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Guess what, when your twin is the lightbringer you have no choice but to live in the shadows.
— Michael to Lucifer Morningstar
in "Family Dinner"

Michael, formerly known as Mi-ka-el, is an Archangel and the twin brother of Lucifer Morningstar, who served as the primary antagonist of Season 5. After growing envious of Lucifer's renowned reputation and status as the Lightbringer, Michael secretly instigated his twin into carrying out nefarious acts, which includes the rebellion against God that resulted in his banishment to Hell. Thousands of years later, unbeknownst to Lucifer or any of his siblings, Michael had been manipulating their Father with the intention of having him retire so that he could finally claim the position of God and thereby prove to himself that he's better than Lucifer.

Upon learning that Lucifer voluntarily chose to return to Hell for all of eternity, Michael grew jealous of the praise that he'd gotten from their siblings and ventured to Earth with the intention of ruining his brother's reputation and proving he hasn't changed. When Lucifer eventually returned to reclaim his identity, Michael was given a permanent scar on his face so that he would never be able to impersonate his twin brother again. In retaliation, Michael proceeded to manipulate everyone in Lucifer's life, resulting in Mazikeen learning the truth about her mother, exposing Lucifer's status as the Devil to Dan Espinoza, kidnapping Chloe Decker, and revealing Charlie's mortal status to Amenadiel by intentionally giving him an illness. In midst of a heated battle with his siblings, God appeared to halt the fighting and later ordered Michael to return to Heaven.

Although Michael's machinations of ousting their Father were discovered by Amenadiel, God still opted to retire after reconciling with Goddess, ultimately deciding to spend the rest of eternity in her new universe. With the throne of God effectively vacant, Michael recovered the Flaming Sword and rallied the majority of angels against Lucifer, who also managed to form his own army made up of Demons from Hell, ultimately culminating into a full scale war after Michael manages to kill Chloe amidst a heated battle with his twin brother. Michael is eventually defeated by Chloe after she is resurrected by Lucifer and is in possession of Amenadiel's necklace, granting her superhuman strength. Despite accepting his expected fate of eradication at the hands of Lucifer, Michael is given a second chance at redemption by his twin who instead uses the Flaming Sword to cut off his wings, successfully forcing him to bend the knee and recognize Lucifer as the new Sovereign of Heaven.




Michael was one of the many angels born to God and Goddess long predating the Big Bang, billions of years ago, but is special as he is an Archangel. He was also the elder twin of Lucifer Morningstar. Michael's enmity for his twin traces back to their early years in Heaven as he mentions to have always felt overshadowed by Lucifer due to his renowned reputation and status as the Lightbringer. This ultimately causes Michael to unknowingly self-actualize the "chip on his shoulder" with Lucifer, causing his right shoulder to visibly appear slanted downwards and his right wing into looking as if it were injured.

Manipulating His Twin[]

In Heaven, Michael often enjoyed pestering Amenadiel by making the latter think that he was Lucifer, but Amenadiel would often discover the facade and administer one of his "atomic wedgies"; Michael tended to give himself away with his mojo. Having always despised Lucifer for being the preferred twin, Michael supposedly manipulated him into having a sexcapade in the garden with Adam and Eve and rebelling against God to make everyone hate him. In 2011, Michael also whispered the idea to Lucifer of abandoning his duties as Ruler of Hell and to take a vacation on Earth, most likely to reignite their family's hatred for him.

God's Right-Hand[]

Sometime after Amenadiel lost his divinity and became stranded on Earth, Michael manipulated his way into becoming God's second-in-command. And while God didn't speak directly to him, he ensured that he was the only one in Heaven to speak to him. Michael then began setting into motion a plan to usurp his father as God, starting with making him believe that he was losing control of his powers for the last few months.

Michael's plan to turn their family against Lucifer took a turn. Lucifer was able to reconcile as well as build his relationship with Amenadiel while assisting Goddess with moving on to her own universe. Despite killing Uriel, Lucifer was actually praised when he returned to Hell to keep the demons in check when William Kinley almost caused anarchy in Hell. In 2020, Michael grew increasingly jealous of the favor that his brother was receiving by those that once disliked him, most notably by Remiel and Raphael; he ultimately decided to venture to Earth and impersonate Lucifer with the intention of ruining his reputation and proving he hasn't changed.

