Said out, bitch!
— Lee to Lucifer Morningstar
in "They're Back, Aren't They?"

Lee Garner was a criminal who opperates in Los Angeles.


Lee has encountered Lucifer Morningstar on several occasions. First, as Lucifer and Amenadiel stopped one of his robberies, thinking their mother incarnated in his body, after escaping Hell. A short time before the robbery, Lee had experienced a heart attack, which left him at the edge of death but was brought back to life by paramedics. This event made him decide to be a thief so he could pay his debts and be free. After realizing that his mother wasn't in Lee's body, Lucifer left the crime scene, not before incapacitating Lee's crew and leaving him only in his underwear, wearing a tiara, and his shoelaces tied to each other, making him fall to the ground. He then spent some time in prison for his crime.

The second was in the California desert, when he was fleeing from the LAPD in a stolen armored truck and encountered Lucifer after he was kidnapped by The Sinnerman and left for dead. Lucifer takes his clothes, leaving him once again in his underwear. He wandered the desert for days, barely surviving, and thought the heat made him hallucinate Lucifer having wings.

The third was when Lee and his gang decided to rob Lux. After their encounter in the desert, Lee researched Lucifer and found out he's wealthy. Lee pointed a gun to Lucifer's head just as he stopped singing. Lucifer bent the gun and beat Lee's crew, making him realize that the wings he saw in weren't a hallucination. Frightened, he begged Lucifer to spare his life, telling him he was only a thief. Lucifer calmed down and told him he was more than that, and deserved a chance to prove it to people. He gives him money, gold bars, jewels, and also his pants, as a show of faith for leaving him without clothes in the past. He then left the penthouse as Maze was walking in.

The fourth, and longest time was while he was in Hell. After using the money Lucifer gave him to turn his life around, Lee was partying on a Yacht. A woman propositions him for sex and he goes into the back to prepare, only to run into Lucifer. Lee, while grateful for the money Lucifer gave him, does not want to get involved with the man any further, but Lucifer warns him that he is about to be murdered, as he has been 200 times before. Lee doesnt believe him, but he is then shot by an unknown assailant. Lee asks Lucifer "What the hell?", only for Lucifer to respond, "Precisely", revealing that Lee is in hell. The scene then flashes to his dead body being examined by the LAPD, his hand having been cut off post mortem.

In the next loop, Lucifer explains that Lee is in hell. Lee asks Lucifer to get him out, but Lucifer explains that it is up to Lee. Lee tries to exit the room, but finds himself back inside. Lucifer explains that Lee is being held by his own guilt. Lucifer then wishes him well before leaving. Despite Lee's insistance, Lucifer does not tell him who killed him and Lee laments his fate. Lucifer then realizes that Lee's hell is in Los Angeles. Lucifer tells Lee that he knows who is working his case. Lucifer then tells Lee that he has decided to solve Lee's murder. Lee asks Lucifer if his killer will return, only for Lucifer to shrug the question off, using his authority over hell to stop the bullet before it hits Lee. Lee approaches the demon (Belios) who acts as his murderer and removes his mask, only to see that he has no face. Lucifer then expains that the hell loop is made of Lee's memories and he never saw his killer's face. Lucifer then asks Lee if anyone wanted him him dead, to which Lee responds with hesitation.

The two return to Lee's meeting with Dirty Doug, with Lee revealing that he owed Doug roughly $700,000. Lee points out Doug. Later, Lucifer, trying to emulate Chloe, asks Lee for any background information on Doug, but Lee reveals he doesn't know anything, explaining that they didn't know ech other well. As the poker game progresses, Lee goes all in, explaining to Lucifer that Doug will offer him a marker, which he now regrets taking. Later on, Lee shows the marker to Lucifer, who is upset that they lack any stronger evidence and accidently calls Lee "Detective". Lucifer calls Lee useless before erasing the scene around them. Before Lucifer gives up the case, they are approached by a demon followed by Vernon Gill who recently died.

After Lucifer gives gromos the message for Chloe, Lucifer decides to leave Lee to his torture. Lee asks Lucifer about the detective that he keeps talking about. The two have a short conversation where Lee admits that he regret not reconnecting with his sister. Lee asks the detective's name, but Lucifer realizes that Lee is trying to gains sympathy and doesn't tell him, but Lee argues that Lucifer just seemed sad. Lucifer explains that its his own fault that he is trapped in hell, and Lee proceeds to mock Lucifer, who proceeds to show Lee how his actions that have landed him in hell.

Lee and Lucifer then drive down a street at night, with Lee realizing that they are in  is old car. He asks Lucifer where they are, to which Lucifer tells him they they are in the root of his hell loop. The two exit the car, with Lee recognizing that they are outside his childhood home during his sister's baby shower 15 years ago. Lee explains that both his parents died shortly after this event and that he regrets not going inside. Lucifer tries to urge him into going inside, but Lee refuses, saying they don't want him. Lucifer suggests that Lee is afraid of messing things up and disappointing them again. Lee admits that Lucifer is right. Seeing the expression on Lucifer's face, Lee ascertains that Lucifer was talking about himself too, and he asks whose hell they are in. Lee explains that Lucifer seems to be torturing himself rather then he is Lee and the two have a short argument about Lucifer's motivations. Lee admits that he should have talked to his family but he missed his chance, following by asking Lucifer if he missed his chance too. Lucifer, annoyed explains that he is in hell out of responsibility before a demon brings him one of Lee's old crew members who was recently killed by Chloe. After the situation on earth is explained to them, Lee asks Lucifer if he won't help Chloe to which Lucifer replies that he has faith in her. Lee then presumably returns to his punishment.



Season Two
#1 "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" Appears
Season Three
#1 "They're Back, Aren't They?" Appears
Season Four
#1 "Everything's Okay" Appears
#1 "Really Sad Devil Guy" Appears

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