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If the devil can be redeemed, then anyone can.
— Lucifer
in "Partners 'Til the End"

Lucifer Morningstar, created as Samael (Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל) and also known as the Lightbringer, is the titular protagonist of the TV Series, Lucifer. He is an Archangel and the twin brother of the Archangel, Michael. Following a failed rebellion against his Father, Lucifer was banished from Heaven and forced to oversee the torture of damned Human souls for eons as the Ruler of Hell. During his time as the King of Hell, Lucifer would tempt Eve in the Garden of Eden, leading to Eve and Adam being banished, to live on Earth for the rest of their lives. He would reunite with his old friend, Lilith in 1946 to help her find her ring. Lucifer was ultimately gifted with the ring, along with Lilith's immortality. Widely known as the Devil or Satan by Humans, Lucifer is blamed for the sins of mankind.

Having grown tired of ruling the Hell, and feeling the need for a change of scenery, Lucifer voluntarily abdicated his throne and ventured to Earth to become a nightclub owner in Los Angeles, operating an establishment called Lux with his closest friend and senior lieutenant, Mazikeen. After granting favors to Humans and operating his nightclub for several years, Lucifer's life took a turn after he witnessed the murder of a close acquaintance, a singer named Delilah. Feeling compelled to find the killer, Lucifer attached himself to Detective Chloe Decker, and ultimately solves several cases with her leading developing a close relationship. In part due to their impressive effectiveness, he is given a position within the LAPD as a Civilian Consultant, which in turn gave him an outlet to punish evil doers on Earth instead of Hell.

Lucifer's relationship with the Detective becomes more intimate and personal, with him shockingly realizing that he can be wounded by weapons that once had no effect on him whenever he's around her. In an effort to protect Chloe, Lucifer was mortally wounded by the corrupt cop, Malcolm and before dying, makes a request of God, "Dad, I need a favor. I'll be the son You always wanted me to be. I'll do as You ask, go where You want me to. In exchange, all I ask is that You protect Chloe." He then briefly dies and returns to Hell and is shown that his Mother escaped Hell. His death is then reversed when he is resurrected by God. He interprets this as his part of the deal is to find her and return his mother to Hell, and the idea actually frightens him.

At first he assumes his mother plans on killing him for acting as her jailer for eons, but when it becomes apparent that wasn't going to happen, not knowing her plan truly terrified him. When they finally did reunite, she swore she only wanted to be with her sons, he condemned her to live among the humans she so despised as one of them, believing he had found a loop hole. When he later learned his Mother's plan to return to the Silver City and face God in Heaven, he agreed to help her reassembled the Flaming Sword, but his intention was to cut through the gates shove her through and slam the door behind her. Eventually, however, realizing that their actions would culminate in a civil war and result in numerous of his siblings dead, Lucifer sided against the impatient Goddess, and instead used the sword to cut through time and space itself, giving his Mother the opportunity to form her own universe. This act of selflessness resulted in Lucifer unknowingly self-actualizing, which resulted in his wings growing back.

With his wings returned and his Devil face gone, Lucifer believed that a master criminal known as The Sinnerman was behind it all and set out to punish him. He also started a friendship with Charlotte Richards after her experience in Hell left her broken. After a long chase and misdirection, Lucifer learned that the LAPD's new lieutenant was not only the Sinnerman, but the world's first murderer, Cain, but he had nothing to do with his latest conundrum. This led Lucifer to think that God did it all to foil Cain's plans, so Lucifer set out to help get rid of his mark so he could finally die. He soon grew jealous when Cain and Chloe started dating, and later became engaged, so decided to tell her how he felt, but he backed out when the latter called it off. After the death of Charlotte and Amenadiel getting his wings back, Lucifer realized that all the changes to his body were his doing, believing he deserved what he got. Once Lucifer finally killed Cain, his Devil face returned, just as Chloe witnessed it.

Lucifer's relationship with Chloe took a turn after she initially betrayed him to send him back to Hell with the help of Father William Kinley. Though Chloe realized she was wrong, Lucifer couldn't bring himself to forgive her, and things only got worse when Eve showed up and the two resumed their former relationship. Lucifer and Chloe eventually reconciled and he returned to consulting for the LAPD. Unfortunately, because of Eve's influence, Lucifer started inflicting serious punishment on the guilty, before he realized what he was becoming and broke up with her to prevent a world ending prophecy. However, the prophecy came true when Demons started invading LA, forcing Lucifer to return to Hell to keep them in line. Before leaving, Lucifer and Chloe admitted their feelings for each other and he resumed his rule over Hell.

Six months later (which, in Hell's time, were actually millennia), Lucifer was forced to return when his twin brother Michael showed up on Earth and started wreaking havoc. His relationship with Chloe took another turn after she learned that she was a gift from God, and his own confidence was shattered when he discovered Michael had been manipulating him since the beginning. Lucifer and Chloe, however, were able to see past their issues and finally became a couple, but Lucifer's mojo passed on to Chloe, and he became invulnerable again, even whilst in the presence of his girlfriend. After Chloe was kidnapped by his twin and subsequently rescued, Lucifer was forced to finally confront his true feelings for her but was halted when Michael and Maze attacked him and Amenadiel.

Their sibling squabble was broken up, however, when God showed up. After spending some quality time with God, Lucifer was shocked to learn that He was going to retire, leading to a conflict between Lucifer and Michael over who would take His place, with the former becoming determined to win after Michael caused the death Dan Espinoza. Though it seemed as if Michael was victorious, after he killed Chloe, Lucifer sacrificed himself to return to Heaven and resurrect her, while also finally admitting his love for her. Lucifer's selfless action resulted in his own resurrection as the new God with all who were present taking a knee before him.

After weeks of procrastination, feeling that he is not the right person for the job, Lucifer abandoned his decision to become God. He is surprised when his future daughter, Aurora Morningstar, confronts him from her timeline for answers on why he abandoned her and Chloe. Despite not being able to figure out why, Lucifer proved that he loved Rory and would never leave her intentionally, leading to their reconciliation. After helping Dan to deal with his guilt and ascend into Heaven as well as dissuading Aurora from killing Vincent Le Mec, Lucifer eventually realized that his true calling was to help heal the damned souls of Hell so that they too could be redeemed. After receiving blessings from Chloe and Rory, he departed to Hell and became its new therapist while Amenadiel became the new God. Decades later, after dying of old age, Chloe is reunited with Lucifer in Hell, willingly joining him as his eternal partner in Lucifer's mission.


Early History[]

After his rebellion, Lucifer was cast out of Heaven to rule Hell and punish the dead guilty for all eternity

Originally, Lucifer was known as Samael, or The Lightbringer, though he eventually became better known as Lucifer Morningstar. Coming into existence along with all the other angels before the creation of the Universe. He was the brightest and most powerful of all of God's Angels. He was thought to be God's favorite, but when Lucifer led a vast rebellion, with the plan to overthrow God, his Father cast him out of Heaven, tasking him to be the ruler of Hell and to punish the souls of deceased sinners for all eternity. Lucifer reluctantly ruled Hell for millennia, gaining an incredibly fearsome and terrifying reputation as the personification of evil, conceived in many cultures and religious traditions. He became known by many names and titles, including the Devil, Satan, the Dark Lord, the Prince of Lies, the Lord of Temptation, and Beelzebub.

Before his first stay in Eden with Eve, and even Adam, Lucifer became the first, oldest, and best friend of Lilith, who had been banished from Eden by God because she refused to remain married to Adam, and was replaced by Eve. When Lilith gave birth to her children: thousands of demons called the Lilim, she sent them to Hell to serve Lucifer as his army. One of them, Mazikeen, became Lucifer's best friend, bodyguard, and loyal soldier.

Throughout the years, Lucifer would occasionally visit Earth. Amenadiel would then always come to take Lucifer back to Hell. In "City of Angels?", Amenadiel admitted to Lucifer, "you've spent more time with Humanity, you may understand them better than I do."

Lucifer befriended King Tutankhamen of Egypt at some point and engaged in a "human train" orgy with Caligula numbering 37 people.[1] He also met Oscar Wilde, who became a lover.[2] He gave constructive criticism to William Shakespeare[3] and received a horse statue from Napoleon.[4] He spent time with Atilla the Hun, developing a fondness for Hungarian rum balls.[5] He avoided Franz Kafka's Hell loop due to it being the most depressing[1], while reserving burning crotches for Nazis and pedophiles[6], and eventually developed a dislike of listening to Hitler's screams[7]. He met private investigator Jack Monroe at some point.[1]

Lucifer's ring originally belonged to Lilith who gifted it to him

In 1946, Lucifer was called by Lilith to New York City to find her ring; since he owed her a favor for sending the Lilim to Hell to serve as his army. Lilith put her immortality in the ring and gave it to Lucifer, asking him to never tell her children what happened to her.[1]

In 1977, Lucifer made a deal with Elvis Presley to help him fake his death, presumably helping him get a new identity. Lucifer became the sole individual to know where "The King" relocated to.[8] This would be the last time Lucifer would be on Earth for 34 years of its time.[9]

Living on Earth[]

In 2011, Lucifer decided to retire from ruling Hell and moved to Los Angeles. Needing the help of his demon soldier, friend, and servant, Mazikeen, to help locate Amenadiel's lost necklace, Lucifer made a deal with John Constantine of Earth-1 to get her out; thus Lucifer owed Constantine a favor. Following the retrieval of the necklace, Lucifer cashed in the favor Amenadiel owed him to leave him and Mazikeen alone on Earth. To ensure he could not be tempted to return to Hell, Lucifer had Mazikeen sever his angel wings, signifying him leaving his old life behind. Lucifer then opened the nightclub Lux with Maze's assistance.

