, while Michael handled Amenadiel.

Michael and Amenadiel fight.

Amenadiel threw Michael across the room. Michael got up and, after glancing at Lucifer and Maze's fight behind him, the two exchanged blows. As Michael blocked a downward strike from Amendiel, the latter became disgusted that he would use his infant son as one of his pawns. He then striked Michael back, only for the Archangel to exchange blows with his eldest brother yet again.

Michael is knocked to the ground.

Amenadiel then grabbed Michael by the shoulder and forced him down. Michael taunted him how easy it was to trigger him compared to turning all of Lucifer friends against him and got out of his grip. After Amenadiel knocked away several of Michael's punches, he knocked him into the air, then slams him on to the floor. Michael just laughs at the pain he was in, so Amenadiel slammed his fist into his chest.

Michael headbutts Amenadiel.

Getting back up, Michael stepped on to Amendiel's foot to pin him while he headbutted him. While he was recovering from his attack, he tried to punch his face, but Lucifer intercepted his fist long enough for Amenadiel to instead punch him in the face hard enough to send their weaselly brother flying into the stairs. Dazed, Michael smirked at his brother's little teamwork and got to his feet to continue the fight.

He blocked punches from both his brothers, before hitting each of them in the gut. Lucifer then threw Michael backwards. After Maze entered the fight, Michael called on her for one of her Demon Daggers. She did as requested and he threw the blade at a frozen police officer, causing Lucifer to intercept the blade before it could kill the unexpecting officer.

Michael is stunned by God's arrival.

While Lucifer was distracted, both Michael and Maze focused their attention on Amenadiel. After Lucifer subdued Maze, Michael gripped the throats of both his brothers, who strangle him in return. Michael got out of their shared grip and extended his wings, with Lucifer Amenadiel following suit. As the battle was about to continue, God appeared in Human form to halt the fighting. Even though it was his plan for God to show up, he was just as surprised as his brothers were that their Father actually showed.[11]

The three brothers staggered at the sight of their Father in Human form before they all retracted their wings. Michael immediately portrayed himself as the victim and tried to vilify his brothers by showing the scar that he suffered from Lucifer while on Earth. Although Lucifer offered his own rebuttals, Amenadiel decided to take responsibility due to his status as the eldest sibling and stated that he shouldn't have lost control of his powers by stopping time.

Michael tauntingly offers to embrace Lucifer Morningstar in front of God.

God ultimately doesn't care who is at fault and states that He wants His sons to get along regardless of what's happened since they're family. Michael, trying to take advantage of the situation and stay on his Father's good side, attempts to embrace his brothers. While Amenadiel reluctantly accepts it, Lucifer disagrees due to Michael's actions and angrily leaves the precinct. After he left, Michael noticed Maze hiding behind a desk, mouthing know to him. He shakes his head so she continued to hide.[4]

Family Dinner[]

In an attempt to reunite the family, God decided to make dinner at Linda Marin's house and has Michael, Lucifer Morningstar, and Amenadiel join Him. He sent Michael to Florence in order to get chocolate as part of dinner preparations. After the meal was made, Michael and Amenadiel sat a attendance, though Lucifer was nowhere to be seen. Michael apologized to their Father in regards to Lucifer, but wasn't surprised, as he didn't feel he was mature enough, but at that moment, Lucifer arrived with soufflé.

After Lucifer was seated at the end of the table opposite to God and Linda took her seat, the family dinner began. Michael prepared to dig in to the chicken, complimenting his Father's cooking, but Lucifer halted him, reminding him that they should say grace. With Linda volunteering, Michael listened to Linda droll off all the things she's grateful for to God, before Lucifer cut her off and finished it. With that, they began eating.

Michael at a family dinner.

Michael served himself some chicken, noting how wonderful it is to share a dinner together as a family. He then intentionally makes it look like he was handing the chicken plate to Lucifer, before skipping over him and handing it instead to Linda. After a quick glance with his twin, Michael prepared to serve himself some veggies before being halted by Linda exclaiming how good the food was.

Michael was then caught off guard by Lucifer complimenting him, only to realize he was using it as a means to note everything he did on Earth in front of their Father. Lucifer asked him to then pass the chicken, which he obliged. As he did, he told him that he wasn't going to ruin this dinner, referring to him as Samael. Lucifer countered by calling him by his birthname, Mi-ka-el, which got under his skin.

Lucifer then started asking God all sorts of questions, including why Hell no longer needed a warden, which Michael just scowled at, but waited to hear God's answer. He simply stated that He had a good reason, which Lucifer was annoyed by the vagueness of it all. Michael grew tired of Lucifer's complaining, as he bitterly states he received his own kingdom as a reward for rebelling against their Father.

This caused Lucifer to become furious that Michael thought of being forced to torture souls for eternity was a reward. He stood up and walked over to Michael's spot, saying he had it easy. Michael states that he's spent his entire life in the worst kind of Hell that there is. Lucifer questioned what could've been worse, to which Michael spitefully got up into Lucifer's face and reveals to be sharing a face with his twin brother

Michael expressing his hate to Lucifer Morningstar.