Impersonation of Lucifer[]

Doing the Research[]

Michael started doing research on his twin and learned a great many things; He knew about his relationships with the Los Angeles Police Department. Michael found out Chloe Decker was his first love and how she was a gift from God with the intention to cross paths with Lucifer. He also learned about his therapy sessions with Linda Martin. He did a great deal of research on Mazikeen, learning she was furious with Lucifer for not taking her with him to Hell and Lucifer's role in hiding her mother Lilith after striping her of her immortality. After copying Lucifer's style, Michael put his plans into motion.

Saving Detective Decker[]

Michael breaks a criminal's gun.

His first stop being Chloe, Michael found her in the middle of a shootout in Megan Garner's house. Whistling, Michael entered the house, using Lucifer's accent to greet the "bad guys". After the confusion from the criminals of who Michael was settled, he then acted quickly and saved Chloe from a gunman by pushing him into a nearby wall. After Chloe saved him by shooting the second attacker in the head, Michael finished off the last criminal by throwing him over to Chloe after breaking his gun in half.

Michael smiles to himself.

After Chloe knocked the last criminal out, Michael took advantage of his knowledge of Lucifer's sarcasm and joked about Lee Garner's severed hand. Chloe then grabbed Michael and kissed him on the lips, to which he returned. Chloe soon let go, noticing something was off with "Lucifer". Michael claimed that since he's been in Hell for thousands of years compared to the two months she's been without him, he was now different, but assured her that she was the only thing that kept him going that whole time. The two then hugged, but unknown to Chloe, Michael smiled deviously to himself.

Recruiting Mazikeen[]

Initially, upon his return, Mazikeen attacks him thinking he is Lucifer, and gets a confession from Michael to reveal who he truly is, and she helps him in his plan to ruin Lucifer's life.

Identity Exposed[]

Michael pretended to have an affair with Maze to manipulate Chloe and get her to sleep with him. In the penthouse, Maze confronts him to stop him from completing his plan. Michael chokes Maze out and hides her as he plans to spend the night with Chloe. As Chloe arrives she mentions she realizes he is not Lucifer and learns his true identity. differences are also noticed by Amenadiel, leading to his eventual identity reveal as Michael, the archangel.

Brother vs Brother[]

Michael and Lucifer confront each other.

Upon finding this out, Amenadiel returns to Hell to inform Lucifer that Michael is on Earth attempting to take his life. Lucifer returns to Earth to find Michael in Lux, where they have a battle for who is the better brother; enraged by Michael's attempt to take his life and impersonate him, Lucifer uses a demonic knife and cuts a line through Michael's face starting at the top of his left eyebrow and ending at his right nostril, as a permanent symbol to prove he is not Lucifer.

Afterwards, Michael meets Mazikeen at Chloe's home and offers to help her find out about a secret that Lucifer kept hidden from her; which was revealed to be about her mother Lilith.

Moving the Plan Forward[]

Manipulating Dan Espinoza[]

Michael disappears following this, presumably to formulate a plan which involves ruining Lucifer's life. When Dan is heading back to his car after a night at Linda Martin's, he receives a phone call from Michael acting as Lucifer, telling him he forgot something at Linda's. Upon returning and looking through the window, Dan sees Lucifer's devil face and runs off.

Placing Doubt[]

Michael convincing Mazikeen to join him against Lucifer.

Later, Michael kidnaps Chloe and brings her to an abandoned zoo, locking her in a cage on the side of a mountain, and referencing a 'bigger plan' all along the way. Before this plan can be set into action, Lucifer, Maze, and Dan show up and free Chloe from her cage, and while Lucifer and Dan go to find Michael, Maze stays back and waits for him at the zoo. Upon Michael's arrival, Maze initially puts one of her knives to his throat, but they eventually work out a deal in which Mazikeen would help Michael achieve his ultimate plan, and he would, in turn, give Maze a soul so she could eventually die. This marks Maze's turn from Lucifer's side to Michael's.

