Well, the key to completing my ensemble maybe.
Lucifer to Amenadiel
in "Sympathy for the Goddess"

Lucifer's ring is a ring that Lucifer Morningstar brought with him to Earth and always carries with him.

History Edit

This ring, along with the Pentecostal Coin, were the only two things Lucifer brought with him to earth. Lucifer even wears it when he strips down naked.

In "Sympathy for the Goddess", Amenadiel initially thought that this ring, that Lucifer always wore, was the key to the Flaming Sword since he believed Lucifer to be God's Favorite Son.

In the season 2 finale, Lucifer is knocked unconscious and stranded in the desert. All his possession are stripped from him, save for this ring and his pants.

Trivia Edit

  • The prop was made by Benée Rubin Jewellery Design.[1]
  • Description; A silver/platinum ring with a black rectangular shaped stone (Onyx). 

References Edit

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