He explained that since Lucifer is the Lightbringer, it forced him to continuously live in his shadow. Lucifer refused to feel sympathy for him as they both dealt the same hand, face, and shoulder, then mocked Michael self-actualizing the chip on it, before stating that he only had himself to blame for who he was. Michael, however, still chose to blame Lucifer for his fate, and before things could escalate, God silences them by causing a power outage and thunderstorm.

Embarrassed by the way he acted, Michael returned to his seat, as did Lucifer. After God made His disappointment known, Michael became confused as Linda started laughing esoterically over finally figuring out why everything tastes like chicken; it's God's favorite. He then sat in silence as Lucifer berated God for being a bad father, but when Lucifer wanted to ask one simple question and get one simple answer, Michael assured their Father that He didn't have to answer, but God raised his hand towards him to silence him. God told Lucifer to ask the question

Lucifer asked if He loved his children, which actually had Michael's attention, as he seemed to what to know the answer to that question as much as Lucifer did. God, however, just states that if He had to tell them that, then He had failed in raising them. Lucifer then leaves after stating that God is incapable of love, leaving Michael, Amenadiel, and Linda silent, before Linda awkwardly offered more wine.[4]

Banished from Earth[]

Michael is banished from Earth.

The following day, Michael returned to Linda Martin's where he greets Amenadiel and asked if God's ready to return to Heaven with him. God refuses and states that He will stay on Earth longer. When Michael tried to stay with Him, God didn't think that was a good idea. Michael questioned what He was talking about, only for God to deem that Michael was no longer welcome on Earth, effectively banishing him. When Michael questioned why he was being punished, God replied that he's wasn't, and Michael ultimately left in a huff.

Wanting to say goodbye to Mazikeen before he left, he waited at Lux for her to track him down. When Maze finally arrived, she questioned why he wasn't running from her, only for him to offer her a drink, but she smacked the glass from his hand. She states that he promised her a soul if she helped him, but never got one, but Michael reminded her that all he promised was an audience with God.

Michael says goodbye to Mazikeen.

After receiving another drink, Michael figured Maze's conversation didn't go well, and asked what annoyingly arbitrary and inscrutable answer did He give her, and was annoyed by what it was. Maze realized he wanted her to find him and asked why. He told her that he was leaving and wanted to say goodbye since she was the one person on Earth that he sort of liked. He then apologized that she didn't get what she wanted, which she returned. Michael then claimed it wasn't over for him, and flew back to Heaven before Maze could respond.[4]

Battle for Supremacy[]

Power Grab[]

While in Heaven, Michael became aware of their Father's antics on Earth, including making everyone sing and dance[12], losing His powers, and exploding Dan Espinoza, only to put him back together again.[13] He used this to spread rumors around the Silver City that God was loosing control of His abilities to make them believe he would be better suited to be His successor. When God announced His retirement, Michael remained in Heaven, while the other Angels went down to Earth to attend God's retirement party, due to his banishment.

Wanting the Flaming Sword to insure his victory over the inevitable war and get God out of the picture so he could return to Earth, he had Gabriel due a favor for Lucifer Morningstar when he asks her to deliver a message to Goddess in Her new universe that God's retiring so that He would ultimately choose to retire to Her universe for eternity once they reunite. And, while there, Gabriel could retrieve the Blade of Death and the Medallion of Life.

Michael receives the Blade of Death.

As predicted, God chose to retire with Goddess to Her universe, leaving it up to the Angels to decide whether Michael or Lucifer would become the new God. Now free to return to Earth, Michael met Gabriel at a remote location, after intentionally giving her a scare. In response to Michael's prank, Gabriel carelessly tossed Azrael's blade to Michael, which he narrowly dodged. Picking it up, Michael commented that their sister should've kept a better eye on her blade and smiled at his impending victory.[7]

A Golden Opportunity[]

Now only needing the third part of the blade, the key made out of Amenadiel's necklace, Michael hired Vincent Le Mec and his crew to find it.[14] When Michael learned that Vincent had captured Dan Espinoza, he realized he had the perfect opportunity to get Lucifer Morningstar back to Hell; he have Vincent kill Dan so that Chloe Decker's guilt over his death would condemn her to Hell, and Lucifer would go with her and have her as his Queen.[15] He called Vincent and ordered him to perform the deed, while also informing him that the police were aware of his location.[14]

Offering an Olive Branch[]

The day before the election, Michael went to Lux to make Lucifer Morningstar the offer. He sat down at his piano and starts playing it off-key to get his attention. Enraged by Michael's role in Dan Espinoza's death, Lucifer marched over and slammed Michael on to the piano. Michael assured him that he wasn't there to fight, but Lucifer sure was, showing his Devil eyes as a response. Michael reminded him that fight would endanger all the Humans present, so Lucifer let Michael up.

