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I don't know. I guess...with all the bad...comes a lot of good. I got a best friend out of this. And the...most fascinating patient in the world. And this baby. Who saw that coming? I guess, as freaked out as I am...I'm really looking forward to being a mom. And meeting my son. Wings and all.
— Linda to Chloe
in "All About Eve"

Linda Martin (born 1977) is a therapist living in Los Angeles and serves as a central character in Lucifer. Throughout the series, Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of Hell, seeks her counsel on a consistent basis, usually involving personal issues with Chloe Decker or his family. Though he never outwardly admits his problems, Lucifer instead supplies the Doctor with biblical metaphors and innuendos, requiring Linda to draw the conclusions herself. She occasionally counsels Chloe and Maze when they reach out to her, and forms close bonds with the two.

As their relationship progresses, Lucifer's trust for Linda continues to grow immensely, causing her to become a close confidant of Lucifer. This later results in Lucifer revealing his true identity to Linda as the Devil, thus making her one of the first humans to know about celestial life existing. She later bears a child by Lucifer's eldest brother, Amenadiel, thus becoming a mother of the first child fathered by an angel on Earth.


Linda had became a teenage mother at age 17 and spent her entire pregnancy in denial. When her daughter was born, the reality of the situation came crashing down on her. She loved her daughter, but didn't have confidence in raising her and was too scared to actually give her up. So when the nurses weren't present, she fled the hospital, abandoning her child.

Linda attended medical school before becoming a therapist. This likely means that she is a psychiatrist, a medical doctor who has completed a residency in psychiatric medicine. To pay for med school, she worked as a phone sex operator, later calling it "1-800-ProfessorFeelGood".

She was married to Reese Getty but had been separated from him for approximately two years when she met Lucifer. The pair finalized their divorce sometime in the first season (shown in flashbacks "Off the Record") after Reese approached her after seeing Lucifer's devil face.

Throughout the Series[]

In "Pilot", Linda was the therapist of Delilah. She told Lucifer and Chloe about Delilah's relationship with a famous celebrity in exchange for sex with Lucifer. This would continue to be a regular arrangement before she finally decides to end it for the sake of her job as well as ethical reasons, much to Lucifer's surprise.

In "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.", she suggests that a person could be the reason for his change of character.

In "Sweet Kicks", Maze told Amenadiel about Lucifer confiding in Linda, and the latter starts to get close to her in order to find a way to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell.

In "Lady Parts", Linda joins Chloe, Maze and Ella for a girls night where they sing karaoke and get into a bar fight over a case Chloe is working.

In "Monster", Linda pressures Lucifer to tell her the truth and to drop the Biblical metaphors. He decides to show her his true appearance, revealing himself as the actual Devil. The episode ends with Linda in shock, frozen in place, while a dejected Lucifer leaves her office.

During "Trip to Stabby Town", Linda pesters Lucifer with questions about Hell as he remarks on her new change in behavior. Linda states she can't believe the devil is her patient and that Maze told her to be open minded.

Struggles with parenthood[]

Linda struggles massively with her newfound life as a mother, as does Amenadiel. Linda struggles with no longer being able to do the things she used to do, and with the threat of Michael and Remiel looming over their heads.

Things become complicated between Linda and Maze, when Maze begins experiencing sadness surrounding her abandonment by her mother, Lilith. When Linda reveals that she had a child previously at the age of 17 and abandoned it, tensions arise between Maze and Linda. Linda explains to Maze that she believed she was giving the child a better life by abandoning her, and Maze is quickly able to understand. Maze helps her track down her daughter, but Linda decides not to reveal her identity, but to register incase her daughter ever wants to find her.


