This is where Lucifer Morningstar lives and it is located on the top floor above Lux. The only way in is by elevator, however, there have been a few scenes where the character comes in by stairs.

On his own mini bar, Lucifer has a vast selection of alcohol where he helps himself and to his guests with some drinks. Just in front of his bar is his own piano whenever he feels like to play with just himself or for his guests.

At his balcony is a hot spa for his guests.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are some artifacts that can be found in the penthouse
  • As a running joke, anybody can get into his penthouse (this includes unwanted/unexpected guests and criminals) despite how tight his security is.
    • in Super Bad Boyfriend, Lucifer lampshades this occurance and said that he really needs to put a lock on the elevator.
  • Throughout Season 5A, the lighting at the bar is shown to reflect Lucifer's mood. In previous seasons, they stay as a golden yellow colour.

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