Some years later, Lucifer became aware of The Anti-Monitor Crisis impacting the Multiverse, leading to John Constantine returning in order to cash in his favor. Meeting John's compatriots, John Diggle and Mia Smoak, Lucifer aided them in retrieving the soul of Oliver Queen by gifting them a Purgatory Teleportation Card, allowing the trio to venture into Purgatory for a limited amount of time. Despite being aware of the Crisis, Lucifer was evidently indifferent toward the situation and returned to his activities as normal. After the Multiverse was destroyed, Lucifer returned to his life as normal once the Paragons and Spectre rebooted the Multiverse; though Lucifer's history was altered so that he personally brought Maze to Earth.[10]

By 2016, Lucifer had settled into a hedonistic lifestyle in Los Angeles revolving around running Lux and making Faustian deals with various people in various industries in exchange for favors. But then one night he witnessed the murder of a close acquaintance. Lacking faith in the L.A.P.D., Lucifer inserted himself into the investigation, working with homicide detective Chloe Decker. After the case was solved, Lucifer decided to continue working with Chloe as an LAPD Civilian Consultant.

Throughout the Series[]

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At the start of the "Pilot", Lucifer is pulled over for speeding. After bribing his way out, he continues to his nightclub, Lux. Later that evening, burnt-out singer, and old friend Delilah visits Lux to see Lucifer, and asks him if she had sold her soul to the Devil. He laughed and said that would imply the Devil was interested in her soul, that all her choices were on her. He then called in his favor telling her it would be difficult for her; "Pull yourself together," then said she was wasting her talent, her life. As he walks her down the street, they are gunned down by a low-level drug dealer, and it kills Delilah, but merely angers Lucifer.

Lacking faith in the LAPD, which he calls a corrupt organization, Lucifer takes matters into his own hands and follows up on some leads of his own, which inevitably causes him to cross paths with detective, Chloe Decker, who had previously interviewed Lucifer as the witness to the shooting. Lucifer convinces her to allow him to accompany her on the investigation when he has leads for her to follow, though she remains oblivious to his true identity. Lucifer was vaguely disturbed and fascinated to find Chloe was immune to his "charms".

The investigation leads the duo to Delilah's producer, who reveals he had her killed to benefit from skyrocketing sales of her album after her death. Chloe shoots the armed producer who wounded then shoots Chloe. He also shoots Lucifer six times to no effect, while a dazed and frightened Chloe watches. Lucifer picks up the producer by the neck turns him to face the mirror and vows to punish him severely, leaving his fate ambiguous. Lucifer later visits Chloe at the hospital and tells her he's glad she's not dead. Amenadiel confronts him about the consequences of his actions, and the two snarl at each other and part.

In "Once Upon a Time", God presents an alternate universe that was completely identical to the original universe up to John Decker's murder. In this alternate reality John survived the ambush that would have killed him, and progressed to detective lieutenant in his career. Chloe remained an actress, starring as cop, Bonnie Generro, in four action movies, the result being Lucifer and Chloe did not meet on the night of Delilah's murder, and it was never properly solved by a lazy and corrupt Dan Espinoza. Lucifer remained an aloof and arrogant club owner, and in 2018 was planning to expand Lux to Las Vegas, with the aid of his lawyer Charlotte Richards. The Devil and the actress teamed up to solve the murder of her stuntman friend, with God pointing out sometimes it doesn't matter the circumstances, some are always drawn to the same people every time.

In "Who's da New King of Hell?", Lucifer, who had made clear on several occasion that the only home he'd ever had was LA, still returns to Hell to keep the rebellious demons contained. He fears if he doesn't they will return to the mortal plain for either Charlie or Chloe, and he must act as their king to make them toe the line. Chloe, even after all she had seen then tells him she loves him and didn't want him to leave her. He tells her that they were wrong about the prophecy, that Eve had never been his first love, "it was you, Chloe." He then unfurls his restored angelic wings and departs, he is then seen sitting on his towering throne alone, overlooking the grim, ash-covered realm of Hell.

Returning to Earth[]

Lucifer is resigned when he returns to Hell, telling himself it's his duty to keep humanity safe, but he still longs for Los Angeles and to be reunited with the Detective. In an attempt to feel close to her again, he helps a newcomer to Hell solve his murder for old times sake. He is successful in gaining leads, and when the opportunity arises, he sends Gromos to Earth to deliver a message to Chloe through a recently dead killer; despite his own wishes, however, he remains in Hell, despite Chloe thinking he had returned to Earth.[11]

The man Chloe thinks is Lucifer at first, is shown to be his twin, Michael. Amenadiel visits Lucifer in Hell to explain that Michael — who was working some scheme of his own — has come to Earth impersonating him in an effort to ruin his life and reputation. Lucifer agrees to return to Earth to deal with Michael, leaving Amenadiel in charge if Hell while he's away. When he reappeared at the precinct, where he thought "burnt coffee and body odor never smelled so good" he had to convince Chloe he was Lucifer and not Michael, and after a heartfelt embrace she informed him Michael told her she was a gift from God, then was furious when Lucifer could not deny it, and had never told her, their reunion was ruined.

Lucifer begins working with Decker again, but finds that he has also alienated Mazikeen, who attacks him in a rage for not taking her back to Hell with him. He remarks that she's no longer his servant and can return to Hell whenever she wishes, and that she could have asked Amenadiel to transport her. Lucifer eventually meets with his brother, Michael, and the two talk. Michael needles Lucifer's fears and chronic paranoia, suggesting all his actions, from the rebellion to the LA vacay, have been influenced by Michael's whispers. The two viciously fight, and when Lucifer gains the upper hand he tells Michael his next action was his decision alone, and carves a scar his face with one of Mazikeen's blades.[12]


In Detective Amenadiel, Chloe's struggle with the concept of 'gift from God' is finally resolved with the help of Amenadiel who tells her that the "gift" is not Chloe, but the fact that Chloe is the only mortal who can see Lucifer for who he truly is, and in turn, he chose to be vulnerable around her. She then went to Lucifer and told him if he chose to be vulnerable around her "I choose to be vulnerable around you."

After Lucifer and Chloe finally consummate their relationship, despite their happiness in each other, it's discovered that Chloe can mojo Lucifer and Lucifer finds that he is no longer able to draw out people's desires. The loss shakes Lucifer, who has never had to share before, and worries Chloe when he can't stop obsessing, and tells him that maybe it's a good thing, perhaps he has finally allowed her to make the tiniest dent in the huge wall he has built around himself.

Following the loss of his "mojo", Lucifer feels he is useless in the partnership with Chloe, given he no longer contributes anything, but she points out his many contributions including the fact that he can speak all languages, and he is her own version of a Swiss Army Knife. The two settle things between them with Lucifer acknowledging "what I call powerlessness is what everyone else calls Tuesday." Daniel then interrupts them and shoots Lucifer on Michael's orders after Michael had orchestrated Dan finally seeing a glimpse of his brother's devil face previously.[13] Lucifer, much to his and Chloe's shock, is no longer vulnerable, even around Chloe, and he is able to withstand the impact of the bullet.

After Michael subverts Mazikeen by telling her about Lucifer keeping a secret about Lilith from her, Lucifer loses Mazikeen's allegiance, and she aligns herself with Michael. When the angels on Earth finally get down to battle, Lucifer and Amenadiel fight Maze and Michael. The battle is interrupted, however, when God appears on Earth to stop the fighting between his children.[14]

Powers and Abilities[]

He was firing at you... Why aren't you... more dead?
You're having a very hard time with the immortal thing, aren't you?
Chloe and Lucifer
in Pilot