Michael makes Lucifer Morningstar an offer.

Michael then gloats that there's no point in fighting as he's already won. He lies that he's assembled the Flaming Sword and points out that the majority of Angels are on his side now. Lucifer questions why he's here, so Michael gets to the point and makes him an offer to avoid violence to keep their siblings safe; He takes the Throne of Heaven and Lucifer returns to the Throne of Hell as its ruler, all be it, however he preferred to.

Lucifer denies his offer, so Michael reveals the best part; Chloe Decker will be down there as well so they could be together. Lucifer thought Michael was crazy as even if he became God he wouldn't have the power to force her soul down there, as only someone's guilt can take them to Hell. Michael states that's the point; the father of her daughter was killed because of a case he was working for her.

Realizing that this was part of Michael's plan all along, Lucifer asked if he ordered the mercenaries to kidnap Dan, but Michael said that was a happy accident, but he did give the order to kill him when he heard that they had him. Horrified of what his twin has down, Lucifer headbutted Michael to the floor and blamed Michael for Dan being in Hell, though Michael blamed Dan himself for not getting over his own guilt.

Michael stops Lucifer Morningstar's punch.

Lucifer attempted to punch Michael in retribution, but he stopped it. He told him to stop focusing on the past and instead focus on his future with Chloe. Seeing Lucifer needed time, he told him that the vote was tomorrow and that he was holding it on Earth so he could attend since he was banished from Heaven. Michael then told him that he was offering him the chance at a happy ending, and that he should take it and left Lux.[15]

Acquiring the Last Piece[]

Michael soon got word where the last piece of the Flaming Sword was; in the hands of TJ Ross at an abandoned beer factory. However, he discovered that Remiel had been spying for Lucifer Morningstar this entire time and learned of the piece's location as well, so he stabbed her with the Blade of Death so she wouldn't be able to tell their brother. She did, however, managed to make it to Lucifer before being eradicated.

Michael slices TJ Ross's throat.

When Michael arrived at the abandoned beer factory, he found Lucifer about to fight Ibriel and Raziel after failing to impersonate him to get the piece. While they were distracted, Michael snuck up behind TJ and sliced his throat, gaining the others attention. As he picked up the necklace piece, Lucifer revealed that Michael murdered Remiel, much their horror, though Michael claimed he did what he had to.

As he was about to ignite the sword to kill Lucifer, he was shot in the back by Chloe Decker. He turned and greeted her before reminding her that bullets can't kill him, as he dropped it to the ground. Chloe smirked and stated that it wasn't meant to kill him, but to distract him. Michael turned back to where Lucifer was, only to find him gone. He turned back to Chloe, who had also disappeared, though Michael wasn't worried as he now had the completed Flaming Sword.[15]

Casting the Votes[]

The day of the election, dressed in black lither armor, Michael gathered the Angels in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where Lucifer Morningstar's team arrived. Michael was some what surprised that they actually showed up, but asked if they were ready to except him as the new God. While Amenadiel assured him that they were, Michael wanted to hear it from Lucifer, who never lies.

It seemed as though Lucifer was accepting Michael as God, much to his delight, only for him to turn it into a way to insult his armor. He demanded a vote, which Michael found ridiculous, but went along with it anyway. He asked the gathered Angels if there was anyone who wasn't going to vote for him, twice, and when they remained silent, he figured that signaled his victory.

Lucifer, instead, decided to tell them all the truth about why he wants to be God, but before he could, Zadkiel revealed it for him; for the love of Chloe Decker. This causes Michael, and all the Angels to laugh at how ridiculous that was. However, much to Michael's surprise, Zadkiel found it was the best reason one could have to be God and sided with Lucifer. He asked who would join him, and to Michael annoyance, Raziel followed suit.

Michael self declares himself God.

However, after a few moments, no other Angel sided with Lucifer, which meant Michael had the numbers. He declares himself God and looked toward the sky expecting something to happen. When nothing did, he asked Gabriel if their Father did say it was up to them to decide. Gabriel figured it had to be a unanimous vote, which Michael agreed with, so he opted to take out all the opposing votes. In response to this Raziel scurried back over to Michael's side.[15]

Ala a Ala[]

Lucifer Morningstar's team then started to stall them by singing and dancing U Can't Touch This, much to Michael's confusion. He frowned at Gabriel when she started to follow suit, believing it was God who was making them sing and dance. Figuring they were stalling, Michael ordered them to stop. At that moment, Mazikeen arrived with an army of Demons and Eve by her side to back Lucifer up.

Michael orders his forces to fight.

Michael found it cute, and ordered Ibriel and another Angel to ascend to the skies for battle. Michael urges Lucifer to have Chloe Decker leave so she wouldn't get hurt, but Chloe just pulled out her gun in response. Michael chucked at how Chloe can't remember that bullets can't hurt them, only to be surprised when shot down Ibriel and the other Angel with ease. She revealed that she melted down one of Maze's Demon Daggers to make bullets.

