"Welcome home. So.. How do you like the mess I made, Samael?"
Michael to Lucifer Morningstar

Michael is an archangel and Lucifer Morningstar's twin brother. After Lucifer made the selfless act of returning to Hell for all eternity, Michael grew jealous of all the praise he had gotten from their siblings and decided to mess up his twin's life on Earth to draw him back and prove he hasn't changed. When Lucifer eventually returned, Michael was given a scar ranging from his left eyebrow to his right nostril so he would never be able to impersonate his brother again. Michael then started manipulating everyone in Lucifer's life, turning Mazikeen to his side and exposing Lucifer's true identity to Dan Espinoza. In midst of heated battle with his siblings, Michael's plans took a turn when God appeared to halt the fighting.



Michael was one of the many angels born to God and Goddess but is special as he is an Archangel.

He is mentioned to have annoyed Amenadiel a lot with his tricks but always stopped when Amenadiel hit him with his "atomic wedgies". Having always despised Lucifer for being the preferred twin, Michael supposedly manipulated him into having a sexcapade in the garden and rebelling against God to make everyone hate him.

In 2011, Michael supposedly whispers the idea to Lucifer to take a vacation on Earth to reignite their family's hatred of him. However, Lucifer turned things around by winning over Amenadiel and helping Goddess move on to her own universe. Despite killing Uriel, Lucifer was actually praised when he returns to Hell to keep the demons in check when Kinley almost caused anarchy in Hell. In 2020, Michael grew angry his brother got praised; he decided to go to Earth and ruin the life Lucifer left behind.

Impersonation of LuciferEdit

Michael first appears on Earth posing to be Lucifer during a shootout with a criminal, saving Chloe. Initially, upon his return, Mazikeen attacks him thinking he is Lucifer and gets a confession from Michael to reveal who he truly is, and she helps him in his plan to ruin Lucifer's life. Michael pretends to have an affair with Maze to manipulate Chloe and gets her to sleep with him. In the penthouse Maze confronts him to stop him from completing his plan. Michael chokes Maze out and hides her as he plans to spent the night with Chloe. As Chloe arrives she mentions she realizes he is not Lucifer and learns his true identity.  differences are also noticed by Amenadiel, leading to his eventual identity reveal as Michael, the archangel. Upon finding this out, Amenadiel returns to Hell to inform Lucifer that Michael is on Earth attempting to take his life. Lucifer returns to Earth to find Michael in Lux, where they have a battle for who is the better brother; enraged by Michael's attempt to take his life and impersonate him, Lucifer uses a demonic knife and cuts a line through Michael's face starting at the top of his left eyebrow and ending at his right nostril, as a permanent symbol to prove he is not Lucifer.

Michael dissapears following this, presumably to formilate a plan, and when Dan is heading back to his car after a night at Linda Martin's, he receives a phone call from Michael acting as Lucifer, telling him he forgot something at Linda's. Upon returning and looking through the window, Dan sees Lucifer's devil face and runs off. Later, Michael kidnaps Chloe and brings her to an abandoned zoo, locking her in a cage in the side of a mountain, and referencing a 'bigger plan' all along the way. Before this plan can be set into action, Lucifer, Maze, and Dan show up and free Chloe from her cage, and while Lucifer and Dan go to find Michael, Maze stays back and waits for him at the zoo. Upon Michael's arrival, Maze initially puts one of her knives to his throat, but they eventually work out a deal in which Mazikeen would help Michael achieve his 'bigger plan', and he would, in turn, give Maze a soul so she could eventually die. This marks Maze's turn from Lucifer's side to Michael's.

At the hospital where Charlie was just diagnosed with a cold, time appears to suddenly stop; this is revealed to be Amenadiel, doing a final test to see if Charlie is an immortal or mortal . Because celestials do not freeze during the time-stop, and mortals do, and Charlie froze, it is determined that Charlie is a mortal and not a celestial as Amenadiel thought who is then finding himself unable to continue time again. Michael then arrives to taunt them, a brawl occurs between Maze and Lucifer, and Amenadiel and Michael. Lucifer gets Maze down twice before she finally stays down, as the same with Michael but instead of staying down, he engages once more and all three of them reveal their wings, waiting to release their true power. Suddenly, God appears, halting the battle, saying "Children. You know I hate it when you fight".


Michael is ambitious and wants more power.

Michael has shown to be very jealous of his twin brother Lucifer and has constantly tried to prove he is better and cause harm to his brother. However, when accused of being jealous by Mazikeen, he verbally denied such a statement. Michael is shown to be very manipulative, according to his own statements he manipulated Lucifer to start an affair with Eve and to even rebel against God. However it's uncertain if this is true or a lie. He is skilled at picking at a person's weak spot such as calling Lucifer by his real name, scaring Amenadiel over the illness of his son, and telling Chloe about being sent to Lucifer.

He has proved to be unreliable, constantly working an angle and sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of others. Using a web of lies mixed up with truths this makes it very hard to realize when he is honest. He is highly skilled in revealing fears in other people and using that to manipulate their actions to his gain.

He can be condescending to those he sees beneath him, as Michael called humans filthy in front of Lucifer and Amenadiel. He also looked down on his own nephew who is half human and half angel while taunting his brother but the possibility of the death of his son.

It is unknown what status he has with the rest of his angel brethern but the fact that he mentioned that everyone was giving Lucifer praise for willing going back to Hell, despite centuries of scorn, shows that he resented them for overlooking him. He also stated he did not intend to drag Amenadiel into the conflict of him and Lucifer but the latter got dragged into it anyway.