  • Archangel Physiology: As one of the oldest and most powerful angels, Lucifer is extremely powerful and has their powers, as well as their weaknesses. He's noted to have once been the greatest of God's Angels even by Amenadiel himself, with Lucifer proving to surpass his older brother's might when he actually wanted to fight him, and even when Michael had established himself as God's right-hand, Lucifer was still more powerful than his twin brother. Lucifer is capable of performing certain supernatural magical abilities, as well as being able to use Celestial items or weapons, such as his Pentecostal Coin and the Blade of Death, which Humans are unable to handle safely.
    • Superhuman Strength: Lucifer, like all angels, is incredibly strong, capable of exerting immense amounts of superhuman physical force and has vast levels of superhuman strength when he so desires, the full extent of which remains unknown but said to be among the strongest of God's angels. He is able to effortlessly overpower humans, notably able to send a large man flying back over 30 feet through a glass wall with a one-handed light mere push, easily bending metal bars and punching through brick walls, sending a large man flying back over 60 feet with a mere push, and to lift other men high off of the ground by the throat without any issue, or more recently to hold back a 6,000-pound accelerating SUV while injured, and in the proximity of Chloe Decker. Lucifer's strength was most prominently shown when he fought Amenadiel and his twin brother Michael, both of whom are known to be some of the strongest angels, as well as in his scuffles with two Demons and Dromos, with him easily defeating them, flinging one of them away with a single strike and powerfully knocking the other down before swiftly overpowering and beating Dromos to make him bleed, and despite being stalemated by Mazikeen when holding back and after having been previously attacked by her, he later on proved to be tremendously stronger than her in their recent fight, knocking her unconscious with a strike, easily defeating her.
    • Superhuman Speed: Like all Angels, Lucifer is extraordinarily fast, he is much faster than Humans, Demons, animals, and other beings. He can appear and disappear with a blink of an eye, and when using his wings he can fly as fast or faster than the speed of light, he can appear and disappear, in a similar manner akin to teleportation. It is unknown how fast he is while running, but he has shown to be able to move super humanly fast.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Lucifer is shown to be barely affected by injuries the pain of injuries that would have been extremely painful to a normal human, even when in the vicinity of the detective, including stabs and burns and even gunshots. One notable example is in "All About Eve", when he stabbed all the way through his shoulder with a pool cue, while he appeared to be in a little pain, he was seemingly more annoyed than anything else.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Lucifer, like all Angels, possesses extraordinary superhuman reflexes. He is able to effortlessly catch knives thrown at him at vast superhuman speeds at very close range by Mazikeen, and easily block, dodge, or deflect incoming damage from experienced Human fighters, Demons, and Angels.
    • Superhuman Dexterity: Lucifer possesses a super humanly accurate aiming ability, on one occurrence being able to accurately throw a tire on a running man, hitting his head and knocking him out. He was also able to throw it with just enough strength to only knock him out, without further damaging him.
    • Immortality: Lucifer, like all Angels, is immortal, billions of years old, immune to age, disease and toxins, having lived since the beginning of creation. He has eternal youthful beauty and will live for all eternity without ever aging. He also cannot die of any natural cause. The only known things that can kill him are the Flaming Sword and Demon Daggers Forged In Hell.
    • Invulnerability: Lucifer, like all Angels, has a highly durable body, which can withstand a vast amount of physical damage, as such Lucifer can't be damaged in any way by Humans. Bullets and knives bounce harmlessly off of his body, as shown several times throughout the series. Lucifer described being shot with guns as being just a little pressure of that of a flick or a "nuisance". Eventually, being in proximity of Chloe Decker impaired this ability, rendering him mortal and vulnerable. However, this issue has been resolved, as such Lucifer can use his invulnerability without limitation anymore.

      Lucifer fire resistant. (season 5)

    • Accelerated Metabolism: While Lucifer can be affected by mind-altering substances, his tolerance for them is far higher than that of a Human. He's able to consume vast quantities of alcohol and drugs without negative effects. The effects also wear off much faster than with mortals, allowing him to sober up quickly after consumption has ended, as evidenced in Monster, where Lucifer complains that his "pesky supernatural metabolism keeps getting in the way" when he's trying to drown his emotions regarding Uriel. This ability seems to be impaired when Chloe Decker is in the vicinity, as seen in God Johnson, but not completely, as he still has difficulty getting drunk when Chloe is around. In season 4, he said that he can't be drunk on normal amounts of alcohol.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As witnessed numerous times throughout the show, Lucifer heals much faster than humans do. He can heal any injuries within minutes to hours. On one occasion, he stated, "at least I'm healing fast".
    • Temptation Inducement: Lucifer, being highly sexual, can easily make himself carnally irresistible to most women (and men), which he sometimes uses to his advantage when he strikes deals with them. However, some select few people, such as Chloe Decker, seem to be more resistant to this power, at least to an extent, as even she had some trouble hiding her attraction to Lucifer's naked body after first seeing it in Manly Whatnots, although this may not be a result of any powers that Lucifer may possess, but simple attraction. Ella, however, never viewed Lucifer in a carnal light, and said she loved him like a brother - perhaps a result of a lifetime of Azreal's influence on her.
    • Cosmic Awareness: During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lucifer displayed some knowledge of the Multiverse and its existence due to the fact he told John Constantine that he wasn't happy seeing him again on "his" Earth.
    • Shape-shifting: Lucifer is able to change his appearance into a form he refers to as his "Devil Form". That form varies along the seasons. In Seasons 1-3, it manifests as a red, monstrous, scarred, and burned-looking version of his normal appearance. Hairless and fiery, blazing, monstrous red eyes, which terrify mortals. He's able to push a mental image of this form into the minds of Humans to torture them, which is different from his physical manifestation of this form. He can also alter only his eyes to red, fiery orbs, and he possesses the ability to unfurl his wings from what appears to be between his shoulder blades. His "Devil Form" was born out of his own self-loathing. In season 4, his struggle with his feelings of guilt and self-hatred caused his Devil Form to change. This new form included sharp-pointed spinal spikes, a distortion of his torso, and chiropteric wings. His devil form can petrify Humans, Demons, and other beings, though not Gods, Angels, and Nephilim, as they can casually look at his devil form, as evident with God, Amenadiel, and Charlie.
    • Flight: Lucifer's wings allow him to fly, including between Earth and Hell. He can fly as fast or faster than the speed of light in which he would seemingly disappear from the human eye, in a similar manner, akin to teleportation, like he did in "A Devil of My Word", in order to escape from gunfire with Chloe to a safe distance.
      • Dimensional Travel: With his Angelic wings, Lucifer possesses the ability to physically fly to and from Hell in a matter of mere seconds. He can physically take demons from Hell and bring them to Earth or take them from Earth to Hell, or vice versa, and also bring back souls from Hell into recently deceased bodies, as he did with Abel. He states he's banned from Heaven which results in his destruction if Lucifer goes there as seen in "A Chance at a Happy Ending."
      • Healing: Lucifer is capable of channeling divine power to heal the injuries and harms of others. With his wings, he can instantly heal and cure any wound, injury, illness, disease, or sickness no matter what it is or how bad it is. He can instantly heal Humans, Demons, Angels, animals, and other beings.
      • Resurrection: Lucifer has the ability to resurrect the dead. He can do this by taking a soul and placing it in a deceased body. However, he has only limited control of this process; the soul will just land up in the closest, newest-deceased body. While resurrecting Chloe in Heaven, Lucifer gave her his ring with the last of Lilith's immortality in it rather than using his own powers.
    • Spirit Communication: As an Angel, Lucifer can communicate with spirits of the deceased, so long as the death is fresh and they have yet to move on. He can also communicate with Ghosts, like he did with Daniel Espinoza after his soul was placed on Earth from Hell.
    • Celestial Communication: Lucifer can communicate with his Angelic siblings by praying to them, as he frequently uses this ability to contact Amenadiel, who is usually nearby or patrolling Hell in Lucifer's absence.
    • Desire Exhibition: Lucifer displays the ability to draw out people's hidden desires, akin to hypnosis, mind control, or telepathy, and by extension lower their inhibitions. Some scenes suggest that if he applies enough of this power, he can actively compel people to confess internal secrets, sins, and truths, but he usually doesn't. It is revealed in "The Sinnerman" and subsequent episodes that Lucifer must maintain eye contact for his power to work. However, it was shown in "Save Lucifer" that when this ability goes out of control, eye contact is no longer necessary. Chloe Decker is completely immune to this power. It is unknown if this power works on Demons or Angels.
    • Telekinesis: Lucifer is sometimes shown levitating and spinning his Pentecostal Coin with hand or finger gestures. As he says himself, he can also "turn anything on", which is shown at various points when he turns cars ("City of Angels?"), people, boats ("O, Ye of Little Faith, Father") and machinery ("Orgy Pants to Work") on.
    • Demonic Lordship: Being the Devil and King of Hell, Lucifer has full and total control over all Demons. As seen in the last episode of season 4, he was able to command Demons to bow before him and then force them to go back to Hell. In Hell, Lucifer has the power to freeze Demons, Hell loops, and all of Hell whenever he wants, and also has the ultimate power to command any or all Demons to do anything he wishes.
      • Hell Loop Control: He has total power and control over Hell Loops. With a mere wave of his hand he can freeze the Hell loop he is in, rewind it, and even create as well as alter new ones from the memories of damned souls. However if the soul is broken and driven insane like in the case of Jimmy Barnes, control over the Hell Loop may be lost until the psyche is repaired. If he has been away from Hell for too long, Lucifer could become trapped in his own Hell Loop when going through one of the empty rooms, though this also occurred when he had died and actually gone to Hell as a damned soul due to both his feelings of guilt and his banishment from Heaven.


  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Despite usually convincing his enemies not to fight him, Lucifer is shown multiple times to be an extremely skilled and highly experienced fighter. When dealing with Humans, Lucifer easily toys with them, using their moves against one another and defeating multiple people at the same time with ease, but he can be deadly efficient when he stops playing, as shown in his final fight with Cain, where he initially and casually fended off his assault before getting serious once he was struck by Cain in the shoulder and easily defeated him. His skill is most prominently shown in his fights with other Celestials of great fighting skill, being able to gain the upper hand over his oldest brother Amenadiel, who is one of the most powerful Angels, who was known as God's finest warrior. Lucifer defeated his twin brother Michael and beat down Mazikeen despite holding back and having been struck multiple times by her, he vastly overpowered her and easily defeated her when he actually intended to win the fight.

    Lucifer using very specific fighting techniques.