Family Squabble[]

At the hospital where Charlie was just diagnosed with a cold, time appears to suddenly stop; this is revealed to be Amenadiel, doing a final test to see if Charlie is an immortal or mortal. Because celestials do not freeze during the time-stop, and mortals do, and Charlie froze, it is determined that Charlie is a mortal and not a celestial as Amenadiel thought who is then finding himself unable to continue time again. Michael then arrives to taunt them, a brawl occurs between Maze and Lucifer, and Amenadiel and Michael. Lucifer knocks Maze down twice before she finally stays down from his powerful strike, as the same with Michael but instead of staying down, he engages once more and all three of them reveal their wings, waiting to release their true power. Suddenly, God appears, halting the battle, saying "Children. You know I hate it when you fight".

Michael tauntingly offers to embrace Lucifer in front of God.

After God arrives to stop the fighting, Michael immediately portrays himself as the victim and tries to vilify his brothers by showing the scar that he suffered from Lucifer while on Earth. Although Lucifer offers his own rebuttals, Amenadiel decides to take responsibility due to his status as the eldest sibling and states that he shouldn't have lost control of his powers by stopping time. God ultimately doesn't care who is at fault and states that he wants his sons to get along regardless of what's happened because they're all family. Michael, trying to take advantage of the situation and stay on his Father's good side, attempts to embrace Amenadiel and Lucifer in front of God. Lucifer immediately disagrees due to Michael's actions on Earth and angrily leaves the police station.

Family Dinner[]

Michael expressing his hate to Lucifer.

In an attempt to reunite the family, God decides to make dinner at Linda's house and has Michael, Lucifer, and Amenadiel join him. He sends Michael to Florence in order to get chocolate as part of dinner preparations. The family dinner ultimately ends in chaos after Lucifer continuously expresses his disdain for God for sending him to Hell. Michael is ultimately instigated into expressing his hate for Lucifer and states that he's spent his entire life in the worst kind of hell that there is, which he reveals to be sharing a face with his twin brother, the lightbringer. Before things escalate, God shouts "Children!" and invokes thunder, resulting in a storm. Lucifer then leaves after stating that God is incapable of love, leaving Michael, Amenadiel, and Linda silent.

Banished from Earth[]

The following day, Michael visits God at Linda's house and asks if he's ready to return to Heaven with him. God refuses and states that he will stay on Earth longer. When Michael tries to stay with God on Earth, he is refused and told that he's "no longer welcome on Earth", effectively banishing him. When Michael questions why he is being punished, God replies that he's not, and Michael ultimately walks away.

Battle for Supremacy[]

Power Grab[]

It is revealed that Michael had secretly been manipulating God into making him think that he was losing control of his powers and needed to retire. Although Amenadiel eventually deduced the truth, God chose to retire with Goddess to her new universe, leaving it up to the angels to decide whether Michael or Lucifer would become the new deity.

Gathering support in the Silver City, Michael sent Gabriel to steal Azrael's Blade and the Medallion of Life from Goddess' universe in order to reunite the Flaming Sword for his own purposes. Michael then sought out the third part of the blade, the key made out of Amenadiel's necklace, while orchestrating the death of Dan Espinoza so that Chloe's guilt over his death would condemn her to Hell. Michael then offered to let Lucifer be the Ruler of Hell again with Chloe's as his queen if Lucifer supported him, but Lucifer refused.

Dressed in armor, Michael gathered the angels in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where Lucifer, Amenadiel, Chloe, Maze and several demons attempted to stop him. Michael and Lucifer engaged in battle, Lucifer armed with a staff made out of the Tree of Life and Michael with the Flaming Sword. Although the staff was broken, Lucifer and Chloe managed to disarm him of the Flaming Sword and break it apart. However, Michael mortally wounded Chloe with the broken staff and then watched as a heartbroken Lucifer held Chloe as she died. Appearing somewhat remorseful, Michael stated that she should never have been there and that at least it seemed like she made it to Heaven as Chloe had let go of her guilt and regrets in her last moments. Lucifer decided to get Chloe back despite Michael warning his brother that Lucifer's banishment meant that he would die if he attempted to return to Heaven, but Lucifer didn't care as long as he could save Chloe. After Lucifer left, his forces engaged Michael's in battle.


Fight between Lucifer and Michael.

Michael fighting Lucifer with the Flaming Sword.

