"Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!" is the second episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


After spending an eternity in hell, Lucifer returns to the land of the living — but there's something a little different about this handsome devil.


Decker receives a new case: a murder in the “Red 2 Mars Project”. She surmises that due to the nature of the project, the killer must have been one of the five people inside given nobody is able to come or go, from the project. Everyone is surprised when “Lucifer” — or whoever is using his body — arrives on the scene. A quick conversation between Lucifer and Ella raises concerns in Decker, who is confused about why Lucifer is suddenly willing to lie. Lucifer tells her that the thousands of years in Hell have changed him, perhaps for the better.

Decker is ecstatic to reveal the return of Lucifer to Linda, however, it is no surprise as she reveals that Lucifer has already visited her. Decker raises her concerns with Linda and realizes that she must get Lucifer to remember his life on Earth before he returned to Hell.

In the interrogation room, Decker tries numerous times to convince Lucifer to return to his usual self. Initially, she tries to play to “bad cop”, but after “Lucifer” doesn’t follow along, she turns to subtle reminders about his previous self, such as the flask he drank from regularly despite the time; nevertheless, the “new Lucifer” cites that it is too early and opts that they return to the case. Ella interrupts after the interrogation to reveal someone must’ve entered the facility where the "Red 2 Mars Project" was taking place given they found hair in the facility that did not belong to any of those involved.

Lucifer and Decker talk with those in charge of the project. They raise the concern that someone must’ve had access to the lab, however, they are assured that the project is completely sealed, and the only communication is with mission control; Decker surmises that the killer could well be someone at mission control.

At the penthouse, Lucifer pours himself a drink but is interrupted when he is tackled by Maze. He quickly explains that he is not Lucifer, but his twin brother, Michael, and has come to Earth to right a wrong. Michael explains that Lucifer returning to Hell willingly has caused quite the stir in Heaven, and he has come to return him to Earth. Maze questions if Michael knows how to pretend to be Lucifer, but that she will help him nonetheless.

Now comfortable posing as Lucifer, Michael sets out to find Donovan — a bitter rival of the recently deceased Judy — with Decker and question him. A car chase ensues, leading to Michael using his wings to protect a vulnerable Decker. He assures her that things will be back to normal soon, but he needs time.

Back in the interrogation room, Donovan denies having killed Judy, but cites that Brody, their manager, was having an affair with Judy; this allowed her to get the promotion over him. Lucifer explains that he is still adjusting to the changes between Hell and Earth, but things should be back to normal soon. Decker tries to seduce “Lucifer” after finally deciding that it is time to take their relationship to the next level, but he doesn't reciprocate the feelings.

Decker and Michael are able to eventually solve the murder when Decker realizes that they should check the reflection of the security cameras in the Mars Project. They are able to pinpoint a specific piece of equipment to Sam Chavez, a Red 1 employee whom they initially suspected was involved. When questioned about it, Sam believes Brody to be the killer, however, he is surprised when Mandy — his co-worker — confesses that she is the killer. She explains that she is in love with Sam and killed Judy out of jealousy that he didn’t love her anymore.

After solving the murder, Michael decides that he is finally going to embrace his facade and become Lucifer. When Chloe arrives at the penthouse, he decides that he is finally ready to take their relationship to the next level, but is shocked when she shoots him, revealing that he isn’t Lucifer, but an impersonator. Michael is shocked by the ordeal but explains that Chloe shouldn’t exist, but was a gift created by God specifically for Lucifer. Whilst Chloe is reluctant to believe him at first, she seems shaken by the revelation.

Shaken by the events, Michael heads downstairs to drink in Lux. He is approached by Amenadiel, however, who orders he returns back to Heaven. Michael, however, has other plans and threatens to tell Remiel about Charlie. Amenadiel is furious with Michael and, in an effort to annoy Michael, remarks that Lucifer has always been the better brother. Amenadiel begins a descent to Hell in an effort to return Lucifer to Earth and solve the identity crisis.



Guest StarringEdit

  • Matthew Bohrer as Donovan Glover


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  • This is so far Lucifer's shortest screentime with just about half a minute he appears on screen.
  • Anders Brody previously appeared in "O, Ye of little Faith Father"
    • Coincidentally, in both episodes, one of the main characters discover a big secret that the other character is hiding. In that episode, Lucifer discovers Chloe's secret of sending him back to hell while in this episode, Chloe discovers the truth about 'Lucifer' is actually Michael.
      • As a bonus fact, the new information that they both learned from those two episodes have made them devastated. E.g.Lucifer learns Chloe couldn't accept him in that episode. In this episode, Chloe learned that she is a gift from God and it gives her bad thoughts around that infromation.



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