Season One
#1 "Pilot" Appears
#2 "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil." Appears
#3 "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness" Appears
#4 "Manly Whatnots" Appears
#5 "Sweet Kicks" Appears
#6 "Favorite Son" Appears
#7 "Wingman" Credit only
#8 "Et Tu, Doctor?" Appears
#9 "A Priest Walks Into a Bar" Appears
#10 "Pops" Appears
#11 "St. Lucifer" Appears
#12 "#TeamLucifer" Appears
#13 "Take Me Back to Hell" Appears
Season Two
#1 "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" Appears
#2 "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire" Appears
#3 "Sin-Eater" Appears
#4 "Lady Parts" Appears
#5 "Weaponizer" Credit only
#6 "Monster" Appears
#7 "My Little Monkey" Appears
#8 "Trip to Stabby Town" Appears
#9 "Homewrecker" Appears
#10 "Quid Pro Ho" Appears
#11 "Stewardess Interruptus" Appears
#12 "Love Handles" Appears
#13 "A Good Day to Die" Appears
#14 "Candy Morningstar" Appears
#15 "Deceptive Little Parasite" Appears
#16 "God Johnson" Appears
#17 "Sympathy for the Goddess" Appears
#18 "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy" Appears
Season Three
#1 "They're Back, Aren't They?" Appears
#2 "The One with the Baby Carrot" Appears
#3 "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith" Appears
#4 "What Would Lucifer Do?" Credit only
#5 "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards" Credit only
#6 "Vegas with Some Radish" Appears
#7 "Off the Record" Appears
#8 "Chloe Does Lucifer" Appears
#9 "The Sinnerman" Appears
#10 "The Sin Bin" Credit only
#11 "City of Angels?" Credit only
#12 "All About Her" Appears
#13 "Til Death Do Us Part" Credit only
#14 "My Brother's Keeper" Appears
#15 "High School Poppycock" Appears
#16 "Infernal Guinea Pig" Appears
#17 "Let Pinhead Sing!" Appears
#18 "The Last Heartbreak" Appears
#19 "Orange is the New Maze" Appears
#20 "The Angel of San Bernardino" Appears
#21 "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better" Appears
#22 "All Hands on Decker" Appears
#23 "Quintessential Deckerstar" Appears
#24 "A Devil of My Word" Appears
#25 "Boo Normal" Credit only
#26 "Once Upon a Time" Appears
Season Four
#1 "Everything's Okay" Appears
#2 "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" Appears
#3 "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father" Appears
#4 "All About Eve" Appears
#5 "Expire Erect" Appears
#6 "Orgy Pants to Work" Appears
#7 "Devil Is as Devil Does" Appears
#8 "Super Bad Boyfriend" Appears
#9 "Save Lucifer" Appears
#10 "Who's da New King of Hell?" Appears
Season Five
#1 "Really Sad Devil Guy" Appears
#2 "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!" Appears
#3 "¡Diablo!" Appears
#4 "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken" Credit only
#5 "Detective Amenadiel" Appears
#6 "BlueBallz" Appears
#7 "Our Mojo" Appears
#8 "Spoiler Alert" Appears
#9 "Family Dinner" Appears
#10 "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam" Appears
#11 "Resting Devil Face" Appears
#12 "Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid" Appears
#13 "A Little Harmless Stalking" Appears
#14 "Nothing Lasts Forever" Appears
#15 "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!" Appears
#16 "A Chance at a Happy Ending" Appears
Season Six
#1 "Nothing Ever Changes Around Here" Appears
#2 "Buckets of Baggage" Appears
#3 "Yabba Dabba Do Me" Appears
#4 "Pin the Tail on the Daddy" Appears
#5 "The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar" Appears
#6 "A Lot Dirtier Than That" Appears
#7 "My Best Fiend's Wedding" Appears
#8 "Save the Devil, Save the World" Appears
#9 "Goodbye, Lucifer" Appears
#10 "Partners 'Til the End" Appears


Reese Getty[]

At some point, Linda met reporter Reese Getty. She said that one of reasons she fell in love with him is because he never gave up. They married but later their relationship deteriorated, and she asked for a divorce. While Reese believes it was because he was a bad husband and put his work first, Linda says she "wasn't perfect either" and "neither one of us could be what the other one needed." She was patient with Reese, and waited for two years for him to sign the divorce papers. When they met again, he tried to prove to her Lucifer was the devil, but she already knew this and tried to make amends with him. To her dismay, however, he stormed out feeling betrayed. After he was killed, Linda organized his memorial service.


Linda first met Amenadiel in season one when he pretended to be a therapist like her so he could spy on his brother and the shows main protagonist, Lucifer Morningstar. The two of them started dating in secret in early season three without telling Mazikeen. Maze finds out in season three episode nine, The Sinnerman, and later forces them on a double date where they end up telling her about their relationship. They break up in season 3 episode 15 because Linda feels bad about how Maze reacted, despite Amenadiel arguing they shouldn't have to break up just because Maze doesn't like their relationship. In season four episode nine, she gives birth to their child who they name Charlie. They stay close friends to raise their son but have so far not rekindled their romance, other than Amenadiel's proposal in season four episode three, although it's unclear if they were actually back together at that point. In Save the Devil, Save the World she was shown to have one night stand with one of the guests at Maze's and Eve's wedding suggesting that she and Amenadiel are not in fact a couple and are simply co-parenting.


"Never loving anyone is far worse than loss."
— Linda to Maze in Dan's apartment.[src]
"That’s what being in a relationship is, sharing without losing yourself in the process."
— Linda to Lucifer in her house.[src]
"Pain is inevitable. The suffering, that's optional."
— Linda to Lucifer after Dan's funeral[src]


  • She does hot yoga and claims to know Krav Maga.
    • Additionally, in Season 4, Linda states that she's "been doing some kickboxing".
  • She mentions an uncle who she believes is in Hell.
  • She was the first central character to see Lucifer's devil face, and accepted him for it very quickly; according to Maze, much better than Chloe.
  • She put herself through medical school by working as a phone-sex operator under the pseudonym "1-800-ProfessorFeelGood".
  • As Linda had another child in 1994 at 17, she is at least 41-42 in Season 5
  • The name "Linda" is originally a medieval short form of Germanic names containing the element lind meaning "flexible, soft, mild". It also coincides with the Spanish and Portuguese word linda meaning "beautiful".
  • She believes that she's going to go to hell when she dies because she abandoned her baby when she was 17.
  • Linda is considered a member of God's family by God himself because she is the mother of his grandchild, The therapist to both God and Angels.

Behind the scenes[]

Rachael Harris was announced as the actor playing Linda on March 12, 2015.[1]



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