Michael watched the battle, only to have Chloe resurrect. Although shocked that Lucifer had succeeded in bringing Chloe back, Michael relished in a second chance to kill her with Azrael's Blade. However, Chloe still had a hold of the key which granted her superhuman strength great enough to throw Michael around with just one hand and beat him into submission. Before Chloe could kill Michael with Azrael's Blade with Michael ordering her to do it, Lucifer suddenly returned and stopped her, Lucifer's return stopping the battle around them.

Lucifer ordered his shocked brother to kneel and reunited the Flaming Sword, apparently to execute Michael for his crimes as Michael knelt and extended his wings. As Michael closed his eyes, preparing for the death blow, Lucifer instead used the Flaming Sword to slice off Michael's wings. Lucifer declared that there would be no more killing and that during his time on Earth, he'd learned that everyone deserved a second chance, even Michael. Realizing that Lucifer was now the new deity, Amenadiel led all of the angels and demons in bowing to him. After a moment, Michael limped over and joined the others in bowing before Lucifer.


Michael (right) taunting Amenadiel about Charlie.

You see, you pride yourself on exploiting everyone's fears, but we've always known yours. You're terrified that Lucifer is better than you. That he'll always be better than you.
Amenadiel to Michael
in "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!"

Michael's ambitions largely involve causing havoc in Lucifer Morningstar's life as well as those around him. It can be assumed that his reputation as a master manipulator and deceiver is largely well known in Heaven, due to Amenadiel's open disdain for him, most notable when Linda Martin suggests naming their baby 'Michael'. Michael is shown to have an extremely narcissistic and egotistical personality, which serves as a disguise to his childish insecurities about his perception of Lucifer being the better twin. Michael has shown to be jealous of Lucifer and has constantly tried to prove that he is better by causing harm to his brother. He is visibly distraught when confronted by Amenadiel at Lux about what his biggest fear is and always was, Lucifer being better than him. When Lucifer and Michael confront each other at Linda's house, Michael describes sharing a face with Lucifer as the "greatest hell that there is", and believes that he's been overshadowed by his brother since they were born. Michael is skilled at picking at a person's weak spot such as taunting Lucifer by addressing him by his real name and deliberately having Chloe question the sincerity of her relationship with Lucifer. Not only that, but he has proven to be unreliable, constantly working at an angle and sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of others. Using a web of lies mixed up with truths makes it very hard to realize when he is honest. He is highly skilled in revealing fears in other people and using that to manipulate their actions to his gain.

Michael displays a superiority complex similar to that of Amenadiel's as he seemingly believes himself to be be better than his fellow Angels, which is shown when he brags to his eldest brother about being the closest to their father, and that he can do whatever he pleases. Michael's open disdain for humanity also reflects the condescending nature that many Angels possess once setting foot on Earth, which is evident by Amenadiel's behavior throughout his quest to send Lucifer back to Hell as well as Remiel's when she tried to take Amenadiel's son, Charlie to Heaven. Michael is displayed to be extremely manipulative, self-seeking, and ruthlessly ambitious in pursuit of achieving his goals. According to Lucifer, Michael has always been cowardly in his tactics of manipulation, and would always receive retribution from those that he deceived in Heaven, mostly from Amenadiel. As time progressed, it is clear that Michael's sadistic nature has only grown since then, as he finds pleasure in using his nephew Charlie as a pawn to psychologically torment Amenadiel. In contrast to Lucifer's "all bark and no bite" belief about him, Michael has proven to go at even greater lengths in acting on his threats as he manages to successfully damage Lucifer's relationship with Chloe Decker, convince Dan Espinoza to shoot Lucifer, and bring Mazikeen to his side. He also was willing to break the rule in Heaven about killing Humans, as Michael threw one of Maze’s Demon Daggers at an officer during the fight in the precinct and would have killed him if Lucifer hadn’t intercepted it. Michael would later kill a fence who had the last piece of the Flaming Sword without hesitation, as well as mortally wounding Chloe during his war with Lucifer, showing how little he cares for Humans and even the rule that Angels cannot kill Humans. Additionally, his ability to kill Remiel for siding with Lucifer by posing as a spy indicates that he's willing to do whatever it takes to pursue his ambitions, and that includes killing his siblings. His sadism carries on to his fighting style as well, as every time he gets knocked down or punched by Lucifer or Amenadiel, he can be seen grinning and laughing, seemingly thrilled by the pain inflicted upon him.