  • Flaming Sword Wielder: Lucifer managed to assemble the Flaming Sword with the help of Goddess and Amenadiel in Season 2. The primary component of the sword, Azrael's Blade, is capable of completely eradicating any being from existence. The blade is so powerful that it can even cut through dimensions when in its final form, as Lucifer demonstrated when he helped Goddess get a universe of her own. After Michael recovered Azrael's Blade with the help of Gabriel, he reassembled the Flaming Sword and tried using it to forcibly claim the position of Sovereign of Heaven, as well as kill Lucifer. When Michael was eventually defeated, Lucifer assembled the sword, making him the current wielder of the weapon.
  • Master Manipulator: He has a keen ability to understand the mental and emotional weaknesses, desires, and needs of people and determine how best to use them to his advantage. Lucifer used his Pentecostal Coin to convince Malcolm Graham not to kill him. Using his reputation of not lying, Lucifer tricks people by not saying what he will do. This makes Lucifer extremely unpredictable, even to Chloe, who knows him very well. His experience as the King of Hell has made him capable of psychologically bringing Hell to a living soul with a mere whisper to their ear and causing them to torture themselves with their own guilt as he had done to Vincent Le Mec in vengeance for Daniel's death, however, he cannot take away the pain as it stems from their own guilt.
    • Therapy: Thanks to his sessions with Linda, Lucifer started understanding himself and therefore the concept of self-actualization; making him aware of how guilt affected people deep down. In "Til Death Do Us Part", Lucifer showed early signs of being good at it as he remembered much of how Linda described his own behavior. In "Buckets of Baggage" and "Yabba Dabba Do Me" Lucifer showed the ability to help even those whom he had no emotional or positive attachment to. This ultimately culminates in "Partners 'Til the End", where he helped Rory not turn into a monster like he did and realized his calling was to help the damned release their guilt.
  • Skilled Impersonator of Michael: Lucifer has demonstrated the ability to impersonate his twin brother Michael in a convincing manner, so much so that he was able to fool Ibriel and Raziel with the façade, albeit for a short time. Like his brother did with him, Lucifer was able to mimic Michael's mannerisms, accent, as well as attitude.
  • Skilled Detective: Although still not as experienced as Chloe, Lucifer has become a skilled detective in his own right. He was able to notice that Rose's sub-dermal implants were Latin for "children of the goat", something even Chloe couldn't do. In "Spoiler Alert", when Chloe was kidnapped, Lucifer was able to call upon his own detective skills to solve the "Whisper Killer" case, impressing Ella Lopez with his ability. After the case was over, Chloe was impressed to hear that Lucifer caught a serial killer all on his own.
  • Omnilingualism: Lucifer has the ability to speak and understand all Human languages on Earth: In "Quid Pro Ho", he fluently converses in Mandarin Chinese; in "Til Death Do Us Part", he converses in Korean; and in "Our Mojo", he converses in Tagalog. However, by his own admission, this ability does not extend to reading languages.
  • Exceptional Talent in the Arts: Lucifer has shown to be a remarkably talented singer. He sings many times in his club Lux and also in his penthouse above Lux. His repertoire includes "Sinnerman", "All Along the Watchtower", "Devil May Care", "Eternal Flame", "Luck Be a Lady", "I Will Survive" along with Axara, "Creep", "Someone to Watch Over Me" along with Lilith, "Wicked Game", "Another One Bites The Dust", along with Ella, Daniel and Chloe, "Every Breath You Take" along with JJ's mother (Debbie Gibson), "I Dreamed A Dream" along with God, "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye" along with Ella, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with Aurora Morningstar and "You Got It". In addition to singing, Lucifer is also a notable piano player, stating even that all the greatest pianists of all time were his pupils, such as Mozart, Liberace, and Elton John. His drawing abilities, however, are not on par with his musical ability, as many of his drawings have been shown to be stick figures.
  • Escapologist: Lucifer displays an uncanny ability to get in and out of cars and closed spaces - with one notable unexplained exception in "The Sinnerman" - or get out of ropes and handcuffs. It is unclear if this ability is a mystical power or ordinary skill, however, it was shown he can get into and out of places seemingly without using the physical entrances, even when his wings were cut off.
  • Faustian Deals: Lucifer frequently offers people deals with an unspecified favor to be paid back later. He can easily figure out exactly what he has to and can do to keep up his end of the bargain, such as making an introduction or opening some doors.


Even though Lucifer is an extremely powerful celestial being, the strongest of all Angels, and one of the oldest and most powerful beings in the Universe, he still has certain weaknesses.

Former Weaknesses[]

  • Chloe Decker: Chloe is immune to Lucifer's preternatural charm ("mojo"). She also made him vulnerable to ordinary means of harm, presumably starting from "Manly Whatnots", as he was still invulnerable in her close proximity in the "Pilot" and in the alternate reality show in "Once Upon a Time". It is supposed that his physical vulnerability when in proximity to Chloe may likely be a psychosomatic manifestation of his growing emotional vulnerability towards her. After their relationship fully developed Lucifer became more secure, focused, and determined in their relationship, and he doesn't feel vulnerable anymore, as such, Chloe no longer impairs his invulnerability. In Our Mojo after opening up to each other, it appears that Chloe has picked up the ability to use Lucifer's own powers on him, and he lost them. This is resolved in Spoiler Alert.


  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: While Lucifer only says they can "prick" him in "#TeamLucifer", it is shown in "Take Me Back to Hell" that these blades can cause fatal injury to an Angel (and a Demon). Lucifer later confirms that he is no exception and that these blades can kill him too. However, they would kill him by sending him back to Hell, and he wouldn't be trapped there or permanently killed.
  • Exorcism Ritual: In season 4, Father Kinley and later the Demon Dromos reveal the existence of a ritual involving a vial of some unknown substance that would send the devil to Hell forever. The ritual also includes details in its performance such as requiring a place that served as both a den of sin and a place of worship.
  • Rory's feathers: Lucifer's daughter possesses unique wings equipped with blades that can harm and kill other Celestials, including him. Some of her feathers were taken and used by Vincent Le Mec to create daggers that were able to injure her father and with which Le Mec planned to kill him.


  • God: As mentioned by Lucifer's mother, God is capable of destroying him. Originally, Goddess was capable of annihilating Lucifer, too. Lucifer himself was afraid of facing his mother after she escaped Hell. However, with her powers severely reduced due to her similarly fallen state, she was not able to accomplish such a feat and Lucifer was initially not afraid of his mother, but as she regained her powers, Lucifer quickly became concerned, fearing as his mother's powers are returning, he and Amenadiel would soon be unable to contain her, which was proven by how Goddess was able to toss both him and Amenadiel through the room rather easily.
  • Flaming Sword: The Blade of Death, which is also a part of the Flaming Sword, is said to be able to completely eradicate Angels. The Angel would be permanently gone, no Heaven nor Hell, and couldn't be resurrected.
  • Heaven: Since God banished Lucifer, if Lucifer ever went to Heaven and violated his banishment, he would be destroyed. This occurred when Lucifer flew to Heaven to retrieve Chloe Decker's soul and resurrect her in A Chance for a Happy Ending? Lucifer's ring containing Lilith's immortality mitigating the damage and allowed Lucifer to survive while in Heaven, but the damage drained away the immortality until only enough of it remained to be able to resurrect Chloe. Lucifer was noticeably weakened even while the ring shielded him and once it was gone, he was consumed by holy fire.

Psychological Weakness[]

  • Self-Actualization: At the end of season 3, it is shown that like all beings in creation, Angels are also subject to free will and self-judgment as mortals are. This manifests as psychosomatic changes in Angels, which can affect both their appearances and their powers. The changes Lucifer has exhibited through Self-Actualization are:
    1. His devil face to appearing for the first time because he felt like he was a monster for his initial rebellion against his father and his subsequent banishment from Heaven filling him with self-hatred.
    2. Becoming vulnerable in Chloe Decker's presence as his feelings grew for her and his mental guard falling around her. He was initially invulnerable around her when they first met and was able to block several bullets in her presence.
    3. Growing back his wings and losing the ability to transform his normal face into the devil face after saving the universe and preventing a war in Heaven by sending his mother to the Void to create her own universe, an accomplishment that made him feel great about himself and his own self worth higher than he has felt in ages. Unlike the previous time that his wings were cut off, Lucifer automatically regrew them each time that they were removed, his wings becoming impossible to remove permanently.
    4. Various instances of his eyes flaring up red when angered and wanting to be feared.
    5. Regaining his Devil Face and his Devil Form spreading to his wings after his guilt of killing a human for the first time and his own disgust of himself making him feel like a monster.
    6. Realization of his own self hatred in a therapy session causing his Devil Form to take over his whole body with an inability to revert back and his powers of desire to strengthen and automatically activate without looking at people directly.
    7. Regaining control over his Devil Form transformation and his powers after taking steps to forgive himself.
    8. Permanently regaining the Angelic appearance of his wings after sacrificing himself to save the world from an invasion of demons and having the full acceptance and love of Chloe.
    9. His relationship with Chloe taking the next step with sexual intimacy and his subconscious belief that relationships were about giving power up to the partner causing him to lose his Desire Mojo and seemingly give it to Chloe.
    10. Regaining his Desire Mojo and invulnerability around Chloe after realizing that relationships are about making each other stronger and that his vulnerability in her presence was caused by his own mental guard around him being down around her.
    11. His wings refusing to come out when Lucifer isn't ready to become God yet and coming back out when he later realized that he subconsciously didn't want to be God at all.
    12. Being vulnerable around his daughter as a sign to her how much he loves her and is willing to let his guard down around her by getting shot from a revolver.

After Lucifer purposefully makes himself vulnerable to Rory, Linda realizes that his conscious and subconscious minds are now working together and Lucifer can control his self-actualization.

Physical Appearance[]

Lucifer reveals his devil face.

In his Human Form, Lucifer is 6 foot 3 inches (1.905m) tall, sexy, magnetic, charismatic, devilishly-handsome, incredibly charming, dark-haired man with a model-like face and a muscular body. Lucifer often sports expensive dark suits. He also has a distinctive RP English accent, which people usually find "very charming." However, no matter which visage Lucifer adopts, even his Human one, he cannot hide the visible marks on his back from where Lucifer's immense, Angelic wings used to be before they were severed. However, upon regaining his wings, the scars disappeared.