It is also unknown what status he has with his parents but the fact that he immediately stop fighting Lucifer and Amenadiel when God ordered it and appeared, shows that he fears his father.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Angel Physiology: As an angel, Michael is extremely powerful and has their physiology, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, reflexes, resilience, senses, and intelligence, immortality, invulnerability, eternal lifespan, regenerative healing factor, flight, shape-shifting (being able to hide his wings) as well as their weaknesses. Michael is powerful enough among angels that even Amenadiel recognizes his power.
    • Supernatural Strength: Michael is incredibly strong, capable of exerting high amounts of superhuman physical force, and has displayed vast levels of superhuman strength. He was able to smash a gun in half and he could also have thrown a man's head through a wall. He has proven strong enough to contend with Amenadiel and Lucifer, despite ultimately being at the losing end. He and his twin brother Lucifer are shown to be roughly equal at full power, with Lucifer having the slight advantage. When Lucifer came back from Hell to confront Michael, their fight was extremely even and the two couldn't get an advantage over the other, although at the end, Michael lost due to being slammed into a stairway by Lucifer. He is also able to contend with Amenadiel, one of the strongest angels and equal in power with Lucifer, despite having the disadvantage for most of the fight, Michael stepped on his foot and headbutted, then tried to punch him but was blocked by Lucifer, he was then punched into the stairs of the LAPD building, it is unknown if he could have beat Amenadiel if Lucifer didn't intervene.
    • Immortality: Michael, like all angels, is immune to age, diseases, viruses, infections, sicknesses, and disorders, having lived since the beginning of creation. He will live for all eternity without ever aging or decaying. he has eternal youthful beauty and will live forever. He also cannot die of suffocation, drowning, or poisoning. However, he can be killed by supernatural weapons or beings.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Michael, like all angels, is nearly indestructible and invulnerable to all mortal weapons and damage done by non-celestial or infernal sources. He was able to resist the gunshot fired by Chloe. He was also able to withstand blows from both Amenadiel and Lucifer.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As witnessed numerous times all along with the show, Michael heals much faster than humans do. He can heal any injuries within minutes or an hour. He was able to quickly heal from the wound Lucifer inflicted on his face although it has not disappeared.
    • Flight: Like all Angels, Michael has enormous, beautiful, dark wings that enable him to fly as long as he wants where ever he wants. His wings are extremely powerful, massive, and razor-sharp and can be used as a deadly weapon.
    • Supernatural Reflexes: Michael possesses typical angelic reflexes because he was able to avoid certain shots of Amenadiel.
    • Fear Exhibition: Michael can make people admit their deepest fears, similar to Lucifer's desire mojo. He also appears to be able to cause their fears to manifest.
    • Body Chemistry Manipulation: Lucifer accused Michael to be the one responsible for simulating Charlie's common cold symptoms simply to psychologically torture Amenadiel.


  • Master Combatant: In contrast to what Lucifer and Amenadiel originally believed, Michael has become an extremely skilled combatant. As shown by him swiftly subdueing Maze. During his fight against Lucifer and Amenadiel, he proved capable of holding his own against them reasonably well.
  • Psychological Warfare Mastery: Michael is an almost unparalleled manipulator who specializes in using a combination of deception, hard truths as well as his opponents' fear to turn them against each other. This is evident by Mazikeen's shift to his side, Lucifer torturing himself for not being able to find Chloe, Dan's nervous breakdown as well as Chloe's existential crisis after revealing why she was created.


As an angel, Michael has their weaknesses including the Flaming Sword, demonic weapons, and other supernatural beings.

  • Demonic Blades: Lucifer was able to cause injury to Michael with a demonic blade.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Supernatural beings can harm one another. Both Lucifer and Amenadiel were easily able to physically harm Michael, with Lucifer restraining Michael without Michael being able to get out of his grip at the end of their fight while Amenadiel had the upper hand for the majority of their altercation and easily knocked him around with his blows. Even Mazikeen was able to at least temporarily restrain Michael, though she caught him off-guard and it was unclear how long she could have held him had she not released him first.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Michael's appearance is identical to Lucifer's. He was able to trick several characters into thinking that he is Lucifer.

After he is outed after posing as Lucifer, Michael's hair is slightly more unkempt than his brother's, and he now sports a large scar over his face which starts above his left eyebrow, crosses his nose and ends at his right cheek.

He seems to possess some injury to his right shoulder, with it being noticeably higher than his left.

His angels wings are black in contrast to Lucifer's white and his right wing is slightly damaged, missing several feathers. This is shown even with his wings retracted, as his right shoulder is noticeably higher then his left.


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Trivia Edit

  • Amenadiel is known to dislike Michael to the point his name disturbs him. Linda almost named Charlie, "Michael" in season 4 but Amenadiel decided against it because he knew Lucifer's disgust and anger at that name.
  • As was shown, his right-wing is damaged by unknown means, which is why he has his shoulder raised up.
  • While Lucifer can bring outs people's desires, Michael can bring out people's fears. Lucifer also has pure white wings and a British accent, while Michael has pure black wings and an American accent which makes him his complete opposite.
    • It might be possible while Lucifer/Samael is the Light bringer, Michael could possibly be the "Dark bringer/Night bringer" or Demiurgos like in the comics. 
  • Michael is an archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. In the lore, Michael is the Archangel who defeated Lucifer in his rebellion and cast him out of Heaven.

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