Michael's relationship with God is very similar to that of Amenadiel's in the sense that he deeply cares about getting his approval and affection. Due to his ability to manipulate others without them knowing it, he has proven to be better at winning their father's affection which is clearly evident by the fact that he was the only Angel to have a direct line to him when Amenadiel leaves Heaven. When God arrives on Earth to stop the fighting between his sons from escalating any further, Michael is the first to visibly embrace his father's vision of family values, and tries to hug his siblings despite hating Lucifer. When God effectively banishes Michael from Earth, presumably to work on his relationship with Lucifer without any potential interference, Michael is visibly distraught and immediately questions why he's being punished. Ironically, Michael shares the same feelings of contempt for God that his twin Lucifer does, as he also believes their father to be rather insincere and unclear most of the time. This is clearly evident when he questions Mazikeen as to what "annoyingly arbitrary and inscrutable answer" God gave her when she asked for a soul. This effectively explains why Michael was readily comfortable in manipulating God into making him believe that he was losing control of his powers. This also shows just how hypocritical Michael can be, as while he scorned Lucifer for trying to take over as the new God in his failed rebellion, he was doing the exact same thing with his manipulations to their father. He is able to mask his real emotions for his family in a much more calculative manner than Lucifer is able to, which is most likely due to the fact that Lucifer never lies. Moreover, it can be assumed that he does not care for Goddess since he resides in Heaven and was mentioned by Amenadiel to be the closest to their father out of all their siblings currently.

Despite his cruel personality, Michael does not appear to be entirely remorseless. When he mortally wounded Chloe, Michael stopped fighting upon seeing the impact that it had upon Lucifer and watched possibly with some sympathy as Chloe died in his arms. Rather than taking the opportunity to taunt his brother, Michael attempted to justify himself by pointing out that he had tried to get Lucifer to make Chloe leave and even attempted to comfort Lucifer a bit with the revelation that Chloe had most likely made it into Heaven after all. However, upon her resurrection, Michael relished in the chance to kill her a second time, this time using Azrael's Blade which would make her death permanent as the blade would eradicate Chloe from existence. While he utterly hates Lucifer, he does seem to try to avoid killing him, constantly persuading Lucifer to go back to Hell or to stay out of his way in order to avoid bloodshed. It is only when Lucifer confronted Michael that he chose to kill him. Even then, he tried to convince Lucifer not to risk going to Heaven to save Chloe, outright stating he'd die if he tried to go there. After he was defeated, Michael bowed to Lucifer after it became clear that Lucifer was the new God.


  • Archangel Physiology: As an archangel, Michael is extremely powerful and has their physiology, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, reflexes, intelligence, and senses, immortality, invulnerability, indestructibility, eternal youth, dimensional travel, and a regenerative healing factor... He also has their weaknesses. Michael is powerful enough among angels that even Amenadiel recognizes his strength.

    Michael fighting Lucifer and Amenadiel.

    • Superhuman Strength: Michael is incredibly strong, capable of exerting vast amounts of superhuman physical force, and has displayed immense levels of superhuman strength. He was able to completely break a gun in half, smashing a man's head through a wall, and quickly and easily choking out Mazikeen. He has shown himself to be strong enough to hold his own against both Amenadiel and Lucifer for a short time. He and his twin brother Lucifer are shown to be roughly equal in strength at full power, though Lucifer was able to get the upper hand in their fight at Lux, indicating that he's a better fighter than Michael.
    • Superhuman Speed: Like all angels, Michael is extraordinarily fast, he is much faster than humans, demons, animals, and other beings, he can appear and disappear with a blink of an eye.
    • Invulnerability: Michael, like all angels, is virtually indestructible, has a highly durable body, and he cannot be harmed by conventional means. Only things that could kill him are Demon Daggers forged in Hell and the Flaming Sword. During his fight with his brothers Amenadiel and Lucifer, he was able to withstand and quickly recover from most of their very powerful attacks, kicks, and punches. Michael, like all angels is significantly far more durable than demons, animals, humans, and most beings and creatures in the universe.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Michael, like all angels, has incredible superhuman reflexes, capable of dodging, and countering incoming attacks at immense speeds.
    • Angel Wings (formerly): Michael, like all angels has divine wings. Like other angels, he can hide his wings and take them out at will. However in the final battle with his brother his wings got cut off.
      • Flight (formerly): Like all Angels, Michael's wings enable him to fly. He can use his wings to fly to other dimensions such as Heaven, Hell, and Earth in a mere second such as when he appears to Dan in the cemetery in a holy bright light. Now that his wings have been severed Michael can no longer fly or travel freely between dimensions, effectively trapping him on Earth.
    • Immortality: Michael, like all angels, is immortal. He's immune to aging and illnesses. Like his angel siblings, he's billions of years old.
    • Photokinesis: Michael was shown to create heavenly light behind him, when he revealed himself to Dan in “Our Mojo
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As witnessed numerous times all along with the show, Michael heals much faster than humans, animals, and demons. He can heal any injuries within minutes. He was able to rapidly heal from the wound Lucifer severely inflicted on his face from a demon dagger forged in hell although it has not disappeared, and caused a scar.
    • Fear Exhibition: Michael can make people admit their deepest fears, similar to Lucifer's desire mojo. He also appears to be able to cause their fears to manifest. He seems to sense certain fears in an individual, and can quickly expose their fears, and can hypnotize them to admit any or all of their fears. There are moments where he didn't ask what they truly fear but be able to bring fear out of them.
    • Biokinesis : Lucifer accused Michael to be the one responsible for simulating Charlie's common cold symptoms simply to psychologically torture Amenadiel.