It is unknown what Lucifer's bank account is worth, he has shown all throughout the series with an unlimited amount of cash and gold. As Chloe Decker stated in season 4, comparing him to murder suspect billionaire, Anders Brody "you both have more in common than you think... you both are rich, have vast fortunes, famous, at the very least notorious."

Lucifer's Devil appearance consists of terrifying, monstrous red skin, blazing, fiery-red eyes, gold teeth, and fingernail claws. He becomes hairless and appears to be burned and scarred, with the shape of the skull being more distinct and many scar-like markings on the forehead. It usually terrifies anyone who sees it, but it has less of an effect on those who have actually been to Hell, such as Malcolm Graham. Lucifer first gained his Devil Face because of his self-hatred, and judged himself a monster causing him to gain a horrifying and monstrous appearance. God Himself was shocked by Lucifer's Devil Face and suggested that it was how Lucifer saw himself.

Lucifer in angel form.

King of Hell form

It is currently unknown what his true, angelic Form is, only that Lucifer doesn't have the stereotypical tail and horns that the Devil is usually depicted within the modern popular culture. Additionally, at the end of "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy", Lucifer's wings had returned, as he woke up in a desert with them once again. In "They're Back, Aren't They?" it is shown that Lucifer's wings return even when he cuts them off. He has also lost his "Devil Face" as Lucifer calls it. In "A Devil of My Word", Lucifer regained his "Devil Face" after mortally wounding Marcus Pierce, better known as Cain. While talking with Pierce earlier in the episode, Lucifer suggests that his gaining the face and later losing it is tied to his belief that he was a monster. After he started feeling good about himself for the first time in a long time, when he chose to tell Chloe the truth and saved Goddess, he lost the representation of being a monster and regained his wings. Once he killed Cain and began dating Eve, his wings took a demonic bat form.

After coming to the realization he hated himself, Lucifer started to take on his Devil form permanently. Eventually, his wings sprang out and wouldn't go back in. This "King of Hell" form is how he appears in Hell. when he wants to quell the demons Much like his face, his entire body looks like charred flesh on bone, razor-sharp tip on his massive monstrous wings, and extremely loud sonic roar and voice. The very sight of this enormous, terrifying, devilish form and his king of hell voice scared a large group of demons into bowing to Lucifer's commands and immediately returning to Hell.

At the end of "Who's da New King of Hell?", after Lucifer decided to return to Hell to protect those he loved and admitted his love for Chloe and vice versa, his wings regained their angelic look, as seen when Lucifer departed for Hell. This likely happened because of Chloe's total acceptance of who and what he was, even after seeing his full Devil form, she still told him she loved him, added to Lucifer's self-sacrificing and selfless choice to return to Hell.


You know, Lucifer has a tendency to project his issues onto external sources when what he really needs to do is face his issues head on.
Linda Martin to Eve
in "Super Bad Boyfriend"

Being the devil and a celestial immortal being who has been alive since the dawn of time, Lucifer's perspective of life is vast and as such, sees human lives as ephemeral as memories and holds little value to them, considering from his point of view a human lifetime seems inconsequential (with notable exceptions). Therefore, he never runs when chasing his prey. Lucifer views his time on Earth as a vacation as much as a Human would consider a vacation to a wildlife park.

Charming, eloquent and sophisticated, and fully aware of the fact, Lucifer carries himself with an air of supreme confidence, charisma, and egotism, even arrogance, which is due in part to his vast supernatural powers such as his immortality, near-invulnerability, and knack for coaxing Humans to spill their hidden secrets to him. Because of this, Lucifer is always sure of success in whatever he does, regardless of whatever obstacles are in his way, and fears no consequences. On the rare occasions where he fails to get what he is after, Lucifer usually displays remarkable temper control, often viewing such happenings with amusement and curiosity rather than frustration; a likely byproduct of his nigh-omnipotence. It takes a great personal betrayal, or attack on someone he cares about, such as Chloe Decker, to actually enrage Lucifer, and when this happens, he immediately (and sadistically) unleashes his full, ruthless, terrifying hell-fired fury on the one responsible, all with a terrifyingly vicious smile on his face, and often shows his devilish, terrifying, blazing red eyes, sometimes a glimpse of his devil face. He can be extremely ruthless and hell-bent on brutal revenge, and he is fearless of committing violence if need be.

As a Fallen Angel, Lucifer is completely out of step with the social norms and societal rules of humans - or, more likely, he simply chooses to ignore them. As a result, Lucifer tends to be brutally honest with every Human he comes across and enjoys acting inappropriately in any situation, regardless of the circumstances. Humans, who are unaware of his true identity, typically perceive Lucifer as sarcastic, rude, insensitive, completely inappropriate, arrogant, and incredibly irritating, even though they feel compelled to tell him their darkest secrets, due to his powers of coercion.

Lucifer is openly pansexual[15] and sexually promiscuous, he has had lots of sex with both men and women. He has had sex with billions of men and women over all of the years he has been on earth since the beginning of time, almost all humans find him carnally irresistible, sexy, and sexually attractive, which he sometimes uses to his advantage when he strikes deals with them. Lucifer was said to have had 92 sexual partners in eight weeks; Lucifer himself notes he has "tremendous stamina", stating he can have sex ten times a day. Lucifer even says whoever he sleeps with is thoroughly exhausted to the point they sleep well through the night; he is also creative with sexual techniques. Referring to the 92 people previously, Lucifer considers the number "a dry spell", suggesting sex primarily takes up his time when not assisting Chloe. To his horror, Goddess claims Lucifer inherited his sexually prolific tendencies from her.

Lucifer has a tenuous relationship with his Angelic kin as a result of his rebellion against God, but he is completely unafraid of other Angels, such as Amenadiel, whom he treats with disdain and disinterest, despite the Angel's threats against him. During the bidding for religious artifacts, Lucifer and Amenadiel joked about St. Paul being too fat to fit in the chains shown at the auction, showing that they subconsciously care about each other, but immediately stopped when they realized they were getting along.

Despite his flaws, Lucifer is very loyal, cares about certain people, and even shows quite a bit of remorse for the mistakes he made. During his time on Earth, Lucifer has gained a penchant for using his great powers for good rather than evil (much to the chagrin of Mazikeen at times), not only punishing wrong doers, but also gaining justice for the innocent in the process. Hence, while at times very ruthless and vicious, Lucifer is not actually malevolent and is rather just and fair in his own way.

Deep down, under his confident exterior, Lucifer appears to be somewhat insecure, and has vast issues with rejection and narcissism. He is hurt and angry when Amenadiel calls him evil in City of Angels?, and challenges him to fight. In Manly Whatnots when Chloe shows him genuine sympathy and concern regarding the scars on his back, he tries to head it of with a desperate, "Don't. Please," briefly displaying an uncharacteristic gentleness and emotional vulnerability.

Lucifer has said he hates his Father, often criticizing people when they mention Him, and gets annoyed with expressions containing the word "God". When Dr. Linda started to theorize that God sent Lucifer to Hell because he was the only one God trusted with the job, Lucifer's voice cracked as he went through all that being the Devil meant, that he'd been made a torturer and all humans blame Lucifer for their sins, that he was vilified for all eternity. Dr. Linda's use of the name, Samael, enraged Lucifer to the point of punching a hole in her wall. Lucifer's hatred of God extends to God's followers, as when Father Frank Lawrence came to Lucifer for help, he was quickly denied and Lucifer assumed Frank had something to hide. However, as he became closer to Frank, Lucifer showed a more vulnerable side, revealing to Frank that he hated God because "he didn't believe in me". Frank brought up that maybe God's plan for Lucifer wasn't over yet, which Lucifer seemed to consider. However, after Frank's death, Lucifer shouted at the sky in rage, claiming God to be a "cruel, manipulative bastard", and that Frank didn't deserve to die like that. Lucifer also said there was no way to win in his game, regardless of being a malevolent or benevolent figure. During this, Lucifer came the closest to crying than he has ever had since coming to Earth, showing that when it came to God, Lucifer was at his most emotionally vulnerable. Lucifer firmly believes "Dad holds the reigns; end of story."; he believes everyone is following God's plan, but why does everyone think its a good one. He later accepts self-judgment is real.

One of the few things that can truly annoy him is when people blame him when something goes wrong or when they say he made them do it. He hates charlatans, people who don't actually believe what they preach, like Jacob Williams. He also dislikes Satanists (as "the whole worship thing is more my father's bag") and is associated with goats (which was a prank by Amenadiel). Another is being accused of lying: while Lucifer is one of the greatest manipulators in the Universe, he never knowingly lies. (His mother the Goddess confirms this, and Amenadiel and Mazikeen seem to take it as a given). Although he will use hyperbole when he is joking or teasing, if he says something in earnest it is the truth. He is quite proud of this and it offends him when others don't believe him.

In addition, Lucifer is extremely bold, with Amenadiel noting that he has never seen the former scared, with Lucifer only showing signs of fear after learning that his mother had broken out of Hell. Though realizing the significance of Pierce's identity as Cain also had Lucifer worried. He also displayed extreme worry when he saw his wings had changed. And when he began to morph into his Full Body Devil Form, he was worried about what he would become afterward.

