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"Love Handles" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Lucifer.


"Lucifer and Chloe investigate a mysterious masked killer who is poisoning college students. They also try to make sense of their new relationship, after a long-awaited kiss. Meanwhile, Charlotte visits Linda for advice on a touchy subject."[1]


As the episode opens, it appears as if events have continued following the kiss that ended the previous episode, Lucifer and Chloe are locked in a passionate kiss as the penthouse elevator opens. They spill into the room, and she strips off his shirt. He pauses long enough to ask if she is sure she wants to do this. She tells him to shut up and kisses him, only to be distracted by a pair of horns appearing on his head. He smiles and says she has found his “love handles,” and then Chloe wakes up.

Dream Sequence

Once she realizes she has been dreaming, she also realizes Maze is in her room, who explains she heard Chloe scream and came in to check on her, but stayed to watch once she realized what kind of dream Chloe was having, and says at least Chloe is getting laid in her dreams, “I just wish you'd loosen up, Decker. You know, throw caution to the wind, be impulsive, just once, instead of, you know, being you.”

Lucifer spends the morning with Linda, discussing the kiss on the beach, how he is a responsible devil and he should take things slowly, that Chloe is probably overwhelmed. Linda archly asks if it is Chloe who is overwhelmed. He says she must be, because she still kissed him even after he listed his shortcomings, but Linda suggests “maybe she's just taken by you.” Lucifer declares that impossible because she is immune to his charms...then decides perhaps she is not immune any more before departing.

When Chloe and Lucifer meet later, they are a bit awkward with one another, and he tries his mojo on her, and she tells him he knows that doesn't work on her, while she tries slapping his bottom in an effort to “loosen up,” but it falls flat as Lucifer stares at her, astounded. They attend a crime scene at the university where their victim, college freshman Rick Cormier, was poisoned by something that burnt him from the inside out. Ella goes to work identifying the poison while Chloe and Lucifer are approached by an actor, Johnny Kane who arrives at the crime scene carrying a knife, and explains that he was told, via video, that he had twenty-four hours to cut up his face to save Cormier’s life. He didn't believe it was for real and did nothing, and now the student is dead.

They managed to track Johnny's email to a grad student named Matthew Hoffing, but discover his account had been hacked, and a second email to a well respected surgeon, Dr. Gwendoline Scott was sent an hour previously. The threat was similar to the one sent to Johnny, she has twenty-four hours to destroy her hand and an antidote will be delivered, or another student, Ashley Corbett, dies. Dan stays with Dr. Scott while Chloe and Lucifer leave to track down Ashley.

They head to a frat party, and Ashley is somewhere inside. Lucifer suggests they try and blend in and that Chloe should be “less hall monitor, more, sort of, hot for teacher.” When she makes adjustments to her appearance she tells him he is staring; he sincerely tells her she looks beautiful. They enter and split up to search. Almost immediately Lucifer is surrounded by a flock of young women, “Oh, hello. Oh, hi. Hi, right, uh, yes, uh, you're all very lovely. Very lovely. Dear, how do I turn this thing off?” When he asks for Ashley, the ringleader of the girls says they will tell him if her does something first – so after chugging some beer, he finds himself in a circle of girls, chatting while they wait for Ashley, and Lucifer is heard to say, “Now, I suppose what I'm saying is, you know, how do I know that it's real?” Chloe, who had seen him head upstairs with the girls barges in, and begins to berate him, then she stops when the ringleader says, “Oh, my God, is this her? She's so pretty,” and asks what was going on. He assures her he was working and that they were awaiting Ashley who is in the bathroom. Inside, they find Ashley, dealing with a nose bleed that will not stop.

Ashley is taken to the hospital, and Dan is trying to keep Dr. Scott calm. Dr. Scott can’t live with the idea of Ashley dying because of her, so she pushes her hand in to the garbage disposal. After replying to the killer’s email with a photo of her hand, an antidote arrives at her door as promised, and it is rushed to Ashley.