Michael ignites the Flaming Sword.

To avoid bloodshed amongst their siblings, Lucifer suggests he and Michael just fight each other and if Michael won, he would give him his full support and return to Hell for eternity. Michael stated that if they do this, it would be a fight to the death, which Lucifer reluctantly agreed to. Michael ignited the Flaming Sword, and as he was about to make the first strike, Lucifer punched him and shoved him backwards.

Michael swung the sword at him, but he dodged it, but ended up cutting Lucifer's abdomen. He then hits Lucifer with the sword, knocking him to the ground, and kicks him in the ribs. Amenadiel threw Lucifer Zadkiel's staff, which he used to block one of Michael's blows. Michael laughed at the "stick" his twin using in battle, only for Lucifer to headbutt him and smacks him with the staff, sending him into the air.

They unveil their wings and continue the battle in the air. Michael continues to swing the Flaming Sword at Lucifer, but he blocked his blows with the staff. Lucifer jabs Michael in the chest with the end of the staff, before he stomps downward on Michael with both feet, but he shoves him off. He swings the Flaming Sword wildly at Lucifer as he fended off the attacks with the staff.

Michael tries to kill Lucifer Morningstar.

Michael follows after Lucifer when shot higher into the sky. He rains down blows on to the staff, eventually breaking it in half. Lucifer falls to the concrete in front of the arched entrance. Michael stands over, bidding his brother farewell, and swings the sword down, only for Lucifer to grab Michael's hands, halting him. As they struggle, Michael tells him that he would never to take sword away from, only to be surprised by Chloe taking the key out, causing the blade to fall to the ground.

Michael kills Chloe Decker with Zadkiel's staff.

Michael grabbed one of the pieces of Zadkiel's staff and chased after Chloe. While Chloe was distracted letting Lucifer know she had the piece, Michael came up from behind and stabbed her in the stomach with the staff, much to Lucifer's horror. As Lucifer cradled the dying Chloe, Michael stood back in surprise of how devastated Lucifer was and dropped the piece of the staff to the ground.

Michael reminded Lucifer that he gave her the chance to leave, but tried to comfort him that Chloe made peace with her guilt in her final moments, which meant she made it to Heaven, though that meant Lucifer would never see her again. After Michael insisted that he should've taken his offer, Lucifer declared he was going to Heaven to save her. Michael urged him not to since would die if he tried to go to Heaven. Lucifer didn't care and Michael watched him fly to Heaven. After Lucifer left, his forces engaged Michael's in battle.[15]


Michael is beaten by a resurrected Chloe Decker.

Michael watched the battle, only to have Chloe Decker resurrect. Although shocked that Lucifer Morningstar had succeeded in reviving her, Michael relished in a second chance to kill her with the Blade of Death. However, Chloe still had a hold of the key which granted her superhuman strength and she threw Michael around with just one hand and beat him into submission. Before Chloe could kill Michael with the blade with Michael egging her to do it, Lucifer suddenly returned and stopped her.

Michael is given a second chance.

Lucifer ordered his shocked brother to kneel and reunited the Flaming Sword, apparently to execute Michael for his crimes as Michael knelt and extended his wings. As Michael closed his eyes, preparing for the death blow, Lucifer instead used the Flaming Sword to slice off Michael's wings. Lucifer declared that there would be no more killing and that during his time on Earth, he'd learned that everyone deserved a second chance, even Michael.

Realizing that Lucifer has succeeded in replaced their Father as the new ruler of the Universe, Amenadiel led everyone in bowing before the new Sovereign of Heaven. After everyone else, Michael limped over and joined the others in bowing before his twin. While Amenadiel, Mazikeen, and Eve all smiled at Lucifer's accomplishment, Michael stared at Lucifer, humiliated over him proving once and for all that he is the superior twin.[15]

A Second Chance[]


Michael scrubbing the floors of Hell.

Following his defeat, Michael was imprisoned in Hell by Lucifer Morningstar where he was sentenced to clean the floors with a toothbrush. The Demons were under strict orders not to talk to Michael. His future niece, Aurora Morningstar, visited Hell in hopes of learning what Michael did wrong in taking down Lucifer in order to keep from making the same mistakes. Despite calling out to him, Michael ignored her and a Demon directed her to Dan Espinoza instead.[16]

Therapy Session[]

Michael would eventually end up in the therapy office in Hell, sitting across from Lucifer Morningstar to continue his path to redemption.[17]


Michael seemed to have finally served his sentence, as by the time Aurora Morningstar is an adult, she is aware of her uncle, though not close with, deeming him to be "the worst".[16]


You see, you pride yourself on exploiting everyone's fears, but we've always known yours. You're terrified that Lucifer is better than you. That he'll always be better than you.
Amenadiel to Michael
in "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!"

Michael is the polar opposite of Lucifer.

