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Those girls came from nothing. Starving in their villages. Sold by their relatives or, or stupid enough to believe that people are just handing out fresh new lives here in America. They were broken dolls before they ever got on those ships.
— Julian to Lucifer
in "Orgy Pants to Work"

Julian McCaffrey is the wealthy owner of the nudists' sanctuary Willow's Glenn, where in secret, he uses it and his father’s shipping company, Tierning Shipping, to smuggle drugs and foreign women for prostitution. He is a minor antagonist in season 4.

He was portrayed by Erik Stocklin.


Julian McCaffrey is the son of businessman Jacob Tierning and the late Willow McCaffrey, at some point he inherited his mother's nudist sanctuary, changed his surname and began smuggling drugs and foreign women into the country via his father's shipping company. His actions did not go unnoticed however, as many nudist visitors thought he had turned his mother's sanctuary into the 'devil's playground'.

After getting into an argument with nudist visitor Gary Van Blunt, who found out what he was doing, Julian gave him 'firm advice' by having him change into someone else's clothes before pushing him out of the window of a tall building where he latter was impaled by a statue upon landing.

In "Orgy Pants to Work", Julian is first seen in a hot tub with two other nudist women beside him, talking to Lucifer and Ella about them not being what he pictured when he heard the L.A.P.D were coming, he pretends to be sorry for what happened to Gary then tries to leave the hot tub only to be arrested by Chloe Decker.

A few hours later he is being interrogated by her on Gary’s murder, but his father bailed him out, he proclaims "this was fun", tells Chloe he has a naked limbo contest to judge before casually leaving.

That night, Julian was overseeing women being smuggled off at one of his shipments, he is confronted by the police and Lucifer, one of which (Joan) he killed in a confrontation. He rushes to his lodge to pack up only to encounter an enraged Lucifer asking him about Gary, Joan, all the women he had been trafficking and how many lives he ruined in service of his 'greed', Julian responds by remorselessly stating that the women came from nothing, were starving, broken to begin with and 'stupid' enough to believe people were handing out fresh new lives in America, then tries to kill the former to no effect.

Lucifer reveals his devil face and kicks a horrified Julian through the window and fence, the former proceeds to break the latter's back with Eve watching.

In "Devil Is as Devil Does", Julian is last seen in the hospital where he fearfully agrees do Chloe and Dan to confess his crimes, agreeing it would be safer for him in prison.


From what small screen time he has, Julian McCaffrey is implied to be a talkative and social person based on his initial interactions, but one of the nudist visitors referred to him as a 'millennial pervert' who is nothing like the founder of the nudists' sanctuary and turned it into the 'devil's playground'.

In actuality, he was remorseless and greedy, having smuggled many illegal products into country. He was so arrogant believed he could avoid justice for his crimes simply because he was rich, and had no care for anyone, as he believed the women he trafficked never deserved better lives and didn’t care about his father beyond using his connections to escape justice for his crimes.

He was shown to be cowardly as shown when horrified upon knowing Lucifer was the devil, and turning himself in willingly just to get away from him.


Season Four
#6 "Orgy Pants to Work" Appears
#7 "Devil Is as Devil Does" Appears


  • The lodge he seems to live in initially belonged to his mother, as there is a sign that says 'Original Home Site of Willow McCaffrey' on it.
  • It is possible Julian will go to Heaven instead of Hell, given he clearly has no remorse for his actions whatsoever. However, given that remorse and guilt aren't necessarily the same thing, it's unlikely.



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