After he killed his brother, Uriel, in order to prevent him from killing Chloe and their Mother, Lucifer was emotionally shattered, crying into his mother's shoulder and shaking. Despite having punished countless Humans and having watched many people suffer and die, he stated that he has never killed before, both due to him being an angel unable to kill Humans but also because he has never been driven or desired to do so. He also became very self-destructive, having no qualms about trying to force a sniper to kill him and putting himself in harm's way to punish himself for what he had done. This shows that despite being out of Heaven for billions of years, and despite the fact that they can hurt him, even when he can annoy them (and vice versa), Lucifer still loves his Angelic brothers and sisters dearly. This was also shown by the fact that he refused to let his mother return to Heaven, as he knew that there would be another war if she did and that more of his Angelic siblings would die.

Lucifer found himself drawn to Chloe when they met (aside from the vague memory of Hot Tub High School), finding her immunity to his charm intriguing if disturbing. Through their work together with the LAPD, Lucifer began discovering new sides to himself; he found avenging murder victims by capturing their killers more satisfying than outright punishing them. In addition, he grew less physically violent, preferring to intimidate criminals. Lucifer found himself willing to protect Chloe, even after learning her presence makes him vulnerable. Learning about her past and family, Lucifer grew closer to Chloe as he could identify with some of her past troubles. Ultimately, Lucifer realized he loved Chloe, with her love being what he truly desired. After the Cain incident, Lucifer awkwardly attempted to start a genuine romance between them; however, it was derailed thanks to Kinley and Eve. Despite their relationship being strained, Lucifer did maintain their work relationship. After saving Charlie from the demons, Lucifer realized the truth: despite Eve being his first lover, Chloe was the first woman he truly loved.

As of Season 5 Lucifer had grown as a person so much that his previous hedonistic attitude was largely absent; while he still indulged in booze and drugs, he did so more in private. Lucifer's time keeping the demons in line matured him to the point where even Remiel admitted he had sacrificed his own happiness for the greater good. He also took his consultant work with the LAPD much more seriously (but he still cracked jokes and let his troubles bleed into his thinking); he showed great aptitude in deductive reasoning and even scolded God for turning his crime scene into a music video. Even Chloe had to scold him less; instead using his issues to help resolve the cases. Amenadiel notes Lucifer had indeed become more mindful.

Lucifer still teased Daniel, but was more friendly with him; he even tried helping him cope with the knowledge of the Celestials, since Daniel was slowly spiraling after meeting God (plus a brief death). Though Lucifer was not above pulling an elaborate prank on Daniel for shooting him. Upon Dan's death and learning he was in Hell, Lucifer was stunned, "it isn't fair"; showing how much he saw Daniel as a friend. Lucifer's friendship with Daniel led him to alter Dan’s Hell Loop, leaving it as a Purgatory while they tried to find out why he was stuck in Hell after seeming to have already resolved his guilt. When Daniel became a Ghost trapped on Earth, Lucifer was patient and tried to help him further, showing that all antagonism was gone and he truly valued Daniel. He even tried to encourage Daniel to start a new life when he became accidentally possessed Vincent Le Mec’s body, and then encouraged him to see Trixie to give her a proper goodbye. Upon finding out that Dan had in fact made it to Heaven, Lucifer was truly pleased.


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Chloe Decker
Aurora Morningstar
Other Angels


  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote romantic relationships
  • denote deceased individuals

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John Decker
Penelope Decker
Lucifer Morningstar
Chloe Decker
Dan Espinoza
Aurora Morningstar
Trixie Espinoza


  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote romantic relationships
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Chloe Decker[]

Main article: Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer and Chloe's professional partnership slowly evolved into a personal relationship

Chloe and Lucifer are friends and co-workers who later become lovers. Lucifer is curious as to how she can resist his charms and why he is vulnerable in her presence. Chloe finds him odd, but she admits to him that she likes working with him, that he makes her a better detective. While working together, they grow closer and develop a close friendship. Lucifer is shown to be attracted to Chloe and openly reveals his wishes to sleep with her, but Chloe constantly rejects his advances.

It has also be shown that Lucifer does indeed have feelings for Chloe and he was visibly upset after witnessing Pierce proposing to Chloe. Eventually, Lucifer and Chloe finally came to realize their love for each other. Lucifer and Chloe were separated during his time in Hell, and neither handled the separation well. After his return, once Chloe was able to deal with "the gift from God" situation, they realized they wanted nothing more than to be together and finally consummated their relationship. This resulted in Lucifer unconsciously 'transferring' his mojo to Chloe. It seems, though, that Chloe can only use mojo on Lucifer. Both Linda Martin and Ella Lopez are aware that Lucifer and Chloe have finally committed to each other, and both are very happy about it.

After Chloe is killed by Michael, it is Lucifer's selfless sacrifice of breaking his banishment from Heaven to resurrect her, that earned him the chance to be the new God.

In season 6, they became parents to their nephilm daughter, Aurora Morningstar.


Main article: Amenadiel and Lucifer

Lucifer and Amenadiel's relationship grows from hatred and misunderstanding to love and support

Lucifer and Amenadiel are brothers and are initially antagonistic with each other. However, through the series, they learn to work together and appreciate one another. Lucifer is later asked to becomes the godfather of Amenadiel's son, Charlie, who Lucifer has come to care for greatly, to the point where he willingly returned to hell to prevent demons from abducting him and molding him into a figurehead king of Hell. Upon returning to Earth it is shown that Lucifer's devil face actually calms Charlie down when he's crying and even makes him laugh when making faces, much to the relief of Amenadiel.

Mazikeen of the Lilim[]

Lucifer and Mazikeen; he would eventually call her his best friend

Mazikeen/Maze is Lucifer's right-hand woman and close friend. She is the one who cut his wings off and protects him from all threats. However, since Lucifer began working with Chloe, their relationship started to evolve into something different, distressing and angering Maze. Lucifer feels betrayed by her when he finds out that she told Amenadiel about his seeing Linda, and tells her they're done. The tension between them leads to her leaving for a while in hopes of finding a way to fit in. Lucifer eventually forgives her for the betrayal and sets her up as his cats-paw, and she felt used. Their friendship takes another hit when Maze learns of Lucifer's plans involving Goddess and heaven, feeling lied to and betrayed, with the two even fighting. Eventually, he offers to make her Queen of Hell because the was no one he would trust more in the roll.

Daniel Espinoza[]

Frenemies, Dan and Lucifer had no trouble working together when necessary

Lucifer initially dislikes Dan, who he refers to as "Detective Douche". Dan disapproves of Lucifer, objecting to his relationship with Chloe and Trixie. Lucifer gets jealous when Dan tries to reconcile with Chloe and tried to get Linda to separate them again. Despite the mutual enmity, Dan trusts Lucifer to protect Chloe, and they eventually developed a working relationship.

Their relationship reached its worst point after Charlotte's death, when Dan blames Lucifer for her death, since he knew that Pierce was the Sinnerman, but did not tell anyone. Of course, Lucifer, having developed a friendly relationship with both Dan and Charlotte, felt genuine sympathy for Dan's anguish over Charlotte's death, which he did regret, and was visibly affected when Dan angrily told him he would always screw up being good. At the same time,however, he was annoyed to see Dan return to being a jerk to him, stating Daniel was "a Douche again."

Ultimately, however, Dan realized Lucifer was not at fault and let go his anger. Lucifer, in return didn't hold a grudge, and quickly forgave Dan, visibly moved and pleased when Dan tries to comfort and help him stay positive. Though Dan broke down after seeing Lucifer's Devil Face, and tried to kill him due to Michael's manipulation, Lucifer, although he was annoyed, decided not to hold it against Dan. Lucifer shows genuine concern when Dan was exploded by God briefly and then resurrected, quick to confront his father over it and worrying over the effects it could have on him.

When Dan is killed, Lucifer is genuinely grief stricken by his death and hoped that he was currently enjoying Heaven, only to learn to his further dismay and grief that Dan was in Hell, stating angrily that he did not deserve that. Clearly showing Lucifer ultimately came to develop genuine care for Dan and considered him a friend. Dan's death would end up being the reason why he decides to become the new God in order to both save Dan from Hell, and ensure what happened to him didn't happen to anyone else. He was furious when he learned Michael was responsible. Lucifer struggled with telling Chloe that Dan was in Hell and was visibly upset and reluctant to even say it, begging Chloe to not make him have to. Along with Mazikeen, Lucifer seeks revenge on Dan's killer, trapping Vincent Le Mec in what is revealed to be essentially a living Hell Loop.

After Dan's death, Lucifer orders his Demons not to torture him, pulls Dan out of his Hell Loop and sets up Belios as his friend's ping-pong partner. Lucifer then visits his friend in Hell, and attempts to help him overcome his guilt and reach Heaven, but he refuses to intervene directly and simply deliver Dan's soul to Heaven, as that would be breaking free will, even if it is only Dan's subconscious. When approached by Rory to help her kill Lucifer, Dan admits that his previous attempt is something that he regrets very much and is shocked to learn that Lucifer could've simply flown him to Earth the entire time. Dan appears to betray Lucifer again, but once on Earth he attempts to warn his friend of the danger, only to get stuck as a Ghost. Dan is shown to believe that his betrayal of Lucifer is the regret that was keeping him in Hell and that by saving Lucifer's life, he has alleviated the guilt, but he proves to be wrong about this. Daniel and Amenadiel are both unable to understand why Lucifer didn't simply return Dan to Earth as Rory did.

After seeing his family and being unable to interact with them, Dan finally understands that Lucifer was doing him a favor by keeping him in Hell because Lucifer knew that being on Earth as a Ghost unable to interact with his loved ones is an even worse fate. Dan begs Lucifer to return him to Hell, but Lucifer explains that Dan has become intangible even to him, so Lucifer can no longer return him to Hell or take him to Heaven even if he wanted to. When Lucifer then admits that he thinks that Rory is actually his daughter, Dan is encouraging and offers Lucifer advice as one father to another.