Michael serves as the antithesis to everything Lucifer Morningstar stands for, personifying all the qualities you would expect from the Devil that the world made him out to be. His ambitions largely involve causing havoc in Lucifer's life as well as those around him. It can be assumed that his reputation as a master manipulator and deceiver is largely well known in Heaven, due to Amenadiel's open disdain for him, most notable when Linda Martin suggests naming their baby 'Michael'. Michael is shown to have an extremely narcissistic and egotistical personality, which serves as a disguise to his childish insecurities about his perception of Lucifer being the better twin. Michael has shown to be jealous of Lucifer and has constantly tried to prove that he is better by causing harm to his brother. He is visibly distraught when confronted by Amenadiel at Lux about what his biggest fear is and always was, Lucifer being better than him. When Lucifer and Michael confront each other at Linda's house, Michael describes sharing a face with Lucifer as the "greatest hell that there is", and believes that he's been overshadowed by his brother since they were born. Michael is skilled at picking at a person's weak spot such as taunting Lucifer by addressing him by his real name and deliberately having Chloe Decker question the sincerity of her relationship with Lucifer. Not only that, but he has proven to be unreliable, constantly working at an angle and sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of others. Using a web of lies mixed up with truths makes it very hard to realize when he is honest. He is highly skilled in revealing fears in other people and using that to manipulate their actions to his gain.

Michael displays a superiority complex similar to that of Amenadiel's as he seemingly believes himself to be be better than his fellow Angels, which is shown when he brags to his eldest brother about being the closest to their Father, and that he can do whatever he pleases. Michael's open disdain for humanity also reflects the condescending nature that many Angels possess once setting foot on Earth, which is evident by Amenadiel's behavior throughout his quest to send Lucifer back to Hell as well as Remiel's when she tried to take Amenadiel's son, Charlie to Heaven. Michael is displayed to be extremely manipulative, self-seeking, and ruthlessly ambitious in pursuit of achieving his goals. According to Lucifer, Michael has always been cowardly in his tactics of manipulation, and would always receive retribution from those that he deceived in Heaven, mostly from Amenadiel. As time progressed, it is clear that Michael's sadistic nature has only grown since then, as he finds pleasure in using his nephew Charlie as a pawn to psychologically torment Amenadiel. In contrast to Lucifer's "all bark and no bite" belief about him, Michael has proven to go at even greater lengths in acting on his threats as he manages to successfully damage Lucifer's relationship with Chloe, convince Dan Espinoza to shoot Lucifer, and bring Mazikeen to his side. He also was willing to break the rule in Heaven about killing Humans, as Michael threw one of Maze’s Demon Daggers at an officer during the fight in the precinct and would have killed him if Lucifer hadn’t intercepted it. Michael would later kill TJ Ross who had the last piece of the Flaming Sword without hesitation, as well as mortally wounding Chloe during his war with Lucifer, showing how little he cares for Humans and even the rule that Angels cannot kill Humans. Additionally, his ability to kill Remiel for siding with Lucifer by posing as a spy indicates that he's willing to do whatever it takes to pursue his ambitions, and that includes killing his siblings. His sadism carries on to his fighting style as well, as every time he gets knocked down or punched by Lucifer or Amenadiel, he can be seen grinning and laughing, seemingly thrilled by the pain inflicted upon him.

Michael's relationship with God is very similar to that of Amenadiel's in the sense that he deeply cares about getting His approval and affection. Due to his ability to manipulate others without them knowing it, he has proven to be better at winning their Father's affection which is clearly evident by the fact that he was the only Angel to have a direct line to Him when Amenadiel left Heaven. When God arrived on Earth to stop the fighting between His sons from escalating any further, Michael is the first to visibly embrace his Father's vision of family values, and tries to hug his siblings despite hating Lucifer. When God effectively banishes Michael from Earth, presumably to work on His relationship with Lucifer without any potential interference, Michael is visibly distraught and immediately questions why he's being punished. Ironically, Michael shares the same feelings of contempt for God that his twin does, as he also believes their Father to be rather insincere and unclear most of the time. This is clearly evident when he questions Maze as to what "annoyingly arbitrary and inscrutable answer" God gave her when she asked for a soul. This effectively explains why Michael was readily comfortable in manipulating God into making Him believe that He was losing control of His powers. This also shows just how hypocritical Michael can be, as while he scorned Lucifer for trying to take over as the new God in his failed rebellion, he was doing the exact same thing with his manipulations to their Father. He is able to mask his real emotions for his family in a much more calculative manner than Lucifer is able to, which is most likely due to the fact that Lucifer never lies. Moreover, it can be assumed that he does not care for Goddess since he resides in Heaven and was mentioned by Amenadiel to be the closest to their Father out of all their siblings currently.