  • Michael deflecting Lucifer's punch.

    Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: In contrast to what Lucifer and Amenadiel originally believed, Michael has become an extremely skilled combatant. He was able to swiftly subdue Maze and Chloe within a matter of seconds. During his fight against Lucifer and Amenadiel, he proved capable of holding his own against them reasonably well. He has shown to be very relentless in a fight, constantly getting up despite being knocked down by Lucifer and Amenadiel multiple times. Before God arrived to halt the fighting, Michael seemed confident enough to fight both Lucifer and Amenadiel with their wings unleashed, showing that he may have believed that he could've defeated them on his own at full power.
  • Psychological Warfare Mastery: Michael is an almost unparalleled manipulator who specializes in using a combination of deception, hard truths as well as his opponents' fear to turn them against each other. This is evident by Mazikeen's shift to his side, Lucifer torturing himself for not being able to find Chloe, Dan's nervous breakdown as well as Chloe's existential crisis after revealing why she was created. His ability to prey on the fears of his enemies indirectly gives him the power to weaken other angels due to their tendency to self-actualize, making him an extremely dangerous foe.
  • Skilled Detective: While impersonating Lucifer, Michael was able to use his power of fear exhibition to deduce information from suspects in the murder case. Although not as experienced as Lucifer or Chloe, he was able to fulfill his role as a traditional detective without causing major suspicion, despite lacking his brother's unpredictable and impulsive attitude.
  • Skilled Impersonator of Lucifer Morningstar: Michael has been able to impersonate his twin brother Lucifer at a significantly exceptional degree. He was able to make his attire look the same as well as mimic his accent and mannerisms without causing major suspicion, even managing to fool Maze and Amenadiel with the facade. Despite copying his attire and accent, Michael isn't able to impersonate some of Lucifer's core personality traits such as his impulsive tendencies, flirty nature, and natural wit, which ultimately makes the facade less reliable when interacting with Chloe.
  • Flaming Sword Wielder: Michael recovers Azrael's blade, the primary component of the Flaming Sword, with the help of Gabriel. He uses the blade to eradicate Remiel, a fiercely powerful warrior, from existence. After he assembles the completed Flaming Sword, he is instantly able to wield the blade with experience as he manages to wound Lucifer very early in their fight, who struggled to hold his own until getting ahold of Zadkiel's staff. The Flaming Sword allowed Michael to maintain the upper hand for most of his final fight with Lucifer. After Chloe manages to catch Michael by surprise and steal Amenadiel's necklace, Michael loses the Flaming Sword.


As an angel, Michael has their weaknesses including the Flaming Sword, demonic weapons, and other supernatural beings.

