Lilith was the first wife of Adam and mother of Mazikeen and the Lilim.


Lilith was the first wife of Adam. At some point they were separated and God created Eve for Adam.

Lilith tamed the beasts of the night and went on to birth a species of Demon called the Lilim, which includes Mazikeen.

Personality Edit

According to Maze, she's not much of a mother and if how Maze describes her childhood, this is well justified. It seems as though instead of nurturing and caring for her children, like a mother should do, she chose to instead train them to be killing and torturing machines.

Powers and Abilities Edit

She possibly has the same abilities as her children, although they're probably enhanced due to her being their mother.

Beast Taming: as mentioned before, Lilith can tame beasts and force them into submission. How far this ability reaches is unknown, but since she was able to tame the beasts of the night, she can possibly tame any creature.

Appearances Edit

Season Four
#6 "Orgy Pants to Work" Mentioned


  • Eve holds the title of first woman, implying that Lilith is not human.
  • Her story in the Lucifer comics is pretty much the same as the TV series in that she is the mother of Mazikeen and the other Lilim.
  • She was mentioned in a deleted scene from season 2.[citation needed]
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