Despite his cruel personality, Michael does not appear to be entirely remorseless. When he mortally wounded Chloe, Michael stopped fighting upon seeing the impact that it had upon Lucifer and watched possibly with some sympathy as Chloe died in his arms. Rather than taking the opportunity to taunt his brother, Michael attempted to justify himself by pointing out that he had tried to get Lucifer to make Chloe leave and even attempted to comfort Lucifer a bit with the revelation that Chloe had most likely made it into Heaven after all. However, upon her resurrection, Michael relished in the chance to kill her a second time, this time using Azrael's Blade which would make her death permanent as the blade would eradicate Chloe from existence. While he utterly hates Lucifer, he does seem to try to avoid killing him, constantly persuading Lucifer to go back to Hell or to stay out of his way in order to avoid bloodshed. It is only when Lucifer confronted Michael that he chose to kill him. Even then, he tried to convince Lucifer not to risk going to Heaven to save Chloe, outright stating he'd die if he tried to go there. After he was defeated, Michael bowed to Lucifer after it became clear that Lucifer was the new God.

During his imprisonment, Michael became a shell of what he once was, as he deliberately ignored Aurora Morningstar's attempts to speak to him about destroying Lucifer when she visited Hell. It is also unlikely that Michael changed his ways as Rory referred to him as "the worst" in her timeline, which indicates that despite serving out his sentence and possibly reconciling with his twin, he is beyond significant redemption.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Archangel Physiology: As an Archangel, Michael is extremely powerful and has their physiology, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, reflexes, intelligence, and senses, immortality, invulnerability, indestructibility, eternal youth, dimensional travel, and a regenerative healing factor. He also has their weaknesses. Michael is powerful enough among Angels that even Amenadiel recognizes his strength. After Lucifer Morningstar severed his wings with the Flaming Sword, Michael's power was weakened as he lost all of the powers that came with having wings.

    Michael fighting Lucifer and Amenadiel.

    • Superhuman Strength: Michael is incredibly strong, capable of exerting vast amounts of superhuman physical force, and has displayed immense levels of superhuman strength. He was able to completely break a gun in half, smashing a man's head through a wall, and quickly and easily choking out Mazikeen. He has shown himself to be strong enough to hold his own against both Amenadiel and Lucifer for a short time. He and his twin, Lucifer, are shown to be roughly equal in strength at full power, though Lucifer was able to get the upper hand in their fight at Lux, indicating that he's a better fighter than Michael.
    • Superhuman Speed: Like all Angels, Michael is extraordinarily fast, he is much faster than Humans, Demons, animals, and other beings, he can appear and disappear with a blink of an eye.
    • Invulnerability: Michael, like all Angels, is virtually indestructible, has a highly durable body, and he cannot be harmed by conventional means. Only things that could kill him are Demon Daggers Forged In Hell and the Flaming Sword. When Chloe Decker shot him on two separate occasions, Michael just shrugged it off, with only little annoyance. During his fight with Amenadiel and Lucifer, he was able to withstand and quickly recover from most of their very powerful attacks, kicks, and punches. Michael, like all Angels is significantly far more durable than Demons, animals, Humans, and most beings and creatures in the Universe.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Michael, like all Angels, has incredible superhuman reflexes, capable of dodging, and countering incoming attacks at immense speeds.
    • Immortality: Michael, like all Angels, is immortal. He's immune to aging and illnesses. Like his Angel siblings, he's billions of years old.
    • Photokinesis: Michael was shown to create heavenly light behind him, when he revealed himself to Dan Espinoza.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Michael heals much faster than Humans, animals, and Demons. He can heal any injuries within minutes. He was able to rapidly heal from the wound Lucifer severely inflicted on his face from a Demon dagger although it has not disappeared, and caused a scar.
    • Fear Exhibition: Michael can make people admit their deepest fears, similar to Lucifer's desire mojo. He also appears to be able to cause their fears to manifest. He seems to sense certain fears in an individual, and can quickly expose their fears, and can hypnotize them to admit any or all of their fears. There are moments where he didn't ask what they truly fear but be able to bring fear out of them.
    • Biokinesis : Lucifer accused Michael to be the one responsible for simulating Charlie's common cold symptoms simply to psychologically torture Amenadiel.
    • Spirit Communication: Michael, like all Angels, can communicate with Ghosts.
    • Desire Exhibition Resistance: Michael, like all Angels, is immune to Lucifer's desire mojo.

Former Powers[]

  • Michael flying down to greet Dan Espinoza.

    Flight: Michael's Angel wings allowed him to fly. He could fly as fast or faster than the speed of light in which he would seemingly disappear from the Human eye, in a similar manner, akin to teleportation. Michael used this ability to both fly Chloe Decker from danger and appear to Dan Espinoza in the cemetery in a holy bright light. He also used this ability for combat purposes, such as fighting Lucifer Morningstar in the air for a period of time. However, Michael lost this ability in the final battle with Lucifer, when his wings were cut off.
    • Dimensional Travel: When Michael possessed his wings, he was able to travel between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. He lost this ability when his wings were severed by Lucifer, using the Flaming Sword.
    • Resurrection: Michael, like all Angels, can bring people back from the dead using his wings to fly down to Hell or up to Heaven and put their souls back into their respected bodies or a recent vacant one. He lost this ability when his wings were severed.