The Goddess meanwhile goes to see Linda, hoping to dupe her into telling Lucifer that Chloe is someone whose birth was orchestrated by God. Linda refuses to play messenger or tell her anything of her relationship with Lucifer save that her loyalty is to him. Goddess heads off to find someone foolish enough to help her.

At the lab, Ella explains the poisons and antidotes are unique to each victim. Her contact at DHS informed her they found another poisoning victim in a cargo hold of a plane that had flown from LA to Chicago. She then determines that man in the plane was Andy Kleinburg to whom they spoke about Jana Lawrence's death in “Stewardess Interruptus.” When Chloe speaks to Ashley, she gets information on a university health van that had been on campus, and where she got a flu shot. When they run the information, Dan discovers the man who gave the shots was a disgraced former professor named Dr Jason Carlisle. The previous year, Carlisle survived a fiery car accident and “saved the dissertation he'd been working on for four years, while an innocent college student working as an Uber driver died.” The whole thing was captured on video. Vilified, he lost his job, his wife, and went into hiding. Lucifer was appalled, “ I thought our killer was just raving mad, but he's trying to prove a bloody point. That everyone would make the same choice he did. Saving their livelihood over someone else's life.” He suggests they poke at Carlisle’s ego, and promises it will get a response. Chloe sends an insulting email, and he immediately sends her a link, and shows her two new victims. This time, she only has an hour to save them from death or mutilation.

The team quickly deduces Carlisle is working at a rival school, not the one that fired him where he chose his victims. When Chloe and Lucifer then arrive at his lab, he is locked in a room with the antidote and a deadly gas; they will be able to save the student, but the gas will kill them. Carlisle then escapes as the closed lab fills with the poison vapor. Lucifer tells Chloe he can save the students if she goes after Carlisle right away, but there is not time to explain – does she trust him? She immediately says yes, and goes after Carlisle. Lucifer needs her far enough away from him so as to become invulnerable again.

Chloe chases the professor down tackling him at one point, but he punches her and flees again. Finally, cornered, Carlisle refuses to be arrested and cuts his own throat. Chloe returns to the lab building, desperately worried about Lucifer, but he has saved both the boys with no harm to himself. Relieved and happy to find him well she hugs him. He asks in wonder, “This is real, isn't it?” Mum and Maze await Lucifer's arrival at a bar that is not their usual type. He is surprised to find them together, and then tells them that whatever they have in store for him would not affect him because “quite frankly, I'm too happy for you to spoil things.” Maze immediately tries to call off the plan, not wanting to hurt him, and tries to get Lucifer to leave with her. As Mum and Maze argue, Lucifer catches a glimpse of a photo on the wall – his brother and Chloe's mother.

Lucifer demands answers, and his mum tells him that his Father put Chloe in his path. Lucifer's heart breaks, "So... none of it was... None of it was real?" He rushes from the bar and heads to Chloe's, angry and hurt. He calls for her, asking if she knew, and finds her in the bathroom, bleeding from the nose. Chloe turns, “Lucifer... something's wrong. It won't stop.” Horrified by the implication, Lucifer is shocked into silence.



Guest Starring[]

  • Tim DeKay as Jason Carlisle
  • April Grace as Dr. Gwendolyn Scott
  • Mike Doyle as Johnny Kane


  • Shaun Alphonso as Stoner Dude
  • Max Chadburn as Ashley Corbett
  • Brent Connolly as Leon Klem
  • Gavin Cooke as Messenger
  • Alex Pangburn as Timmy Nolan
  • Scott Patey as Matthew Hoffing
  • Kelly McCabe as Frat Guy
  • Merren McMahon as Amber
  • Ashton Moio as Driver
  • Cardi Wong as Benjamin Tibi


  • The episode's title is said by Lucifer in Chloe's dream.
  • In the scene where Goddess tells Maze that Chloe is a miracle, Maze asks if Amenadiel is Chloe's father. Chloe would ask the same thing upon finding out her mother was blessed by Amenadiel in Detective Amenadiel.
  • For the first time Lucifer looks uncomfortable with his power to attract women saying "how do I turn this thing off" as he is surrounded by college girls at the party where Lucifer and Chloe are trying to locate the next victim.




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