Unable to help Dan in any other way, Lucifer continues to attempt to help Dan to overcome his guilt. Lucifer later arranges for Chloe to spend a few hours talking to Dan using Amenadiel's necklace before Lucifer has to return Azrael's Blade to Heaven. After Dan possesses Vincent Le Mec, he seeks out Lucifer and proves his identity by reminding him that they are "bracelet brothers." Lucifer sadly tells Dan that he's sorry for being unable to help him out of Vincent, that Dan was trapped in Hell in the first place and for him being trapped as a Ghost. Lucifer admits that he sincerely wishes that he could help Dan get over his guilt and get into Heaven where a good man like Dan belongs. Lucifer suggests that Dan takes advantage of having a physical form again and considers who he wants to spend his final hours with. As a result, Daniel visits Trixie, the source of the guilt that is holding him back and finally lets go of his guilt and ascends to his rightful place in Heaven. Lucifer learns of this from the dying Vincent leaving Lucifer visibly happy and relieved to hear of Dan's final fate. Upon learning of this from Lucifer, Chloe realizes that Lucifer is responsible for Daniel's ascension into Heaven, having helped Daniel to get past his guilt as he did with both Lee Garner and Rory. This helps Lucifer realize that his true purpose is to help lost souls like Dan redeem themselves and reach Heaven.

In the alternate universe - "Once Upon a Time" - , their relationship is almost non-existent. Dan is a corrupt cop, and due to neither having Chloe in their lives to make them get along, which would have led to the two gaining genuine trust and respect for each other, they never progress past bad first impressions. Their relationship caused Lucifer to have a very negative opinion of the LAPD, and in this universe, he refers to Daniel as "Detective Dildo".

Trixie Espinoza[]

Lucifer deeply cares about Trixie despite his general dislike of children

Lucifer claims to despise children and does not know how to interact with them, but on their first meeting, Lucifer gets to know Trixie and even defends her from a school bully. Trixie, for her part, likes Lucifer instantly, and always gets excited to see him, usually running to him and hugging him, much to his general discomfort. Even though he regards her with utter lack of understanding, he does always do his best to keep her safe when there's danger. In "Devil Is as Devil Does" he defends her and Eve from the attackers, and assures Chloe afterward that he would never let her be hurt. Eventually, his interactions with Trixie allow him to be more comfortable around her, he even is able to hang out with her for an entire evening in "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken". They eventually reach the point where Lucifer would let Trixie paint his face and enjoy a regular game night with her and Chloe. In My Best Fiend's Wedding, Trixie said she loves Lucifer.

Linda Martin[]

Lucifer and Linda's relationship grew after she accepted his true identity, and began to see him as a friend

After meeting Linda, Lucifer made a deal with her to become his therapist in exchange for sex. Although she initially believes he speaks in metaphors when he claims to be the Devil, and that his father is God, they develop a close working relationship. Eventually, because she has gotten to know and care about him, she puts a stop to their sexual relationship in order to continue being his therapist.

After Uriel's death, an emotionally shattered Lucifer tried to talk about it to Linda who said she was tired of Lucifer's 'metaphors', she asks him to tell her the truth. Once Lucifer reveals his Devil Face, Linda is terrified; he later called it "melting her brain." Eventually, Mazikeen talks some sense into Linda, and she realizes that knowing the truth doesn't change who Lucifer is. Linda comes to terms with what her patient is, but is then overwhelmed with curiosity about his history as a biblical figure, and what Hell is like. It takes a bit of time before she is able to resume a more professional approach to dealing with Lucifer once he reminds her that he is just like any other one of her patients with a need for her expertise. After they went back to the status quo, Linda have a better idea of how to help him that it improves a mutual understanding between the two.

Because of her aid in breaking Lucifer out of a mental hospital and their sexual relationship, however, in "God Johnson", Linda is at risk of losing her license. Maze makes sure that doesn't happen.

After Linda gives birth to Lucifer's nephew, Charlie, Lucifer's gift to her is not for the child but for her; Sigmund Freud's personal journal as a way to say thank you. Even though he say that he's cured and no longer need therapy, he does go back to her whenever he needs advice or just a small talk.

When Lucifer returns to Hell, his office is modelled after Linda's as a way to tribute of how much she help him evolved through therapy. With what he learned through his sessions along with his own experience from guilt, he can help others the way Linda helps him.


Lucifer cared about his mother enough to let her start over fresh by giving her a new universe, showing their deep connection

Goddess is Lucifer's mother. Lucifer shows fear when he finds out she escaped Hell. Lucifer distrusts his mother and thinks she is trying to manipulate him. Goddess claims to love her children, including Lucifer, but Lucifer still does not believe her. After she threatens Chloe, Lucifer considers killing her with the Flaming Sword but chooses to sent to create a New Universe of her own. After she's gone, he expresses that he does miss her and even tries his best to help her vessel, Charlotte Richards, when she begins remembering her time in Hell. Lucifer later realizes that helping his mother is a big part of why he felt worthy of losing his Devil Face and regaining his wings.

After God decides to retire, Lucifer sends Gabriel to contact his mother to let her know and is happy to be reunited with her and upset that she and God are leaving for good. However, he ultimately accepts their decision.


Lucifer is angry with God, his father, for casting him out of Heaven and punishing him for eternity. When Linda tries to talk to Lucifer about his father, telling him that he is the favorite son and that God gave him Hell to rule as a gift, Lucifer becomes enraged and punches a hole through the wall. Lucifer calls God a "cruel, manipulative bastard" and states that no one can win his game. Then in "Take Me Back to Hell", Lucifer asks his father to protect Chloe, in exchange, Lucifer offered his services to him thus, God accepted.

In "God Johnson", Lucifer encounters Earl Johnson, a man possessed by the Medallion of Life causing him to believe he is God with healing powers. After Lucifer becomes convinced that Earl is really his father, he lets out his anger. Later, Earl apologizes and tells Lucifer that he is proud of him. Just as Lucifer starts to accept that, it is revealed that Earl is not God. This leaves Lucifer "bloody furious" with his father because he believes God would never say those things to him.

After being reunited with the real God, Lucifer is both elated and upset, accusing God of being a terrible father but at the same time eager to have his family back. Before God leaves with Goddess, he admits that Lucifer was right about him being a terrible father. God tearfully tells Lucifer that he loves him and is proud of the man that Lucifer has become which drives Lucifer to tears too. Lucifer hugs his father and they part ways reconciled. However, Lucifer is frustrated when God can't resist being mysterious one final time as he leaves.

Ella Lopez[]

Lucifer and Ella had a deep friendship, much like the relationship he had with his sister, Azrael

Lucifer and Ella first meet while investigating the murder of Gillian Taylor. Upon meeting Lucifer, Ella immediately hugs him while Lucifer becomes stiff. Lucifer notes she is wearing a cross and is interested in why she doesn't have a different reaction to him when he claims to be the Devil. She tells him the Devil gets a bad rap and he is delighted to hear it. She is then confused when he talks about Hell and the Devil in the first person, and immediately assumes he's a method actor. Although he's alluded to and directly stated that he is the Devil several times, she doesn't believe his claim to be the actual Devil, always clinging to the idea that he is a method actor. They have developed a strong brother-sister relationship. When she finally realizes the truth, she is hurt that she hadn't been officially looped in earlier.

In the alternate universe, their relationship is friendly and at times flirtatious, but is not as close as in the original Universe. Also, both know that it is simply a business relationships.

Malcolm Graham[]

Lucifer became Malcolm Graham's target after Malcom was resurrected

Amenadiel resurrected Malcolm in exchange for him killing Lucifer. When Malcolm shows up to kill Lucifer, Lucifer gives him the Pentecostal Coin to trade for his life. Later, Malcolm commits murders as he thinks that Lucifer would approve of. Unfortunately for him, Lucifer isn't pleased with Malcolm's actions and Lucifer goes to punish him. But it doesn't stop the other people to think that Lucifer is the one who committed those murders. In the first season finale, Malcolm kills Lucifer, but Lucifer makes a deal with God to "become the son he always wanted" in exchange for Chloe's life, and thus, God resurrects him. Malcolm is then shot by Chloe and dies.

Charlotte Richards[]

Lucifer and Charlotte became close friends and colleagues after her resurrection and her death left him visibly dismayed

Before she's possessed by the Goddess of Creation, there is no interaction between the two. After she is brought back from Hell when the Goddess leaves her body, she and Lucifer become close when she told him about her time in Hell. Lucifer even shows her his wings to prove his and Amenadiel's claims that they were telling her that divinity is real. He was visibly distraught after she's murdered (again) by Marcus Pierce (aka Cain) and took great pleasure knowing Charlotte's death would send him to Hell. In the alternate universe, she appears to be his lawyer and they plan to expand Lux to Las Vegas which ultimately never happened because of the murder that occurred in the club. Instead she ends up stealing all his safe money and leaving LA with Daniel Espinoza.

After Amenadiel took Charlotte to Heaven, Lucifer was happy to know she got the "first class" trip. He still thought about Charlotte a year later as he imagined Shirley Monroe as Charlotte during his story time with Trixie.


Main article: Lucifer and Michael

Lucifer, enraged by Michael's attempt in taking his life, and his lying and manipulative nature, scars his twin so he can never impersonate him again.