  • Michael deflecting Lucifer's punch.

    Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: In contrast to what Lucifer Morningstar and Amenadiel originally believed, Michael had become an extremely skilled combatant. He was able to swiftly subdue Mazikeen and Chloe Decker within a matter of seconds. He fought Lucifer in his penthouse and was usually able to get the most punches in before his twin finally defeated him. During his fight against Lucifer and Amenadiel in the precinct, he proved capable of holding his own against them reasonably well. He has shown to be very relentless in a fight, constantly getting up despite being knocked down by his brothers multiple times. Before God arrived to halt the fighting, Michael seemed confident enough to fight both Lucifer and Amenadiel with their wings unleashed, showing that he may have believed that he could've defeated them on his own at full power. During his final fight with Lucifer, Michael fought his twin fiercely, both on the ground and in the air, managing to get the upper hand for most of the fight due to possessing the Flaming Sword. Had Chloe not interfered, Michael most likely would've won the fight.
  • Psychological Warfare Mastery: Michael is an almost unparalleled manipulator who specializes in using a combination of deception, hard truths as well as his opponents' fear to turn them against each other. This is evident by Maze's shift to his side, Lucifer torturing himself for not being able to find Chloe, Dan Espinoza's nervous breakdown as well as Chloe's existential crisis after revealing why she was created. His ability to prey on the fears of his enemies indirectly gives him the power to weaken other Angels due to their tendency to self-actualize, making him an extremely dangerous foe. Michael's ability to manipulate events was so great that he was able to to trick Lucifer into rebelling against God, and other nefarious acts just by whispering in peoples' ears, orchestrating a careful coincidence, and using Lucifer's own pathalogical self-absorption. He was even able to trick God into believing that He was losing control of His powers to manipulate Him into retiring so he could take His place as the Sovereign of Heaven.
  • Bilingualism: Michael is able to speak and understand both Spanish as well as English.
  • Skilled Detective: While impersonating Lucifer, Michael was able to use his power of fear exhibition to deduce information from suspects in the murder case. Although not as experienced as Lucifer or Chloe, he was able to fulfill his role as a traditional detective without causing major suspicion, despite lacking his brother's unpredictable and impulsive attitude.
  • Skilled Impersonator of Lucifer Morningstar: Michael has been able to impersonate his twin brother Lucifer at a significantly exceptional degree. He was able to make his attire look the same as well as mimic his accent and mannerisms without causing major suspicion, even managing to fool Maze and Amenadiel with the façade. Despite copying his attire and accent, Michael isn't able to impersonate some of Lucifer's core personality traits such as his impulsive tendencies, flirty nature, and natural wit, which ultimately made the façade less reliable when interacting with Chloe.
  • Sword Mastery: Michael is an experienced swordsman. He recovered the Blade of Death, the primary component of the Flaming Sword, with the help of Gabriel. He used the blade to eradicate Remiel, a fiercely powerful warrior, from existence. After he assembled the completed Flaming Sword, he was instantly able to wield the sword with experience as he manageed to wound Lucifer very early in their fight, who struggled to hold his own until getting ahold of Zadkiel's staff. The Flaming Sword allowed Michael to maintain the upper hand for most of his final fight with Lucifer.


  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Lucifer Morningstar was able to cause injury to Michael with one of these daggers.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Supernatural beings can harm one another. Both Lucifer and Amenadiel were easily able to physically harm Michael, with Lucifer restraining Michael without Michael being able to get out of his grip at the end of their fight while Amenadiel had the upper hand for the majority of their altercation and easily knocked him around with his blows. Even Mazikeen was able to at least temporarily restrain Michael, though she caught him off-guard and it was unclear how long she could have held him had she not released him first.
  • Self-Actualization: All Angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his wings and Lucifer regaining his Angel wings despite cutting them off. It is revealed that Michael self-actualized the "chip on his shoulder" with Lucifer, which effectively served as the reason why he looks like he has a shoulder injury and a broken wing. Michael appears to believe deep down that he doesn't deserve his wings after Lucifer cut them off, as even after a thousand years in Hell, he had yet to grow them back.
  • Blade of Death: Michael can be eradicated by the Blade of Death.
  • Flaming Sword: Michael can be eradicated by the completed Flaming Sword. In addition, the key granted Chloe Decker superhuman strength that enabled her to effortlessly overpower Michael.
  • Demon Bullets: Michael can easily be killed by the bullet version of the Demon daggers.

Physical Appearance[]

Michael's Scar

Michael and his raven black wings.

