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Well, the key to completing my ensemble maybe.
Lucifer to Amenadiel
in "Sympathy for the Goddess"

Lucifer's ring is a ring that Lucifer Morningstar brought with him to Earth and always carries with him. It used to contain the immortality of the demon Lilith, although Lucifer himself states that he keeps it mainly as a reminder of his old friend.


Before being in the possession of Lucifer Morningstar, the ring belonged to Lilith, who took the stone, before being expelled by God, from the Garden of Eden. Lilith later fashioned the stone into this ring.

This ring, along with the Pentecostal Coin, were the only two things Lucifer brought with him to earth. Lucifer even wears it when he strips down naked.

In "Sympathy for the Goddess", Amenadiel initially thought that this ring, that Lucifer always wore, was the key to the Flaming Sword since he believed Lucifer to be God's Favorite Son.

In "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy", Lucifer is knocked unconscious and stranded in the desert. All his possessions are stripped from him, save for this ring and his pants.

In "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken", Lucifer reveals to Trixie Espinoza in the form of a story that the ring was originally Lilith's and that Lilith had sought out his help to reclaim it when the ring was stolen. When Lilith decides to give up her immortality, she places it in the ring, turning the stone from white to black and then gives the ring to Lucifer who begins wearing it. In the present, Trixie is amazed to learn that the ring still has Lilith's immortality in it and Lucifer laughs and states that "yes. I suppose it does. Though as far as I'm concerned the only thing special about it is... it reminds me an old friend."

Lucifer's ring in Heaven.

Lucifer giving his ring to Chloe to save her.

In "A Chance at a Happy Ending", when Lucifer enters Heaven in order to retrieve Chloe Decker's soul, he discovers that Lilith's immortality, kept within the ring, is shielding him from being destroyed by breaking his banishment. However, the power of Heaven quickly strips away the immortality protection and Lucifer is left in a weakened state. By the time that Lucifer finds Chloe, there is only enough power left for one of them. By giving Chloe his ring with the last of Lilith's immortality, Lucifer is able to resurrect her while Lucifer himself burns up as punishment for breaking his banishment. When Chloe awakens on Earth, Lucifer's ring is on her finger where he had placed it in Heaven, the stone back to the white that it was before Lilith had put her immortality inside of it.

In "Partners 'Til the End", after Chloe nearly dies again of a stab wound, Lucifer tells her that "I don't have another life-saving ring, so be more careful next time, please."


Lucifer's ™ Onyx Ring.png

  • The prop was made by Benée Rubin Jewelry Design.[1]
  • Description: A silver/platinum ring with a black, rectangular-shaped stone (Onyx). 
  • The ring disappears when Lucifer goes full-devil mode.
  • It was confirmed by the writers that Chloe was brought back as a normal human, the immortality stored in the ring having been used up. This is indicated by the fact that the stone is once again white when Chloe looks at it rather than the black it was once the immortality was placed into it by Lilith.
    • It's also been confirmed that it's significant that Lucifer put the ring on her ring finger.