Michael is Lucifer's twin brother and they are always at odds. Lucifer greatly despised his twin brother from the dawn of time, as he never mentioned him once in his time on Earth. He and Michael were deeply disdainful of each other, due to Michael's jealousy of him and Lucifer's disdain towards his lying nature. Throughout season five, Lucifer has to deal with Michael attempting to ruin his life. He experiences an identity crisis after finding out Michael has been manipulating him since the beginning. Enraged at Michael's attempt of ruining his life, he scars his face without hesitation to ensure he can never impersonate him again. After Chloe was kidnapped by his twin and Dan attacked him under Michael's orders, he and Amenadiel after confronted by Michael after time is stopped, he is immediately disdainful of him for damaging his relationship with Chloe and is completely disgusted by his unkempt hair and poor sense of fashion, and lets Amenadiel fight him.

After defeating Michael and becoming the new God, Lucifer chooses to cut Michael's wings off with the Flaming Sword instead of killing him, believing that everyone, even Michael, deserves a second chance, which showed that he cared for his much-hated twin to give him a chance at reforming himself instead of eradication, which is another show of his unconditional care for his siblings.

Aurora Morningstar[]

Rory is Lucifer's daughter with Chloe, conceived by his subconscious desire to have a child with his love. While at first in denial and disbelief when the adult Rory visited, Lucifer quickly awakened to his parental side and desired to be the father God couldn't be for him. While he did succeed in building a bond and helping Rory not go down his path of self hatred, Lucifer had to promise to keep her time loop going so he could find his true calling as a therapist to the souls of hell to give them a chance at heaven. On his last night on earth, Lucifer tried to find a loophole to be a part of Rory's childhood; showing he was willing to give up his role for the sake of his daughter.


  • Tom Ellis was announced as the actor playing Lucifer on February 27, 2015.[16]
  • Out of all the main characters in the show, Lucifer is the only one who made an appearance in every single episode.
  • Lucifer is a fallen archangel in Jewish and Christian traditions.
  • Lucifer is based on his comic book counterpart, who originally appeared in DC Comics's Vertigo imprint under the Sandman title. He later starred in his own self-titled series.
    • Lucifer is the second most powerful character from DC Comics, only next to The Presence (God of the DC Universe) and followed by his twin brother Michael Demiurgos.
    • In the comics, Lucifer's hair is blond, while in the TV series it is black. This is later lampshaded in "#TeamLucifer", where a satanist remarked that he was supposed to be blond, only for Lucifer to respond that he "gets that all the time."
    • In the comics, it was Dream who cut off Lucifer's wings, not Maze.
  • Lucifer invented the idea of giving out favors.
  • He abhors being addressed by his birth name Samael.
    • It seems to be tied to feelings of PTSD or self-hatred from the Rebellion.
      • Lucifer punched a hole in Linda's office after she kept saying that name.
      • Lucifer only snapped at his father when God called him by that name.
  • Lucifer made an appearance on the DC Comics television franchise the Arrowverse, specifically during the annual crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths where he guest starred in the The Flash season 6 episode "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three".
    • In the episode, it is revealed that Lucifer resides in Earth-666, a nod to 666 being the number of the beast most associated with the Devil. The events of Lucifer series likely also takes place in this universe too.
    • Lucifer is aware of the Multiverse, as evidenced by the fact that he knew John Constantine was from a different universe.
    • His cameo appearance is set during the five-year gap following his arrival on Earth, before the events of the series.
    • He has a Purgatory Card which can be used by humans for a limited amount of time, but only once. He gifted one such card to Constantine to allow him to retrieve a soul from Purgatory.
    • He once made a deal with John Constantine, which involved Maze.
    • It is likely that Lucifer is unique in the fact that he does not have a multiversal doppelgänger, otherwise Constantine would've consulted a version of Lucifer from his native universe instead. Although with the upcoming Sandman show, it's still unknown if Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer and this Lucifer are the same person.
  • Lucifer tends to whistle his "s"s when he stresses the pronunciation.
  • He either read or watched Harry Potter at some point prior to "Pops"; counting Voldemort's murder of his father a famous patricide.
  • Lucifer is a fan of action movies and who stars in them; he loves Body Bags and Weaponizer films and any film Arnold Schwarzenegger is in. Though he is not a fan of End of Days, stating "not Arny's best work."
  • Bones is his favourite tv show as he has binge watched all 12 seasons in Season 3 and plans to watch the show again in Season 6.
  • Despite a declaration that he is a boxer briefs man in "God Johnson," on the very few occasions Lucifer is shown to actually be wearing underwear ("Manly Whatnots," "Let Pinhead Sing") he wears black silk boxers. Otherwise, it is apparent that Lucifer tends to go commando ("St. Lucifer", "Orgy Pants to Work").
  • According to Lucifer in "Lady Parts", Eden was his first startup and it was a sex club.
  • Though the name he assumes as human identity is not his original one, it does not count as a lie; this is because both names are alternative names he is known by.
    • It's implied he chose to go by this name shortly before the Rebellion, as Azrael knows he chose "Lucifer" as his name, and she hadn't seen him since.
  • Several times during the TV series, Lucifer implies that he, like almost all other angels, is billions of years old, and his moniker "Lightbringer" was because he was responsible for creating stars out of primordial gas resulting from the Big Bang.
  • Lucifer once claimed to have been the burning bush that Moses encountered.
    • He later references this when God bothers him at work, stating "even Moses wouldn't want this much FaceTime".
  • Upon regaining his wings, Lucifer had trouble keeping them from popping out when he was aroused. Though he later got control of it. He referred to this as "I don't usually suffer from premature unfurling".
  • His other alternate names, such as Samael, Abaddon, and Belial, are sometimes used as different names in lore, but in scripture, the names are to three different demons.
    • Abaddon was the angel of the Abyss and also the ruler of the bottomless pit.
    • Belial was described as being the vilest and the most deceitful. In some accounts, he is the demon that demands child sacrifices.
    • Samael holds a similar role to Lucifer and his name means "Poison of God."
    • Lucifer is a Latin portmanteau of "lucem ferre," meaning "light-bearer." It is also the name of the planet Venus, commonly known as the "morning star".
    • Lucifer notes he likes Old Scratch.
  • In the CW series Supernatural, that show's version of Lucifer jokes that after he saves the world from the Darkness, he will move to LA and fight crime, alluding to the Lucifer in this series.
  • In "A Priest Walks Into a Bar", Lucifer gets inside a Confessional and encourages a woman to embrace her desires when she confesses that she is attracted to her husband's limo driver. This tells that Lucifer supports adultery/concubinage. In "Orgy Pants to Work", it confirms that Lucifer and Eve are in an open relationship, as they are both present in an orgy. He is also seen kissing another woman in front of Eve and vice versa in "Super Bad Boyfriend". There are also scenarios where he claims that he does not care about his sexual partners being in other relationships.
    • However, when he is in a relationship with Chloe, he would not get into other people as he does not want to hurt Chloe in that fashion. In fact, after he starts to develop even further in his relationship with her, he stops pursuing other women and has his focus on Chloe instead.
  • During one scene in "A Priest Walks Into a Bar", whenever Lucifer yelled in rage, thunder was heard in the background, suggesting that Lucifer has powers he has not displayed.
  • In "Let Pinhead Sing!", Lucifer claims that he has always wanted a pet shark.
  • In "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith", Lucifer indirectly says he considers the Dave Matthews Band a disaster on par with the plagues and floods.
    • He is also revealed to literally burn money; he lights it on fire and tosses it to see who is desperate enough to save it.
  • In "The Sinnerman", it's confirmed Lucifer does have connections to organized crime via his favors.
  • Lucifer has taught history's greatest pianists, which includes Elton John.
  • In "The Angel of San Bernardino" Lucifer says he dreamt he was king of the centaur people.
    • Ironically his mother has centaurs in her universe.
  • In "¡Diablo!", Lucifer implies he likes "Saved by the Bell".
  • Lucifer drives a black 1962 Chevrolet Corvette with the license plate "FALL1N1" (Fallen One).
  • Lucifer has been shown to be attracted to both men and women.
    • In "Chloe Does Lucifer" he told Linda that Oscar Wilde "was straight when [he] first met him."
      • In the same episode he tells Dan "I'm so good at flipping men, they call me 'The Skillet.'"
    • In "Stewardess Interruptus", he told Chloe that he slept with the victims, Jana and Raj. He refers to Raj as one of his lovers and goes on to defend himself, telling Chloe, "Come now, Detective, it's the 21st century."
    • In the same episode, several women and an unnamed man are interviewed in a series of Lucifer's former lovers.
  • Lucifer is disintegrated for violating his banishment from Heaven in Season 5, however in season 2 no mention of this rule was made and there were plots of using the Flaming Sword to cut through dimensions to travel directly to Heaven.
    • It is possible that using the Flaming Sword to get into Heaven would allow Lucifer to get around this rule.
    • His own personal hell loop that he was briefly in, in "A Good Day to Die", is shown to be killing "Uriel" with Azrael's blade over and over again.
  • 20 humans know that Lucifer is the devil. Notable bad luck has fallen on these people with 14 being deceased, 3 being incarcerated and two of the other three being resurrected leaving Linda Martin as the only one to escape unscathed. As unscathed as can be said for someone who was almost burned to a crisp by Goddess in "The Good, The Bad, and The Crispy".

Aliases and Titles[]

These are aliases and titles mentioned in the Lucifer TV series.

  • Dark Lord
  • King of Hellfire
  • Mr. Morningstar
  • Beelzebub
  • Satan
  • Mephistopheles
  • Iblis
  • The Father of Lies
  • Old Scratch


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