Michael's appearance is identical to Lucifer Morningstar's. He was able to trick several characters into thinking that he is Lucifer. Once exposed as a Lucifer imposter, Michael adopted a more causal look. While still mimicking Lucifer's fashion, Michael wears less classy fabrics, opting for cheaper and comfortable ones. The most notable difference is he replaces the dress shirt with a turtleneck. Michael also briefly displays himself with Angelic Robes when revealing himself to Dan Espinoza. After he is outed after posing as Lucifer, Michael's hair is slightly more unkempt than his brother's, and he now sports a large scar over his face which starts above his left eyebrow, crosses his nose, and ends at his right cheek. He seems to possess a crooked right shoulder with it being noticeably higher than his left due to his self-actualization of who he is compare to Lucifer. His Angel wings are black in contrast to Lucifer's white and his right wing is slightly damaged, missing several feathers. This is shown even with his wings retracted, as his right shoulder is noticeably higher than his left.


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  • Dashed lines denote romantic relationships
  • denote deceased individuals

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Chloe Decker
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  • In the comics Michael's a supporting protagonist and Lucifer and Michael respect each other. His personality and role in the show is much like that of Amenadiel's comic counterpart.
  • In the comics Michael's last name is "Demiurgos" whose etymology corresponds to the name given by the Platonists to the God who creates the world, constitutes the beings (it is a being identical and/or complementary to the being that the Platonists call the spirit).
  • Amenadiel is known to dislike Michael to the point his name disturbs him. Linda Martin almost named Charlie, "Michael" in season 4 but Amenadiel decided against it because he knew Lucifer's disgust and anger at that name.[18]
  • During Michael's introduction, he is seen whistling the TV series's theme song.
  • When visiting Lucifer Morningstar at Hell, Amenadiel mentions Michael being the closest to their Father currently as well as the only sibling that has a direct line to him. However in previous seasons, it was widely known and stated by Amenadiel himself that he was indeed God's favorite son, as well as main messenger. This may indicate that Michael has taken Amenadiel's spot in Heaven as God's favorite since Amenadiel no longer resides there, while also suggesting that he was prevented from moving up the ranks by Amenadiel when the latter would reside there.
  • Unlike Lucifer, Michael is shown to be quite miserly and tight when it comes to money.
  • After Michael is exposed, he starts wearing loose-fitting tweed jackets and turtlenecks, which is similar to one of Lucifer's looks in the comics.
  • The scar Lucifer gives Michael with one of Mazikeen's Demon daggers is a reference to the comics where Maze scars Lucifer's face with a blade in a similar way.
  • At the start of "A Chance at a Happy Ending", Michael plays an off-key version of the popular Jazz song Heart And Soul at Lux, which is meant as mockery, as it was performed as a piano duet by Lucifer and Chloe Decker in "A Priest Walks Into a Bar".
  • After seeing Michael's armor in A Chance at a Happy Ending, Lucifer jokingly asks if winter was coming in a reference to Game of Thrones.
  • Michael was responsible for more main character deaths then any other antagonist in the show.

Behind the Scenes[]

Michael's Biblical appearance.

  • Michael is an Archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scripture. In Christianity, Michael is the Archangel who defeated Lucifer in his rebellion and cast him out of Heaven. According to Islam, Michael (or Mīkāʾīl) is an Archangel responsible for controlling universal/environmental events (such as rain) as well as being tasked with providing nourishment for the body and soul, and he is depicted as the Archangel of mercy.
  • Michael was originally only going to impersonate Lucifer Morningstar for part of "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!" due to Season 5 originally being 10 episodes long. However, after Netflix increased the episode order to 16, the showrunners decided to spend a whole episode with Michael masquerading as his twin.
  • The name "Michael" origins from the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning "who is like God?".
  • In portraying Michael, Tom Ellis took inspiration from his theatre roots and went "old school", working out Michael's physicality and voice. He started wit some basic concepts and built from there; while Lucifer is very flamboyant and open character that shows it in his body language, Michael is a closed off, quiet observer, rather then a talker.[19]
    • In regards to Michael's American accent, Ellis was originally going to portray Lucifer with an American accent, but discarded it when he felt like Lucifer always sounded like a jerk. He eventually chose to have Michael have the American accent, feeling it fit for Lucifer's more villainous twin.
    • Ellis has confessed that he felt like a fraud while portraying Michael. He mentioned that "Getting into character as Michael in the first instance was weird, because [he] really enjoyed it. But at the same time, [he] hadn't felt that way on this set for a long time, in that [he] was living in new territory for [him] as a character."[20]
  • According to Ellis, Michael doesn't have the liver that Lucifer has when it comes to alcohol and wants to stay more lucid and aware of his surroundings, which is why he prefers to drink vodka, while Lucifer whiskey.
    • Ellis also mentioned that while Lucifer drinks with his right hand, Michael drinks with his left.
  • Michael is not a favorite among the fans, the cast (Tom Ellis included) don't really like Michael much. So much that Tom himself suggests doing #michaelisadick on social media.
  • There were discussion of bringing Michael back for the series finale to see where he ended up, but they ultimately decided not to go forward with it.[17]



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