"Let Pinhead Sing!" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Lucifer.

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"When a superstar singer's life is threatened, the team is thrust into the world of big-ticket stadium shows, crazed fans and divas, giving Lucifer a run for his money. Meanwhile, Charlotte tries to help Linda and Maze repair their friendship."[1]

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Pop singer Axara sees her life threatened when one of her backup dancers (wearing a mask and the same outfit as Axara) gets killed by a high-powered firework. Chloe investigates without much help from Lucifer, who is still worried about putting Chloe in danger and tries to avoid her. He does offer to quarantine Axara at Lux until the killer is found, though. Suspicion falls on a crazed fan, who is soon found dead himself, then to Axara's manager, before evidence ultimately leads Chloe to Axara's former high school friend and current tour manager, Cece. Elsewhere, Pierce is dejected over Lucifer backing off on helping him die and the fact that Abel couldn't kill him either. Ella convinces him to talk to Dan, which does no good, and Pierce also has a conversation with Amenadiel that seems to help. Pierce starts to believe again that Chloe is the key, and he asks her out on a date in full view of Lucifer. Meanwhile, Linda tries to reconcile her friendship with Maze, even getting Charlotte to mediate their dispute, but Maze won't budge off her high horse.

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  • Skye Townsend as Axara
  • Jillian Rose Reed as Cece
  • Tom Gallop as Rohan

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  • Steven Daniel Brun as Patrick Manning
  • Kirstin Ford as Devon
  • Kelly Mantle as Donovan McCann / Cher
  • Smalls as Bob

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  • Song featured in this episode are:
    • Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive: Plays at Lux when Axara tries to outstage Lucifer
    • Skye Townsend/Axara's Noreg: Plays at the end of the Episode at Axara's concert

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