  • Michael was brutally scarred by Lucifer with a demon blade

    Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Lucifer was able to cause injury to Michael with one of this daggers.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Supernatural beings can harm one another. Both Lucifer and Amenadiel were easily able to physically harm Michael, with Lucifer restraining Michael without Michael being able to get out of his grip at the end of their fight while Amenadiel had the upper hand for the majority of their altercation and easily knocked him around with his blows. Even Mazikeen was able to at least temporarily restrain Michael, though she caught him off-guard and it was unclear how long she could have held him had she not released him first.
  • Self-Actualization: It is mentioned throughout the series that all angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his wings and Lucifer regaining his angel wings despite cutting them off. It is revealed that Michael self-actualized the "chip on his shoulder" with Lucifer, which effectively serves as the reason why he looks like he has a shoulder injury.
  • Flaming Sword: Michael can be eradicated by Azrael's Blade and the completed Flaming Sword. In addition, the key granted Chloe Decker superhuman strength that enabled her to effortlessly overpower Michael.

Physical Appearance[]

Michael's Scar

Michael displaying himself with an Angelic Robe.

Michael's appearance is identical to Lucifer's. He was able to trick several characters into thinking that he is Lucifer. Once exposed as a Lucifer imposter, Michael adopted a more causal look. While still mimicking Lucifer's fashion, Michael wears less classy fabrics, opting for cheaper and comfortable ones. The most notable difference is he replaces the dress shirt with a turtleneck. Michael also briefly displays himself with Angelic Robes when revealing himself to Dan. After he is outed after posing as Lucifer, Michael's hair is slightly more unkempt than his brother's, and he now sports a large scar over his face which starts above his left eyebrow, crosses his nose, and ends at his right cheek. He seems to possess a crooked right shoulder with it being noticeably higher than his left due to his self-actualisation of who he is compare to Lucifer. His angel wings are black in contrast to Lucifer's white and his right wing is slightly damaged, missing several feathers. This is shown even with his wings retracted, as his right shoulder is noticeably higher than his left.


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other angels


Other angels are seen at God's retirement party including Zadkiel angel of righteousness and Hanjobadiel the most handsome. Jophiel and Saraqael visited Lux in S5E15. Raziel initially sided with Michael.

  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote romantic relationships
  • denote deceased individuals


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  • Amenadiel is known to dislike Michael to the point his name disturbs him. Linda Martin almost named Charlie, "Michael" in season 4 but Amenadiel decided against it because he knew Lucifer's disgust and anger at that name.
  • During Michael's introduction, he is seen whistling the TV series's theme song.
  • When visiting Lucifer Morningstar at Hell, Amenadiel mentions Michael being the closest to their Father currently as well as the only sibling that has a direct line to him. However in previous seasons, it was widely known and stated by Amenadiel himself that he was indeed God's favorite son, as well as main messenger. This may indicate that Michael has taken Amenadiel's spot in Heaven as God's favorite since Amenadiel no longer resides there, while also suggesting that he was prevented from moving up the ranks by Amenadiel when the latter would reside there.
  • Unlike Lucifer, Michael is shown to be quite miserly and tight when it comes to money.
  • After Michael is exposed, he starts wearing loose-fitting tweed jackets and turtlenecks, which is similar to one of Lucifer's looks in the comics.
  • The scar Lucifer gives Michael with one of Mazikeen's Demon daggers is a reference to the comics where Maze scars Lucifer's face with a blade in a similar way.
  • After seeing Michael's armor in A Chance at a Happy Ending, Lucifer jokingly asks if winter was coming in a reference to Game of Thrones.
  • In the comics Michael's a supporting protagonist and Lucifer and Michael respect each other.
  • Michael was responsible for more main character deaths then any other antagonist in the show.
  • The name "Michael" origins from the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning "who is like God?".

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Michael is an archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. In the lore, Michael is the Archangel who defeated Lucifer in his rebellion and cast him out of Heaven.
  • According to Tom Ellis, Michael doesn't have the liver that Lucifer has when it comes to alcohol and prefers to drink vodka, while Lucifer whiskey.
    • Ellis also mentioned that while Lucifer drinks with his right hand, Michael drinks with his left.
  • Michael is not a favorite among the fans, the cast (Tom Ellis included) don't really like Michael much. So much that Tom himself suggests doing #michaelisadick on social media.
  • Ellis has confessed that he felt like a fraud while portraying Michael. He mentioned that "Getting into character as Michael in the first instance was weird, because [he] really enjoyed it. But at the same time, [he] hadn't felt that way on this set for a long time, in that [he] was living in new territory for [him] as a character."[1]




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