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This is where Lucifer Morningstar lives and it's located on the top floor above Lux. The only way in is by elevator, however, there have been a few scenes where the character comes in by stairs.


There is a mini bar with a wide choice of alcohols, opposite is a grand piano, a sofa and several Italian leather armchairs, in the center is a coffee table and not far away a side table. Then on the right side is a staircase leading to the alcove of Lucifer, the walls on this side are Assyrian. There is also the shower, the dressing room and a private office (where Amenadiel had found his brother's clipped wings). On the left side of the loft is a gigantic library on two floors where you can see a stained glass window representing the Virgin Mary. Finally, on the balcony overlooking the city of Los Angeles, there are seats for sitting as well as a hot spa.




  • There are some artifacts that can be found in the penthouse
  • As a running joke, anybody can get into his penthouse (this includes unwanted/unexpected guests and criminals) despite how tight his security is.
    • in Super Bad Boyfriend, Lucifer lampshades this occurrence and said that he really needs to put a lock on the elevator.
    • Amenadiel later LOUDLY notes "Your door is an elevator" in Season 6.
  • Throughout Season 5, the lighting at the bar is shown to reflect Lucifer's mood. In previous seasons, they stay as a golden yellow colour.
    • The colours that the lighting presents is red, blue and green. Occasionally it does go back to the golden yellow colour
      • In Bluballz, when Lucifer and Jed are in the penthouse, the lighting is green which represents Lucifer's jealously of Jed getting close to Chloe.